State of Slovakia

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Slovakian State
Slovenský štát
Capital Bratislava
Languages Slovak
Religion Roman Catholic Church
Demonym Slovak
Government Authoritarian Dictatorship
 •  1919 Vojtech Tuka
Prime Minister
 •  1919 Vojtech Tuka
 •  Bratislava Putsch 19 March 1919
 •  Disestablished 1919
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Czech and Slovak State
Slovak Republic

The Slovak State was formed after the Austrian Intervention in Czechoslovakia. The Czechoslovak government fled to Bratislava where they established the new Czech and Slovak State, now controlling only Slovakia. The Allies intervened and assured Slovakia's independence. In March 1919 Slovak Nationalist overthrew the Czech-dominated government. Austria and Hungary intervened in Slovakia, this in turn led to the Spring Revolution in Hungary. Some land in southern Slovakia was taken by Communist Revolutionaries and Slovakia as a whole became an Austrian Protectorate and member of the Central European Confederation.