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Silver Legion of America

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Silver Legion of America
"Silver Shirts"
Leader William Dudley Pelley
Slogan Loyalty, Honor, Legion
Founded January 30, 1931
Dissolved February, 1942
Headquarters Rochester, Ontario, Northeast Union
Newspaper Voice of the Legion
Youth wing Young Silver League of America
Political wing New Southern League (Usonia)
Commonwealth Silver League (United Commonwealth)
Membership 48,000 (1939)
Ideology True Americanism
Clerical fascism
Fascist corporatism
Social conservatism
Political position Far-right
Official colors      Silver
Party flag
Silver Legion of America flag.png

The Silver Legion of America, also known as the American Silver Legion, the Silver Legion and more commonly as the Silver Shirts or simply the Legion, was a far-right fascist political movement and organization in Anglo-America that existed from its formation in 1931 until its final dissolution in 1942. It was founded and lead by William Dudley Pelley, a fascist political activist, spiritualist, and journalist, and was a coalition of various far-right white supremacist, fascist and isolationist groups and political parties within Anglo-America with its presence mainly being based in the Kingdom of Sierra, the Northeast Union, Southern Superior and the United Commonwealth and was based in Rochester, Eerie for most of its existence.


Early years

The Silver Legion was founded in 1931 by William D. Pelley as an anti-semitic, anti-communist and ultranationalist political and social movement modeled after the Brownshirts of Nazi Germany and the Blackshirts of Fascist Italy. The goal of the movement was to spread its influence across Anglo-America and purge the region of what the Legion called "parasitical elements and societal leaches" which was an every growing and ever changing list of groups of people that the movement hated and viewed as a threat to Anglo-American "purity". The group was first founded in the Northeast Union and took advantage of both the Great Depression and post-World War I isolationism to establish its headquarters in Rochester, Eerie and stage various rallies, meetings and gatherings in the state capital to grow the movement.

Sierran Cultural Revolution

Secessionism in Usonia

World War II and dissolution




Affiliated groups


Core principals


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