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The Look She Gives

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"The Look She Gives"
Single by The June Bugs
Released 1953 (originally)
12 July 1954
Genre Pop, Latin
Length 2:21
Label Burkbank
Producer(s) Joseph L. Schuster
The June Bugs singles chronology
"The Look She Gives"
"Softly Speaking"
"The Look She Gives" is a 1953 pop song by The June Bugs. Referred to as the "Mayarí Girl Song", it was originally written as a Latin-inspired song. The original 78rpm single did not perform well. A 1954 re-recording with Roberto Martinez and his Big Band as a cha-cha-cha song proved a larger success, eventually included on their first, eponymous album in 1955.

Background and recording

The Look She Gives was written by Joseph L. Schuster, a prominent songwriter of Jewish origin known for his pop hits in the 1940s and 1950s.

In 1955 the Chord-Aires recorded a version of the song. Roberto Martinez and his big band did an instrumental version of the song in 1957 identical to the 1954 song, and a twist-inspired version in 1961.


You know the look, the look she gives
The one that has that golden wink
You wonder why she's so alive
It stops to make you think

That look she gives is cause of Mayari
That tasty drink you know that can't be beat
With all the flavors of a tropic isle
It's why she stops and makes you smile

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