Suns of the Latter Days

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A post-cataclysm science-fantasy retro-tech setting. Strange worlds, a millenialist religion, divergent humans, ancient secrets, pastoral vistas, and organic technology.

Contains selected excerpts of the comprehensive work by Lezarouth Rice (b. 96, d. 144) and Dr. Julia Renalda-Jen (b. 91, d. 187), together with original journal entries, biographies, and annotations, available for the first time in Earthling English.

Contributors[edit | edit source]

Eugene Fairfield

Contributions[edit | edit source]

Elaborations are invited.

If you would enjoy making up peculiar worlds, here are a few. I've entered the data on the sun, since these are real stars in real space, but the planets themselves are completely up to the creator.

SLD World Base has the format for adding a world not on this list.

If you're the sort who learns better from "rules" than example, visit Contributor's Guidelines for an overview. Or just follow the style elsewhere in the site.