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Proposal for the UCCS/ EditThon2020[edit source]

Because of the nature of the project, RP and wiki activity has historically been spurred by the ideological division between Sierra and the United Commonwealth. The last RP on the wiki was between the UC and Sierra and encouraged other players to be active and participate. Now the story has fallen flat without an obvious dichotomy. We have seen little RP activity on the news pages or independent updates (besides Discord updates, which aren't comprehensive nor immersive) and I think some type of re-calibration must be undertaken to ensure that activity remains steady within the project and on the wiki. Our activity was most stable when Jack was around as the three of us encouraged one another through RP that built a world truly unique. I love WorldMaker, but I think if Altverse needs to maintain its flavor by keeping a Landonist state in North America alive.

I offer up a challenge to encourage a period of activity and development of comprehensive material that will enrich the project and ensure the continuation of the rivalry between the United Commonwealth and the Kingdom of Sierra. By July 31st, I will complete the following pages as a means for re-entry into the project and solidify the UC claims on Michigan/Quebec and the Northeast Union.

  • United Commonwealth (its entirety, all sections, statistics and maps)
  • 3 Continental Republics (on par with the Sierra provincial pages) (Quebec, Appalachia, Kentuckiana)
  • Completion of the Continental Revolutionary War/Continentalist Party of the United Commonwealth/Warrensville pages
  • Complete pages for the North American Campaign (First Great War and for the Second Great War)/Integrating all the UCCS lore into the new Altverse framework
  • Still claiming Lower Michigan, I will offer up a comprehensive regional/provincial page for it and compete with Bel24. Whoever develops quality material around it by the subject by July 31st will assume it.
  • Complete pages for Hudson and Plymouth which which will as a claim to the Congregationalist States competing with Thewolvesden. Whoever develops enough quality material around the subject by July 31st will assume it.
  • Additionally with these pages include 1 RP event each week which will allow for all player nations to interact with one another.

All of these pages will be judged solely by Centrist16. Bel/Andy and WorldMaker must all agree in order for the competition to begin.

-Mythopoeia (talk) 04:52, 12 June 2020 (UTC)

If the parties accept it, I will condone this competition. Sayori.svg centrist16 | Talk | Flag of Conworlds Quality Control.svg | Discord-Logo-Color.svg 14:15, 12 June 2020 (UTC)

Re: Astoria[edit source]

While I am okay with WorldMaker assuming day-to-day operations of Astoria, as I have not formally renounced ownership of it, I reserve the right to make changes to any canon pertaining to Astoria, though I will be in touch with WorldMaker to ensure continuity. Furthermore, I would like to be notified, through my talk page, of any planned events that would significantly affect Astoria. Thank you.

i ii ii i _ (talk) 03:18, 1 August 2020 (UTC)

Your injunction has been noted and we appreciate you for remaining a part of the project and allowing WorldMaker the continued ability to edit. Our intention is to preserve and respect the spirit and vision of Astoria you have set forth. Anything which will result in a significant alteration will be notified to you henceforth. Sayori.svg centrist16 | Talk | Flag of Conworlds Quality Control.svg | Discord-Logo-Color.svg 04:20, 1 August 2020 (UTC)