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Styxiecrats are members of the Democratic-Republican Party of Sierra who reside and are from the Styxie, a socio-cultural and political region located in Central Sierra.

The term Styxiecrat was used to refer to members of the Democratic-Republican Party who represented the provinces of the Styxie such as San Joaquin, Santa Clara, San Francisco and others and was used in the 19th century to refer to Democratic-Republicans who were supportive of Ulysses Perry, Member of Parliament for San Joaquin's 1st district and later Prime Minister, and were opposed to the monarchy and sought its abolition in accordance with Sierran republicanism. Both during and after the Sierran Civil War, Styxiecrat referred to Democratic-Republicans that supported Isaiah Landon and the self-proclaimed Second California Republic and/or held radical republican views.

During the Sierran Cultural Revolution, Styxiecrats were members of the Democratic-Republican Party retained anti-monarchist views and/or opposed the Cultural Revolution on the grounds of it being used as a front to expand the monarchy's powers to establish an absolute monarchy in violation of the Constitution of Sierra. Other Styxiecrats had also opposed the revolution due to holding nativist and white nationalist views due to the racially homogenous nature of the Styxie being a largely white area of Sierra. Many Styxiecrats would later join the Reformed Republican Party under Hiram Johnson after the Convention of 1903 when the Democratic-Republican Party dropped republicanism from its platform and instead added cultural republicanism to it instead.

In the modern era Styxiecrats are Democratic-Republican MPs and Senators representing the Styxie provinces, both core and satellite provinces alike, and largely stand out in contrast to the mainstream Democratic-Republican Party. Most Styxiecrats are more conservative in comparison to the rest of the DRPS, especially in regards to economics, and are more likely to support political republicanism than the rest of the modern day party, though younger Styxiecrats tend to be more liberal and progressive. Styxiecrats are represented by the Democratic-Republican Styxie Caucus in the House of Commons and the Senate Styxie Caucus in the Senate




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