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The King's Court

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The King's Court
The King's Court logo.png
The official logo for the King's Court
Background information
Origin San Francisco San Francisco City, SF, Sierra
Genres Medieval folk rock
Members Anastasia Eliades
Michael Scott King
David Wen
Nate Jonson
Lykke Mårdh
Katherine Armbrüster
Josh Olsteen

The King's Court is a medieval-themed musical project formed in 2008. It consists of Greek-born composer and bouzoukist Anastasia Eliades (the Bard), Continental-born lead singer and lutist Michael Scott King (the Jester), Sierra-born pianist/harpsichordist David Wen (the Eunuch), Sierra-born flutist Nate Jonson (the Dwarf), Swedish-born nyckelharpist Lykke Mårdh (the Cupbearer), Brazorian-born percussionist Katherine Armbrüster (Master of the Drums), and manager Josh Olsteen (the King). Temporary touring members are referred to as the Courtiers. It was originally formed under the name 'The Fools' by Anastasia and Michael as a musical/comedy duo. The act combines comedy, sketches, pop-culture and historical references, and original music.


2008-2010: Formation and early career

Anastasia Eliades and Michael Scott King first met while attending the Academy of Art University in San Francisco in 2008. The pair began their career when they met up at the San Francisco Renaissance Festival, playing medieval themed music and preforming comedy acts while collecting money for their performance. It was at this point that the duo would call themselves 'The Fools', and would perform at a variety of locations, such as streets and parks, using money collected from passerby's as their main source of income. For the next two years, the duo would continue to play in public spaces, entertaining passerby's with music, improvised sketches, and stories. They would also use the summer months to travel around to other countries, performing in Brazoria, the United Commonwealth, Astoria, Manitoba, Superior, and the Maritimes.

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Current Members


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