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Syresian Republic (Origo Mundi)

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United Republic of Syres

Syresian Republic
535 - Present
Capital Syres
Common languages

Syresian (Official)

Mesallian, Azozian, Phoric, Locotian, Edomite

Western Ulmism
(after 892)

Cult of Syres
(before 892)
Government Constitutional republic
Legislature .
Public Assembly
Historical era Classical
• City Founded
Year 1
• Fall of the Kings
Year 535
• Disestablished
1040 740,736 km2 (286,000 sq mi)
• 1040
Preceded by
Syres Kingdom

The Syresian Republic, also known simply as Syres, is a nation located in the continent of Letia, founded in Year 535, according to the Syresian calendar. The nation was a continuation of the earlier Kingdom of Syres, so called for its use of a titular king, despite being a republic as well. The Syresian Republic would fully dissolve the office of king, and be ruled as constitutional republic after Year 535. During the era of the Syresian Republic, the nation expanded from its city's immediate surroundings to establish hegemony over a vast portion of the ancient world.

Syresian society would be a mix of many different influences, particularly Mesallian Culture, from which Syres would emerge distinct from, the Kingdom of Azoz, and the Erasidonian Empire under Ioxemander the Great, who conquered Syres in the 400s. The nation's administration would take inspiration from many of these sources, with collective and annual magistracies, overseen by an assembly known as the Hensa, which dated back to the founding of the city. The highest office in the state would be that of the consul, of which there is two at any given time, elected annually.



Current Provinces (1100)
Flag Province Name Capital Largest City Population Years
Ersgof Syres Syres 1,860,000
Canim Niephnaron Canim 2,400,00
Bascula Trunum Trisis 760-
Zoramvera Losdenport Losdenport 904-
Agelmur Nayonum Zemuctenec 772-
Nelyris Atsum Atsum 475,000 504-
Aexontia Laneba Nesarafan 733-
Acrissa Calamos Calamos 470,000
Neum Neum Neum 1063-
Tamsebe Tamsebe Tamsebe 908-
Gudamanes Gadema Sericolis 880-
Erasidon Vela Selanica 880-
Temengha Nykos Meshwati 934-
Krovia Zolegia Agira 934-
Gabatria Idasimos Iseisalia 986-
Yamoussoca Xerama Yamoussoca 902-
Zuen 1068-
Diacolis Gosnofoles 1029-


Current Provinces (1000)
Symbol Espion Name Headquarters Date Founded Founder Notes
I Sidoria Usora, Aexontia 1000 City of Syres
II Fensa Aexontia 1000 City of Syres
III Maritia Agelmur 1000 City of Syres
IV Loreo Bascula 1000 City of Syres
V Dolia West Cape, Bascula 1000 City of Syres
VI Nicantia East Cape, Zoramvera 1000 City of Syres
VII Trisia Tamsebe, Tamsebe 1000 City of Syres
VIII Helia Zoramvera 1000 City of Syres
IX Erenia Near Xanulem 1000 City of Syres
X Neraxima Sericolis, Gudamanes 1000 City of Syres
XI Olyndia Thusmos, Erasidon 1000 City of Syres
XII Phyna Selanica, Erasidon 1000 City of Syres
XIII Gudumania Karistos, Gudumanes 1000 City of Syres
XIV Lydonia Agira, Kovia 1000 City of Syres
XV Nota Near Phydinia 1000 City of Syres
XVI Jafonida Krasidos, Kovia 1000 City of Syres
XVII Thasala Meshwati, Temengha 1000 City of Syres
XVIII Anesidia Marlios, Gabatria 1000 City of Syres
XIX Gabatria Idasimos, Gabatria 1000 City of Syres
XX Strada 1002 Stradus
XXI Vandehessa Zelonuma Provinces 1016 Nephi
XXII Nephia Diacolis, Zelonuma Provinces 1016 Nephi
XXIII Lachonsa Zuen 1022 Synoacolo