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Franco-Hungarian War

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Europe on the eve of war

The Franco-hungarian was fought between The Republic of France and the Hungarian Empire and their allies. While France won, it was severely weakened, allowing the British and Russians to overrun both in the Russo-British Spoil

Early Stages

The war began when anti-democratic Italian operatives set off a bomb in the French state department building in Paris. The French promptly invaded Italy. A skirmish between Italian and Hungarian forces led the Hungarians to invade Italy less than 36 hours later without knowing that the French had already invaded. The French & Hungarian forces first met in Rome on December 18, 1843, where the Catholic Hungarians felt it was sacrilege for supporters of democracy to enter. The end result was the death of 17,000 French soldiers, 52,000 Hungarian soldiers and 201,700 Italians and the destruction of about a fifth of the city, including the total loss of the Sistine chapel, after which the Hungarians withdrew to draw the French away.

Battle of Magde

On March 18th, 1851 The French and Hungarian armies met at Magdeburg. The French army lost all but 647 men out of 31,000 but half the survivors were artillery gunners. The Hungarians lost all but 403 of 41,042, who by sunset had scattered into the woods.

The treaty of Pisa

About a week later delegates were meeting in Pisa, Italy, when news broke that Britain had invaded France. Within hours news arrived that the Russians had already invaded the Hungarian empire. The pope promptly had both delegations executed, including the Hungarian emperor. The Russo-British Spoil had begun.