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Social Democratic Committee of San Francisco

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Social Democratic Committee of San Francisco
Leader Avery Watson
Spokesperson Marisa Collins
Founded August 12, 1979; 44 years ago (1979-08-12)
Headquarters 180 Boulevard, San Raphael, San Francisco
Ideology Social democracy
Democratic socialism
Left-wing populism
Political position Red flag waving.png Left-wing
National affiliation Social Democrats of Sierra
Provincial affiliation Progressive Coalition
Official colors      Red
Provincial Assembly
23 / 118
1 / 3
House of Commons
4 / 10

The Social Democratic Committee of San Francisco, also known as the Social Democratic Party of San Francisco and more commonly as the Social Democrats and San Fran Social Democrats and abbreviated as the SDCSF is the provincial-affiliate of the Social Democrats of Sierra in the province of San Francisco. The party was founded in August 1979 and is headquartered in San Rafael. Its current leader is Avery Watson, Speaker of the San Francisco Provincial Assembly.

As an affiliate of the Social Democrats, the Social Democratic Committee represents much of the left in San Francisco and adheres towards a platform centered around social democracy and multi-tendency also supporting democratic socialism, liberal socialism, left-wing populism and progressivism. The SDC is also ardently supportive of Sierran republicanism and is one of the largest provincial affiliates of the Social Democrats maintaining a strong presence and influence in San Franciscan politics. As of 2019, the SDC is part of the Progressive Coalition alongside the Democratic-Republicans and Green Party holding 23 seats in the Provincial Assembly. The Social Democrats also hold 4 seats out of 10 in the province's delegation to the House of Commons and has one member in the Senate delegation.



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