Statsministerens Kontor av Skandinavia

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Statsministerens Kontor
Office of the Prime Minister
KU Monogram STMK.png
Agency overview
Formed 1961
Jurisdiction Statsrådet av Skandinavia
Headquarters Christiania, Skandinavia
Employees 210
Minister responsible
Agency executive

Statsministerens Kontor (Office of the Prime Minister) is a political and bureaucratic office that assists the Statsminister in the leadership of the Statsrådet and Government. It has since 2013 been led by Prime Minister Ann Nilsson, deputized by nine state secretaries. The office has about 210 employees.

History[edit | edit source]

Since the establishment of the modern Skandinavia government in 1951, the Prime Minister has had secretaries to help him/her with tasks, though these were not collectively assigned to his office until 1961.

Function[edit | edit source]

The Statsministerens Kontor is the central office of the Statsrådet and the Government. It is charged with preparing, carrying out and following up the meetings of the Statsrådet with the Monarch.

The office maintains the formal contact between the Government and the Unionsparlamentet and coordinates the participation of the ministers in the debates and question times.

The office assists the Statsminister in leading and coordinating the work of the Government, also by preparing, carrying out and following up government conferences.

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