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Skandinavian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Minister of Foreign Affairs
KU Monogram UTDP.png
Agency overview
Formed 1953
Jurisdiction Skandinavia
Headquarters Victoria Terrasse, Christiania
Employees 7,127
Annual budget 1,747 million dollars
Agency executive

The Utenriksdepartementet (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and its overseas representations (i.e. the Skandinavian embassies, diplomatic missions, consulates and trade offices) are in charge of Skandinavia's foreign policy and relations. It is led by Cristina Björling.

See: Foreign relations of Skandinavia


The Utenriksdepartementet is organised with 170 foreign missions and several subordinate agencies and organisations. The Ministry and foreign missions have a total staff of approx. 7,127 and a total budget of 1,747 million dollars for 2018.

The Political level

Utenriksminister, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Cristina Björling

  • State Secretaries
  • Political Advisors
  • Secretariat of the Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Communication Unit
  • Legal Adviser

The Operational level

The ministry occupies the historic Victoria Terrasse building in Chrstiania

The top public servant is the Utenriksråd (Secretary General) with an Assistant Secretary General as substitute (the latter also with a special responsibility for international development issues).

The Ministry was reorganised on June 19, 2006 - and currently has eleven departments, each headed by a Ekspedisjonssjef (Director General):

  • Department for European Affairs and Trade Policy
  • Department for Asian and Pacific Affairs
  • Department for American Affairs
  • Department for North Atlantic Affairs and the High North
  • Department for Security Policy
  • Department for Regional Affairs and Development
  • Department for UN, Peace and Humanitarian Affairs
  • Legal Affairs Department
  • Promotion and Protocol Department
  • Human and Financial Resources Department
  • Internal and External Services Department


  • Norfund
  • Skandinavian Agency for Development Cooperation
  • Skandinavian National Export Credits Guarantee Board
  • Skandinavian National Inspectorate of Strategic Products
  • Skandinavian National Board of Trade
  • Nordic Institute
  • Business Skandinavia