Supreme Field Marshal of the Kingdom of Sierra

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Supreme Field Marshal of Sierra
Mariscal Suprema de Campo de Sierra (es)
最高黃金王國元帥 (zh)
Thống Tướng Tối Cao cua Sierra (vn)
시에라의 최고 야전 사령관 (kr)
Kataas-taasan Punong Heneral ng Sierra (tl)
シエラ最高裁元帥 (ja)
Six Star Rank.png
Susan Kwon 2020.jpg
Susan Kwon

since May 4, 2020
Style Her Excellency
Residence Kingdom of Sierra Getty House
Porciúncula, GC, Kingdom of Sierra
Term length Tied to prime ministerial office
Inaugural holder Frederick Bachelor, Sr.
Formation November 27, 1858
Deputy Minister of Defense
Website pm.gc.ks
The Supreme Field Marshal is the highest civilian and second highest military rank of the Sierran Crown Armed Forces designated to the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Sierra who serves and exercises the prerogative right as the de facto commander-in-chief (or on the Monarch's behalf. Although the office is not mentioned in the Constitution, federal statute establishes that the office be active during times of war. Authorized the military responsibilities and duties of the Monarch, the Supreme Field Marshal has full discretionary command over the Armed Forces. Immediately below the Supreme Field Marshal is the civilian post, the Minister of Defense, followed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Constitutional provisions, title, and designation[edit | edit source]

Kingdom of Sierra

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Kingdom of Sierra

Although the commander-in-chief of the Sierran Crown Armed Forces belongs to the Monarch, it is the Supreme Field Marshal who serves and executes actions of the Monarch on their behalf who wields authority and discretionary power over the military.

The title and offices attached to the Supreme Field Marshal itself is not explicitly mentioned in the Constitution but was incorporated early into the Sierra Federal Code in 1862 to grant the prime minister a considerable level of power over the military. Legislators at the time believed it was necessary for the Prime Minister, the highest civilian office, to hold additional leverage over the military as its highest officer to quell any martial resistance and suppress interservice rivalry. The Joint Chiefs of Staff was introduced in 1945 which reduced the practicality of the Supreme Field Marshal post. Nonetheless, the position remained in place, with the Supreme Field Marshal serving as the de facto chairman of the military committee. Following Great War II, Parliament revised the law, allowing the office to operate only during times of war, allowing the Minister of Defense to assume control during peacetime and the Prime Minister time to concentrate on other affairs.

Role, power, and duties[edit | edit source]

When the office is active during times of war or emergency, the Supreme Field Marshal has the power to dictate military operations, logistics, and priorities. In addition, the Supreme Field Marshal on the advice of the Joint Chiefs of Staff may appoint, promote, demote, or dismiss any official of any branch without direct approval from the Parliament. This power is embedded to the fact that as the highest military ranking official, the Supreme Field Marshal may have ultimate power over designating individuals to certain posts and dismissing disobedient or ineffective officers.

With considerably more power compared to a purely civilian commander-in-chief, the Prime Minister's primacy allows him/her a more effective and efficient military to his/her suiting. This has been criticized by some who believed that this amount of power could result in politicizing the military or even devolving into a military dictatorship. When the Prime Minister leaves office, his/her rank as Supreme Field Marshal is automatically relinquished through honorable discharge. Similarly, if a prime minister were to leave office through impeachment, the prime minister as the Supreme Field Marshal, would be discharged dishonorably through court-martial (in conjunction with the civil impeachment trial).

During times of peace, the office and title of Supreme Field Marshal is purely ceremonial while inactive and the Monarch, the commander-in-chief of the Sierran Crown Armed Forces, is usually responsible for attending military processions.

Rank insignia[edit | edit source]

As the effective commander-in-chief, the Supreme Field Marshal bears a unique, five-star insignia to denote their rank and significance to the military, as the Monarch's representative. The Supreme Field Marshal's insignia will appear on any military uniforms he/she wears on occasion. According to the Sierran Military Dress Code, the Supreme Field Marshal must wear a general officer uniform, a general officer hat, general officer sleeve braid (with the five-star insignia depicted), a badge of the Kingdom embroidered onto the top of the sleeve, and a sash depicting the Sierran colors.

Rank insignia worn by the Supreme Field Marshal on military uniforms
As a naval officer
As an army officer
As an air force officer

List of Supreme Field Marshals[edit | edit source]

No. Supreme Field Marshal Service Commander-in-Chief
Charles I.jpg
Charles I (acting)
November 27, 1858 - December 16, 1859 Charles I (himself)
1 Frank Morrison Pixley.jpg
Frederick Bachelor, Sr.
December 16, 1859 - December 15, 1866 Charles I older years.jpg
Charles I
2 Richard Trist.jpg
Richard Trist
December 16, 1866 - December 15, 1869 Charles I older years.jpg
Charles I
3 Ulysses Perry.png
Ulysses Perry
October 16, 1870 - February 14, 1873 Charles I older years.jpg
Charles I
- Issac Johnson.jpg
Issac Johnson
February 15, 1873 - December 15, 1873 (acting) Charles I older years.jpg
Charles I
4 Maxwell Gibson.jpg
Maxwell Gibson
December 16, 1873 - December 15, 1877 Charles I older years.jpg
Charles I
5 John C. Fremont.png
John C. Frémont
December 16, 1878 - December 15, 1885 Charles I
Charles I older years.jpg
6 Frederick Bachelor, Jr.jpg
Frederick Bachelor, Jr.
December 16, 1885 - December 15, 1893 Charles I older years.jpg
Charles I
Louis I.jpg
Louis I
7 Joseph Starling.jpg
Joseph Starling
December 16, 1893 - December 15, 1901 Louis I.jpg
Louis I
8 Robert Landon.jpg
Robert Landon
December 16, 1901 - December 15, 1909 Louis I.jpg
Louis I
9 Phillip Judd.jpg
Phillip Judd
December 16, 1909 - December 15, 1917 Louis I.jpg
Louis I
10 Earle Coburn.jpg
Earle Coburn
December 16, 1917 - December 15, 1925 Louis I.jpg
Louis I
11 Poncio Salinas.jpg
Poncio Salinas
December 16, 1925 - December 15, 1929 Louis I.jpg
Louis I
Louis II.jpg
Louis II
12 Job Smit.jpg
Job Smit
December 16, 1929 - December 15, 1937 (two terms) Louis II.jpg
Louis II
13 Poncio Salinas.jpg
Poncio Salinas
December 16, 1937 - December 15, 1945 Louis II.jpg
Louis II
Lewis III.jpg
Louis III
14 Christopher Roux.jpg
Christopher Roux
December 16, 1945 - December 15, 1953 Lewis III.jpg
Louis III
15 Henry Faulkner.jpg
Henry Faulkner
December 16, 1953 - December 15, 1961 (two terms) Lewis III.jpg
Louis III
16 Alfred von Schliefen.jpg
Alfred von Schliefen
December 16, 1961 - December 15, 1969 Louis III

Elizabeth I.jpg
Elizabeth I
17 Kovrov Stoyanovich.jpg
Kovrov Stoyanovich
December 16, 1969 - March 20, 1974 Elizabeth I.jpg
Elizabeth I
18 Walter Zhou.jpg
Walter Zhou
March 20, 1974 - December 15, 1982 Elizabeth I.jpg
Elizabeth I
19 Kirk Siskind.jpg
Kirk Siskind
December 16, 1982 - December 15, 1992 Elizabeth I.jpg
Elizabeth I
20 Melinda Peters.jpg
Melinda Peters
December 16, 1992 - December 15, 2000 Elizabeth I.jpg
Elizabeth I
21 Matthew Braggs.jpg
Matthew Braggs
December 16, 2000 - December 15, 2008 Elizabeth I.jpg
Elizabeth I
Stephen Colbert December 2019.jpg
Charles II
22 Steven Hong.jpg
Steven Hong
December 16, 2008 - August 12, 2016 Stephen Colbert December 2019.jpg
Charles II
Elizabeth II 2018.jpg
Angelina iI
Preston Bolivar.jpg
Preston Bolivar
August 12, 2016 - December 16, 2016 Elizabeth II 2018.jpg
Elizabeth II
23 Daniel McComb 2.jpg
Daniel McComb
December 16, 2016 - October 3, 2017 Elizabeth II 2018.jpg
Elizabeth II
24 Leslie Steele.png
Leslie Steele
October 3, 2017 – October 18, 2017 Elizabeth II 2018.jpg
Elizabeth II
25 Nemesis Heartwell official Prime Minister portrait.png
Nemesis Heartwell
October 18, 2017 – May 4, 2020 Elizabeth II 2018.jpg
Elizabeth II
26 Susan Kwon 2020.jpg
Susan Kwon
May 4, 2020 – November 28, 2022 Elizabeth II 2018.jpg
Elizabeth II
27 Yang-mimi.jpg
Maggie Chan
November 28, 2022 – present Elizabeth II 2018.jpg
Elizabeth II

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