Skandinavia–Kingdom of Sierra relations

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Skandinavia–Kingdom of Sierra relations


Diplomatic mission
Skandinavia Embassy, Porciúncula Sierra Embassy, Christiania

Skandinavia–Kingdom of Sierra relations refers to the international relations between Kingdom of Skandinavia and the Kingdom of Sierra.

History of relations[edit | edit source]

Relations between the Kingdom of Sierra and Skandinavia were established base on a history of Sierran relations with Skandinavia's predecessor states. When Sierra was founded in 1858, Denmark was one of the first foreign powers to recognize the kingdom and establish formal relations. The countries of Sweden and Norway subsequently followed suit , and individual cultural exchange programs were maintained with each of the Scandinavian countries. During the Sierran Civil War, Scandinavian military officials were invited by the Sierran government to train and advise the Sierran Crown Armed Forces.

During the early 20th century, an estimated 3.3 million Skandinavians, including Swedes, Norwegians, and Danes, emigrated to Anglo-America, with approximately one-third of them eventually settling in Sierra. Prominent Scandinavian communities include Solvang, Kings where a colony of Danes were established and Norwegian communities in Plumas.

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