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Silver Dusk

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Popular Association-Silver Dusk
Λαϊκός Σύνδεσμος-Ασήμι Σούρουπο
Slogan Blood, Honour, Silver Dusk
Αίμα, Τιμή, Ασήμι Σούρουπο
Student wing Student Front
Youth wing Youth Front
Ideology  • Hellenic Ultranationalism
 • Neo-Nazism
 • Neo-Fascism
 • Social conservatism
 • National conservatism
 • Economic nationalism
 • Hard Eurosceptism
 • Right-Wing populism
 • Anti-Globalism
 • Anti-Communism
 • Islamophobia
 • Antisemetism
 • Anti-Turkism
 • Anti-Immigration
 • Anti-Monarchist
Political position Far-Right
Religion Orthodox Catholic Church
Official colors      Blue      White      Black
Website (Hellenic) (English)
Party flag
Silver Dusk flag.png

The Popular Association - Silver Dusk (Hellenic: Λαϊκός Σύνδεσμος – Ασήμι Σούρουπο, Laïkós Sýndesmos - Asími Soúroupo), usually known simple as Silver Dusk (Hellenic: Ασήμι Σούρουπο, Asími Soúroupo), is a far-right, ultranationalist political party in Hellas. Characterized as neo-Nazi and fascist, the group officially rejects these labels, though party leaders have expressed admiration for former Hellenic dictators, such as Sotirios Katechis of the Augustus Regime (1936-1941) and Pantelis Nikos of The Junta (1967-1974). Members have also been accused of using Nazi symbolism and praising Nazi and other fascist leaders of the past. Academic sources label the party as xenophobic, fascist, ultra-nationalist, and racist. The founder and current party leader, Damianos Protopapas, has openly described the party as racist and nationalist.