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Styxie conflict

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Styxie conflict
Date August 14, 2004 - present (officially)

Possibly late 1990s or early 2000s (unofficially)

Location Styxie, Sierra
  • Civil disobedience
  • Protests and riots
  • Strikes and rallies
  • Arson, urban terrorism and vandalism
  • Kidnapping and assassination
Status Ongoing
Parties to the civil conflict

Flag of Sierra.svg Government of Sierra

Various republican groups and factions

Lead figures

Flag of Sierra.svg Nemesis Heartwell
Flag of Santa Clara.svg John Manchin

Flag of San Joaquin.svg Jeremiah Goldberg
Flag of San Francisco.svg Terry Scott


The Styxie conflict is a term used to refer to a series of ongoing ethno-nationalistic socio-economic and politically motivated tensions and confrontations primary between political republicans and monarchists, including Sierran Jacobites, within the Styxie in the Kingdom of Sierra. The actual conflict is mostly related to a series of connected criminals acts and turf wars fought between various militant monarchist and republican gangs as well as attacks on Jacobites by dissident republicans, radical republicans who reject the Concord Accords and continue waging their own secret war against the monarchy, as well as acts of murder and assassination committed by both sides, mainly on high-ranking leading figures.

The exact date that the conflict began remains unknown with the recognized date being August 14th, 2004 when the dissident republican movement began to emerge and enter into the mainstream and began rising years later in 2008, though many argue that the conflict began earlier than 2004. Following the rise of the dissident movement, attacks on Jacobites and monarchists have risen and Jacobite property has been the frequent target for vandalism and arson. Property owned by the Royalist Party and monarchist groups have been attacked and even bombed. In 2014, different murders and shootings broke out and resulted in the deaths of over a dozen people in the infamous Operation Broken Crown.

Following the events of Broken Crown, the federal government began to invest in the region and created the Styxie Peace and Security Commission tasked with helping with federal investment into the region as well as documenting all known threats to stability within he Styxie in order to prevent a second Disturbances from breaking out. In 2017, Nemesis Heartwell was elected Prime Minister and her anti-republican stance lead to increased violence in the region. The conflict has also seen the rise of political republicanism and anti-monarchist sentiment in the Styxie, though many attribute that to anti-establishment sentiment in the region.

Historic background

Possible beginning


Involved parties

Notable figures