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Sports are an important aspect of the culture of the Kingdom of Sierra. Within the Kingdom, there are four sports that are collectively known as the "Big Four" that refer to the most popular professional sports in the entire nation in terms of observance and participation; Anglo-American football, soccer (association football), basketball and baseball. Other popular sports in Sierra include vollyball, golf, skiing, snowboarding, tennis, skateboarding, swimming and cycling. Hockey, both ice and field, are played in notable numbers in the kingdom, but is fairly niche in comparison to the most popular sports, both professional and non-professional alike.

Based on revenue, the major professional sports leagues in Sierra are the Sierran American Football League (SAFL), the Soccer League of Sierra (SOLOS), Sierra Baseball Federation (SBF) and the Sierran Basketball League (SBL). At KS$18 billion in revenue, the SAFL is the second-most profitable sports league in Anglo-America and in the world after the United Commonwealth Soccer Federation.

The market for professional sports in the Kingdom of Sierra stands at $69 billion, roughly 50% larger than that of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa combined. All of these leagues enjoy extensive and wide-ranging domestic media coverage and are considered to be the preeminent leagues of their respective sports in the world. While Anglo-American football only has an extensive following in Sierra's neighbors, the SAFL has the highest average attendance (65,356) of any professional sports league in the world. The SOLOS has the second highest average attendance of any league in the world (22,784), followed by the SBF at 18,500 average viewers overall. Of all the main four major sports leagues in Sierra, the SAFL has at least one team in both Astoria and Manitoba respectively.

Professional teams in all major sports in the Kingdom of Sierra operate as franchises within a league, meaning that a team may move to another city if said team's owners view it as financially beneficial to them, however franchise moves are subject to some form of league-level approval. All major sports leagues use a similar regular-season schedule with a post-season playoff tournament. In addition to to major league-level organizations, there are also various minor leagues which act in smaller cities across the country. Like in the rest of Anglo-America and in Australia, sports leagues in Sierra do not practice relegation and promotion, unlike most sports leagues in Europe and the United Commonwealth.

Sports are particularly associated with education in the Kingdom of Sierra, with a majority of high schools and universities having organized sports, a unique sporting trait that is largely exclusive to Sierra and other nations in Anglo-America. College sports competitions play a major role in Sierran sporting culture with college basketball and college football being nearly as popular as professional sports in some parts of the kingdom. The major organization for college sports in Sierra is the National Student Athletic Association (NSAA) which functions as the governing body of college athletics in the kingdom.

Based on the Olympic Games, World Championships, and other major competitions in their respective sports, the Kingdom of Sierra is the most successful nation in baseball, basketball, swimming, lacrosse, athletics, beach volleyball, figure skating, tennis, golf, boxing, diving, shooting, rowing and snowboarding and ranks top five in in wrestling, gymnastics, speed skating, volleyball, sailing, cycling, equestrian, sailing, weightlifting and archery among others. This makes the Kingdom of Sierra one of the most successful sports nations in the world alongside the United Commonwealth. Sierra's National Olympic Committee, the Sierran Olympic & Paralympic Committee, represents Sierra at the Olympics and is funded by the federal government, specifically from the sports division of the Ministry of Culture.

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