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St. Rybicki

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St. Rybicki, New Pomerelia
Sankt Rubicki, Neue Pomerelia (de)
Capital city
City and Special Department of St. Rybicki
Los Angeles skyline
Hollywood Sign
Griffith Observatory
Los Angeles City Hall
Theme Building at Los Angeles International Airport
Vincent Thomas Bridge
Venice Beach
Flag of St. Rybicki, New Pomerelia Sankt Rubicki, Neue Pomerelia (de)
Official seal of St. Rybicki, New Pomerelia Sankt Rubicki, Neue Pomerelia (de)
Nickname(s): The Wild City, 'Bicki, The City of Words.
Motto(s): "Ne Pereant"
Lest we be lost
Location of St. Rybicki within New Pomerelia and the United Provinces.
Location of St. Rybicki within New Pomerelia and the United Provinces.
Sovereign state Flag of Cisplatina.svg United Provinces
Province Flag of New Pomerelia.svg New Pomerelia
Department File:Flag of St. Rybicki.svg St. Rybicki
Foundation August 11, 1699
Founded by Ignacy Mieszkowicz
 • Type Mayor–Council–Commission
 • Mayor Jose Maria Morelos (D)
 • Count Count Alfonso, 7th Count of Porciúncula
 • Total 1,302 km2 (503 sq mi)
 • Land 1,214 km2 (469 sq mi)
 • Water 88 km2 (33 sq mi)  6.7%
Elevation 71 m (233 ft)
Population (2010)
 • Total 6,393,021
 • Estimate (2014) 6,421,220
Demonym(s) Porciúnculano
Time zone Pacific Standard Time (UTC-8)
 • Summer (DST) Pacific Daylight Time (UTC-7)
ZIP codes
Call codes 200, 201, 312, 404
Primary airport Porciúncula International Airport
Major freeways Interprovincial 1 (Gold Coast).svg Interprovincial 2 (Gold Coast).svg
Website la.gc.ks

St. Rybicki (German: Sankt Rubicki), officially the City and Special Department of St. Rybicki, is the capital and largest city of the oriental republic of New Pomerelia in the United Provinces. As a regional capital in Cisplatina, St. Rybicki forms the country's third largest city (behind only TBC and TBC) and also serves as an important center for education and a growing bohemian cultural scene. Long considered Cisplatina's 'wild city' for its somewhat unorthodox political history, ethno-cultural diversity, and youth culture, St. Rybicki is located on the Masson River upstream of its mouth into the Mieczko Sea and has thus historically maintained an important role as a transport hub for the shipment of goods from northern New Pomerelia to the Atlantic Ocean. Furthermore, having being designated the capital of the New Pomerelian settlement in 1743 following increased Polish-Lithuanian emigration as a result of the Polish-Lithuanian Wars of Constitution, St. Rybicki is also the political and economic hub of New Pomerelia, and houses the base of operations for many of its largest and most important businesses and institutions. St. Rybicki is also home to the largest student population of any city in the United Provinces, with many of the country's top universities (including the University of St. Rybicki, Mieczko University, and the Cisplatinian National University) being located in the city.