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Terra Magi is an alternate earth-like world that consists of at least five distinct continents (Krepuska, Tagmeza, Anatolis, Vespera, and Lemuria), two large landmass (Hybrasil and Merope), and a number of smaller islands. None of these seven landmasses ahve been completely mapped.

None of these continents are connected to each other by landbridges (at least not anymore), so crossing from one to another always requires crossing a body of water. Unfortunately maritine travel in this world is very dangerous since most of the seas are filled with terrible and nigh-invincible serpentine monsters called Leviathans. In order to traverse safely you need to cross the water at it's narrowest point (provided there is a point narrow enough).

This world has a population of aproximately 989 million humans; about a third of whom live under the control of a totalitarian theocracy called the Imperial Church of Yaldabaoth The Imperial Church is currently attempting to conquer this entire world.

Prehistory[edit | edit source]

The people of Terra Magi do not have objective knowledge about how or when their world began.

History[edit | edit source]

Calander Eras[edit | edit source]

All dates are provided in relation to when Hypatia Asmodeus first began her preaching; using negative dates for events before the ministry  and positive for those afterwards.. The current year is 343 AG (After Gospel). 1825 BG:

517 BG: founding of the Imperial Church of Yaldabaoth.

27 BG: birth of Hypatia Asmodeus

45 AG: Hypatia Asmodeus dies

75: AG: the League of Lemurian People's Republics is founded.

Geography[edit | edit source]

Lemuria[edit | edit source]

Located mostly within the tropics of and the western hemisphere. Lemuria is cut into four distinct regions by the Serpentine mountains. In the northwest lies the League of Lemurian People's Republics, (also called the Lemurian League or LLPR) iThis is the only continent where the Imperial Church has no power whatsoever.

Hybrasil[edit | edit source]

Vespera[edit | edit source]

Located in the northwestern hemisphere. Vespera is seperated from Lemuria by the horizon sea to the south. This continent is half-free and half under the control of the Imperial Church.

Anatolis[edit | edit source]

Located in the eastern hemisphere, Anatolis is long and slanted diagonally. It streatches from the southern temperate zone through the tropics into the northern temperate zone. The Imperial Church has colonized the central and northern part of this continent, and used to control the south as well.

Fossil Records indicate this continent may be where the human species originated.

Merope[edit | edit source]

Tagmeza[edit | edit source]

Located in the center of the northern hemisphere. The Nephric Ocean seperates it from Vespera to the west and Lemuria to the southwest. Tagmeza is where the Imperial Church of Yaldabaoth was born and where it's capital is located.

Krepuska[edit | edit source]

The nothernmost continent, covers the north pole and much of the arctic region and also has a penensula that extends into the temperate zone and nearly touches Anatolis. This is referred to as the Borean Penensula while the rest of the continent is called Hyperborea.

Technology[edit | edit source]

Human Species[edit | edit source]

Clothing and Nudity[edit | edit source]