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State Forum

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The State Forum (Esperanto: Ŝtata Forumo) is the bicameral legislature of Bijhan, one of two federal states that constitute the United Republic of Bijhan and Laharn. It consists of an upper house--the State Council (Ŝtata Konsilio)--and a lower house--the State Assembly (Ŝtata Asembleo)--modeled after the United States Congress.

The State Assembly consists of 60 members: 46 apportioned to the electoral districts based on population and 14 elected at-large. Members of the State Assembly are elected under proportional representation to fixed four-year terms.

The State Council consists of 30 members elected from a single statewide constituency. Members of the State Council are elected under proportional representation to fixed twelve-year terms, which are staggered such that one-third of the seats are elected every four years.

The most recent election took place on 7-8 November 2015. Major changes to the State Forum will go into effect for the 2019 election, among them:

  • The State Assembly will increase from 60 members to 144, with terms reduced from four years to three. All 144 seats will be elected from constituencies; the at-large seats will be abolished.
  • The State Council will increase from 30 members to 72, with terms reduced from twelve years to nine.