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Statsminister av Skandinavia

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Statsminister av Skandinavia
Prime Minister of Council of State
Coat of Arms of Kalmar Union Mid.png
Coat of Arms of Kalmar Union
TBU Ann Nilsson.jpg
Ann Nilsson

since April 17, 2011
Style Hans Excellence
Her Excellence
Residence Sager House, Stockholm
Appointer Elected by members of the Storting
subject to the Monarch's approval
Inaugural holder Hans Hedtoft
Formation 1951

See: Statsministerens Kontor (Office of the Prime Minister).

The Statsminister av Skandinavia (Prime Minister of Skandinavia) is the political leader of The Union and the Head of His Majesty´s Government. Statsminister and Statsrådet (consisting of all the most senior government department heads) are collectively accountable for their policies and actions to the Monarch, to Unionsparlamentet (of which they are members) and ultimately the electorate.

Statsminister is named by the Monarch after listening the proposal of the Storting. If there is no agreement in the Storting, the Monarch can directly nominate a Statsminister, usually the leader of the most voted party. The Monarch can veto the proposal of the Storting, but has never vetoed any proposal in the history of Skandinavia. The Statsminister have few statutory powers but, provided they can command the support of their parliamentary party, they could control both the legislature and the executive and hence wield considerable de facto powers. However, because the political representatives of each party are elected by direct suffrage in each county, and they have to respond to their voters, sometimes government negotiation in parliament has to be carried out even with the members of their own party.

List of Skandinavian Prime Ministers