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Social Democratic Party of Pacífica (Disunited States)

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Social Democratic Party
Leader Alberto de Sol
Chairperson Marianne Waterson
Founded March 8, 1935 (1935-03-08)
Headquarters 13672 Brenton Building
Sierravista, Sacramento Province
Student wing Student Movement of Social Democrats
College Social Democrats
Youth wing Teenage Social Democrats
Membership 21,782,332 (2018)
Ideology Social Democracy
Social Liberalism
Political position Center-left
International affiliation Socialist International
Party of Liberals and Social Democrats of North American Union (Disunited States)
Official colors     
House of Deputies
118 / 250
North American Congress
30 / 60

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Elections in Pacífica

The Social Democratic Party of Pacífica, commonly refered to as the SocDems or Social Democrats is a centre-left political party in Pacífica. It is currently the governing party and together with the Labor and Green parties form a governing coalition. In 2016, the Social Democratic Party won a plurality of seats in the House of Deputies. The current party leader is Prime Minister Alberto de Sol, who was elected in 2015 after the resignation of Allan Chang.

The Social Democratic Party was founded on March 8th, 1935 after the merging of the two largest left-leaning parties in Pacífica, the Democratic Party and the Socialist Party. The two parties merged shortly after forming an electoral coalition and would go on to defeat the nation's oldest party, the Conservative Party, in the 1936 general election, after the Conservative Party's poor handling of the Great Depression. Under Prime Minister John Hamiliton, the Social Democratic Party was transformed from a shakey union of liberals and socialists to a united left-wing force, solidifying itself as a major political party in the eyes of the people. The Social Democrats would continue to compete with the Conservative Party well after the Great Depression and would go on to be considered it's chief rival.

As of 2020, the Social Democratic Party is the largest party in the House of Deputies and is the largest party in terms of membership, with over 21 million Pacíficans identifying as a Social Democrat, though its membership has been declining since 2018. Since it's founding, the main ideological beliefs of the Social Democratic Party has been social democracy and social liberalism, eventually adopting a policy of racial and ethnic equality in the 1960s. Despite this, the party has slowly become more left wing, with the party's leadership slowly pandering young socialists and progressives, isolating the older social democrats and liberals. The party also hold very favorable views of the North American Union, with some members describing themselves as North American Unionists.


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