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Styxie Battle Flag.svg
Battle flag and common symbol of Styxers.
Total population

17,888,112 (population of the Styxie)

19,516,649 (including overseas Styxers)
Regions with significant populations
Styxie flag.png Styxie 17,888,112
Flag of Sierra.svg Sierra 1,425,323
Flag of Astoria.svg Astoria 203,214
English, Spanish, Indo-European languages
Christianity (Protestantism, Catholicism), Irreligion, Canaanism, Buddhism, East Asian religions

Styxers or Styxie people are an ethnic and cultural group of Sierrans who live in Styxie, a geopolitical region located in the north central region of Sierra, as well as those who adhere to the various customs, practices and beliefs commonly associated with the Styxie and those who live in the region. Styxers primarily come from the provinces of San Joaquin, Santa Clara, Tahoe, Reno and Plumas which are all officially recognized provinces of the Styxie as well as those who live in the 'satellite provinces' of San Francisco, the Central Valley and Shasta. Styxers are a unique group of people in the Kingdom of Sierra due to the Styxie having many beliefs, customs, traditions and politics that are unorthodox and unusual compared to those in the rest of the Kingdom of Sierra such as a contradictory political culture of stronger adherence towards conservative beliefs while also being tolerant towards homosexuality and support for liberal and progressive policies and positions, stronger levels of republicanism and general opposition towards the monarchy along with a more tense political climate in recent years.

The Styxers have a unique place in Sierran culture and history as the residents of the Styxie have been described as being rebellious, disobedient, and unorthodox compared to the rest of the kingdom as Styxers have played a major role in Sierran history being one of the main parties influencing major events in the country's history from fighting to abolish the monarchy in the civil war, resisting the cultural revolution, becoming a abstain of conflicting ideologies and political views, and have historically been one of the most violent regions in the kingdom from the violence of the Disturbances to recent sectarian violence between radical republicans and the jacobite minority in the contemporary era. Styxers are by and large the most ethnically homogenous peoples in the kingdom with most Styxers coming from white European backgrounds with a sizable Asian minority deep in the Styxie. Styxers are fiercely supportive of the Democratic-Republican Party and have increasingly become more and more supportive of the dissident republican movement along with the ideas of Isaiah Landon, a Styxie revolutionary, and his personal views of communism, Landonism.



Ethnic background


Religion in the Styxie is as diverse as the rest of the kingdom, though levels of adherence and role in society is different compared to the rest of Sierra. Most Styxers identify as Christian with at least 71% of Styxers claiming to be Christian in the recent royal census. The rates of religiosity have been inconsistent as different sources provide different information, but the general consensus is that the Styxie is generally less religious than the rest of the kingdom and Styxers are more secular and less observant than other Sierrans. According to a 2014 study from the University of Sierra, only about 56% of Styxers attend church on sunday, 47% pray daily and 42% attend religious services during the holiday season. Another study done in 2017 saw those numbers drop to 48% for church attendance, 42%for daily prayers, and 39% for holiday observance. The Styxie has generally been one of the more secular places in Sierra, especially cities such as Bernheim, and at least 38% of young Styxers are irreligious compared to 33% according to a 2016 study.



Cultural roots


Arts and entertainment


Styxers have historically been and currently make up the backbone of the Sierran republican movement. Styxers have been ardent supporters of republicanism since the 1870s when Ulysses Perry was prime minister and formed the backbone of the pro-working class Democratic-Republican Party. Even after the civil war, Styxers remained ardent supporters of republicanism and resisted attempts to stifle political republicanism during the 1920s and 30s leading to the Little Civil War. Since the 1950s, cultural republicanism has been the dominate force in Styxie culture and most Styxers have participated in and are adherents towards cultural republican customs such as celebrating Perry and Landon's birthdays, abstaining from monarchist traditions, and generally boycotting any monarchist event. In the modern era, republicanism remains a dominate force in Styxie society and influences the region's politics from most Styxers supporting the Democratic-Republican Party and more recently, increasing support for dissident republican parties and groups from the New Sierran Republicans to the New Republican Caucus.

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