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Sorca (green) and neighboring continents

Sorca (also known as Terante), is a vast continent in the southern hemisphere, connected to Okkar in the north via the isthmus of Tabanor. It lies across the Adséa from Nuro (to the north), across the Tsiha from Topei (to the east), and across the Southern Straits from Avustra (to the south). The continent is home to numerous climates zones, and split through the center by the vast and nigh-impenetrable Saidur-Osh Desert. The northern part of the continent is bounded by the Adséa, a mediterranean sea. The central and southern regions include dense jungles and fertile rivers, along with deserts, mountain ranges, and wetlands. Sorca is inhabited by over 1,000 different ethnic groups and uncountable numbers of wildlife and plant life.