Switzerland (Terra Fidelis)

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Switzerland is a democracy consisting of 16 cantons. It's borders stretch from 45 45' N 6 15' E (near Faverges) roughly following a diagonal to Locarno (46 10' N 8 48'E). It then goes thru the Valle Maggia to Lake Morghirolo and then from there to Lake Tomasee, one of the sources of the Rhine. Until 1978 the border followed the Rhine to Lake Constance, when Sargansia was given back to Rhaetia. The northermost border is a straight line from Lake Constance thru Basel to 7 15' E. It makes a broad arc by Neuchatel to Geneva and follows a southward line back to Faverges.
On April 5th, 1742 a landslide triggered by heavy rain destroyed much of the town of Neuchatel and the surrounding area, killing 511 people.