Statsrådet av Skandinavia

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Statsrådet av Skandinavia
Coat of Arms of Kalmar Union Mid.png
Coat of Arms of Skandinavia
Established April 17, 1951
State Skandinavia
Sovereign Monark
Leader Statsminister av Skandinavia
Main organ Statsrådet av Skandinavia
Responsible to Storting
Headquarters Det Kongelige Slott, Christiania

The Statsrådet av Skandinavia (Council of State of Skandinavia) is a formal body composed of the most senior government ministers chosen by the Monark or by the Statsminister on behalf of the Monark, and functions as the collective decision-making organ constituting the executive branch of the Kingdom. It is referred to as the Statsrådet and simultaneously play the role of privy council as well as government cabinet. With the exception of the Statsminister, the Finansminister (Minister of Finance) and the Utenriksminister (Minister of Foreign Affairs), who retain their ministerial ranking in their own right, all the other members of the Statsrådet concurrently hold the position of Statsrådgiver (Councillor of State), and that of chief of the various departments, not formally being considered 'ministers', although commonly addressed as such. The Statsrådet normally convenes every week, usually on Fridays at 10:00 a.m. at Det Kongelige Slott (Royal Palace) in Christiania and is presided over by the Monark.

Functions and mandate[edit | edit source]

The Statsrådet convenes to formally make decisions on matters of State, passing so-called Royal Resolutions or Orders in Council. Theoretically, the Royal Resolutions themselves are the King´s decisions, but by convention use to be those of the government. However, they require the contra-signature of the Statsminister, or, in cases relating to military command, of the Minister of Defence in order to be valid. Later, entire records from the proceedings of the Statsrådet is signed by all its members. This is done in order to remove all personal responsibility on part of the King, in keeping with Unionenslov, which states that, "The King's person is sacred; he cannot be censured or accused. The responsibility rests with his Council". Another feature of this system is that the King, when having sanctioned a decision, is referred to as King-in-Council, meaning the King as well as his council.

According to the Unionenslov, certain cases, such as appointments and dismissals of higher office, pardons, provisional measures and ratifications of treaties must be administered by the Statsrådet. Whilst not prescribed in the Unionenslov, the signing of bills and other regulations into law is the most important feature of the work being conducted during sessions of the Statsrådet.

Duty of remonstrance[edit | edit source]

The Unionenslov states that any member of the Statsrådet, if he or she is of the opinion that the "King's decision conflicts with the form of government or the laws of the Realm" is bound by a "duty to make strong remonstrances against it, as well as to enter his opinion in the records." The Article continues by stating that a Member who has not voiced such objections is liable of impeachment by the Unionsparlamentet should a decision made in the Statsrådet later be found unlawful. For the same reason, the aforesaid Article prescribes that all of the decisions made in the Statsrådet shall be put down in official records.

Requirements of membership[edit | edit source]

Whilst most members of the Statsrådet originate from within the Storting and will have their seats deputised during their time in office, they can also be members of the Landsting or even not belonging to the Unionsparlamentet. However, all members of the Statsrådet use to have the express support of the Storting.

Current organization[edit | edit source]

Office Positions Incumbent In office since
KU Monogram STMK.png
Statsministerens Kontor
Office of the Prime Minister
Statsminister (Prime Minister)
Statsministerens Stabschef (Chief of Staff)
Ann Nilsson
Jens Soderberg
February 20, 2020
February 20, 2020
KU Monogram UTDP.png
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Cristina Björling February 23, 2020
KU Monogram FNDP.png
Ministry of Finance
Minister of Finance
Tobias Ohlsson February 23, 2020
KU Monogram FVDP.png
Ministry of Defence
Minister of Defence
Göran Bildt February 23, 2020
KU Monogram NHDP.png
Nærings- og Handelsdepartementet
Ministry of Trade and Industry
Nærings- og Handelsminister
Minister of Trade and Industry
Fredrik Trolgfors February 23, 2020
KU Monogram ENDP.png
Ministry of Energy
Minister of Energy
Silvie Larsson February 23, 2020
KU Monogram SFDP.png
Ministry of Transport and Communications
Minister of Transport and Communications
Dagnija Repše February 23, 2020
KU Monogram MJDP.png
Ministry of the Environment
Minister of the Environment
Lisbeth Brekk February 23, 2020
KU Monogram LMDP.png
Landbruks- og Matdepartementet
Ministry of Agriculture and Food
Landbruks- og Matminister
Minister of Agriculture and Food
Kjell Jönsson February 23, 2020
KU Monogram FKDP.png
Fiskeri- og Kystdepartementet
Ministry of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs
Fiskeri- og Kystminister
Minister of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs
Eirk Riis February 23, 2020
KU Monogram JSDP.png
Justis- og Sikkerhetdepartementet
Ministry of Justice and Security
Justis- og Sikkerhetminister
Minister of Justice and Security
Trond Støre February 23, 2020
KU Monogram KRDP.png
Kommunal- og Regionaldepartementet
Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development
Kommunal- og Regionalminister
Minister of Local Government and Regional Development
Kâre Thorbjørn February 23, 2020
KU Monogram KKDP.png
Kultur- og Kirkedepartementet
Ministry of Culture and Church Affairs
Kultur- og Kirkeminister
Minister of Culture and Church Affairs
Albert Björg February 23, 2020
KU Monogram UFDP.png
Utdannings- og Forskningsdepartementet
Ministry of Education and Research
Utdannings- og Forskningsminister
Minister of Education and Research
Paula Schjøtt-Pedersen February 23, 2020
KU Monogram FADP.png
Fornyings- og Administrasjonsdepartementet
Ministry of Government Administration and Reform
Fornyings- og Administrasjonsminister
Minister of Government Administration and Reform
Peder Lauridsen February 23, 2020
KU Monogram HODP.png
Helse- og Omsorgsdepartementet
Ministry of Health and Care Services
Helse- og omsorgsminister
Minister of Health and Care Services
Grete Strøm-Erichsen February 23, 2020
KU Monogram ABDP.png
Ministry of Labour
Ministry of Labour
Anniken Olsen February 23, 2020