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Spouse of the President of Baltia

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Spouse of the President of Baltia
Ehepartner fon de Republikpräsident fon Baltia
Jürgen Makhnev.jpg
Jürgen Makhnev

since 14 October 2016
Residence Kaiserwald Palace
Inaugural holder Sofia Schmidt
Formation 9 April 1919

The Spouse of the President of Baltia (Baltish: Ehepartner fon de Republikpräsident fon Baltia) is the unofficial title given to the wife or husband of the President of Baltia.

The first lady or first gentleman, as media sometimes it refers, does not hold a constitutional position and there are no political duties associated with the role, only accompanies the President on formal occasions such as state visits.

The current spouse of the President of Baltia is Jürgen Makhnev.

List of Spouses of Presidents of Baltia (1919-present)

Name Term Begins Term Ends President of Baltia
Sofia Schmidt 9 April 1919 29 April 1921 Anton Schmidt
Olga Stuckmann 29 April 1921 29 April 1927 Alexander Stuckmann
Sofia Schmidt 29 April 1927 29 April 1933 Anton Schmidt
Vacant 29 April 1933 24 December 1935 Konstantin Pasche
Vacant 12 January 1936 15 June 1940 Karl Ullmann
Gitta Kling 7 November 1941 22 October 1945 Peter O. Kling
Gerta Meisser 15 December 1945 15 December 1957 Reinhold Meisser
Lydia Schmidt 15 December 1957 15 December 1969 Karl Schmidt
Marlis Kindler 15 December 1969 15 December 1981 Jürgen Kindler
Marianne Mucke 15 December 1981 2 August 1986 Gerhard Mucke
Helene Meier 14 October 1986 14 October 1992 Leonard Meier
Einar Freiberger 14 October 1992 14 October 2004 Veronika Finke-Freiberger
Eva Imhoff 14 October 2004 30 April 2015 Thomas H. Imhoff
Vacant 30 April 2015 2 January 2016
Helene Kühne-Imhoff 2 January 2016 14 October 2016
Jürgen Makhnev 14 October 2016 Incumbent Christine Kallenbach

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