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When Real and Fiction become one

Welcome, to MultiChronos universe

Where Time and Distance have little to no meaning - Where civilizations span the universe - and Where Man become The Creator on his own

It has been millennia (Some said four millions Earth years. Others speculate more than few hundred millions) since the days when Earth changed forever. The Point-of-Divergence in this universe is the event, a mysterious event that happened inter-universe - as was discovered much later - that led to the merge of Real and Fiction. In other words, every works (anime, games, light novels, movies, TV series.... you name it) we have been believing so far as Unreal, became Real. Since that moment, the world we had known for centuries is never the same, ever again. Numerous characters, species, civilizations from all types of fiction, ranging from renown like Star Trek, Babylon Five... to countless anime, manga, light novels... move in, bringing with them magic and technology beyond comprehension, thus re-shape the universe into current state today. Before long, life spreads through the universe, civilizations dominate the stars, and Men become Creator.

This is officially a closed project.[edit | edit source]

Which means I'm the sole owner, writer, editor, and administrator.[edit | edit source]

This project is undergoing constant revisions and updates. Certain pages may be missing content, having inconsistent data, or require rewrites. Various new stories might be added, with many old might be cleaned.
For any inquiries, suggestions or even complains, text me

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At a gland

Welcome to Known Universe. Currently timeline is Ninth Era, millions years after men left Earth for good.

It has been aeons since the last war which had scorched the universe, and bring destruction on countless species. So far civilizations had repaired themselves, and through all known space, life flourishes again.
Current situation in known space is more or less similar to pre-World War I on ancient Earth; a heat powder keg, minus some key elements such as ultra-nationalism. Vast polygalactic meta-empires across 5 quadrants rule , while lesser polities and factions carve out their dominions through every possible way, from allying each other, to intrigue and conquest. The great nations of EURAPAC expand their spheres through numerous intergovernmental alliances, notably are the Sphere or the Ecumene, while lesser polities form their own leagues, in face of invasion and pressure from greater forces. Beyond the boundaries of civilized grand powers, lies the unknown: Dark corners of space, worlds and star systems, unknown, "savage" races and their cultures, immerse wealth and fame... Stories of adventures and dangers outside the conform space had thrilled generations for aeons.

In this universe, there will be:
- Soft science
- Implausible technologies. Magic and technology co-exist, fusing through time.
- Mixed unrealistic and realistic cultural, racial and civilization developments.
- Enormous setting. In this project, Time and Space have little to no meaning.
- Millions to hundred of millions of historical developments.

  • Before anyone notices, yes, the last introduction lines are more or less inspired by the Orion's Arm project. That's also part of my ambitions: I wish to create a soft-science, fan-based science-fantasy universe in opposite direction of that one.

Following works are currently my main sources of inspiration and knowledge. My great gratitudes go to all those creators for making such detailed, wonderful jobs. Beware that this is ongoing list.

  • All Japan/China/Korea pop-culture works (Light Novel, Games, Manga, Anime.... you name it :-) )
  • Spore Fiction Universe ---> Credits go for them. Most of organizations and empires in my project are based on them. You mates are the best Animaniax (talk) 01:10, September 13, 2016 (UTC)
  • Star Trek's franchises. The author isn't Trekki, but self-proclaimed very close.
  • Dawn of Victory
  • Halo's franchises.
  • Orion's Arm Universe's works


  • All characters, places, entities or events in this work are entirely fictitious and not to be considered as real or offensive. The author will try his best not to be too much hardcore, but as each person has his or her own views, he won't bear any responsibility due to different POVs.
  • The names, characters, events or photos here are credited to their respective authors. This is a shared fanfic universe, in which Real and Fiction become one, therefore Animaniax hold no credit or copyright ownership whatsoever. I'm but a humble fan :-)
  • Various details and info here are based mostly or as a whole off from works created by other authors in other works. The author has borrowed a lot from mainly Spore's Universe, Star Trek, Star Wars and various anime/manga realms. All topics are in constant reviews, with everything that were borrowed would be addressed properly. Please excuse if you spot something that not yet address, as the author's time has been reduced a lot lately.
  • This is purely a fictional universe. Anything related to political views or any sensitive subjects (races, sexuality,....) are therefore not to be seen as offend to anyone. To cut it short: If you feel offend by mere writings, you shouldn't be here :-)

Fanfic cross-over and Shared Universe

  • The general definitions are go without saying :-) If you don't know what Fanfic is, Google's your best friend. If you don't understand what shared universe means, see Shared universe.
  • The theme will be largely anime-based. As I myself is a hardcore (self-proclaimed!) anime otaku, most of those elements are from Japan/Korea/(only some)-Chinese AMVL (Anime-Manga-Video games-Light novels) and contemporary fantasy works. For example: all leaders of great powers in known space, or main heroes in stories (that I hope I might have time to create in near future), are AMVL characters.

Science Fantasy
The main theme of this project is science fantasy. Basically, magic and technology become one, co-existing, not denying each other. For more information in this term in general, Wikipedia is your buddy. In general, Asian-traced civilizations are masters of supreme technologies, while European-traced civilizations are masters of ancient, powerful magics.
Irrational Reality

  • The author does not intend to make this logical, in most cases. This is a universe that span millions years to the future. A universe that has been exposing to countless technologies and magics from all kinds of realm through time. Henceforth, anything is possible, literary.
  • Throughout this project, you might find various illogical figures, such as googolplex, in population or sovereign area. Nine eras of constantly expanding, in similar manners with historical Scramble for Africa events or Western imperialism in Asia timeline, only much less brutal and bias (subjects to debate, though) had formed a cosmos-spanning society so huge and expansive that one could not simply measure with sheer numbers.
  • Technologies such as Star Trek's Genesis or its equivalent magic were constantly perfecting and normalizing, to the point that they are being used in normal, daily-life manners and, some, are as working tools. As such, planetary building, galactic-scaled constructing.... are normal definitions, much like skyscraper-building appears to a 12th century Earthling. Intergalactic travel is like go to work or school, or even your neighbors, while inter-galaxies is of cross-provinces travel's manner.
  • Almost all definitions, conceptions,...., most negative, taboo or aggressive topics of 20th century society are either obsolete, evolving or completely removed, or at least most of them. Death is no longer an impenetrably wall; excessive employing life-prolong techs-magics, modifying DNA or in many case, due to natural elements, let to an average lifespan spans many centuries (Earth time), combined with mind backup tools.... immortality is as normal as one can get. Drug, overpopulation, hunger.... all are things of the past, even considered as backward ideas. Widely using genetic engineering make it impossible to drug-addicted, while sexual-related diseases are seen as merely childish stories. The only thing that has lingered ever since is religious extremists, although even them evolving over time.

Known Universe

Known Universe, also known as Known Cosmos, is the main setting of the project. Consisting countless of galaxies and different species or civilizations, this is the universal corners that have been exploring and settling through time immemorial. Within this cosmos, countless species of different backgrounds and cultures interract through travel, diplomacy, trade, politics, and war. Opportunities and dangers lurk in every corner. Great empires and civilizations co-exist in harmony but uneasy truce, while beyond the boundaries of civilized galaxies, adventures, fames, wealths and deadly evils are await those that are dare to explore.

The Known Universe is divided into 5 major factions

Star polities or species that traced or inspired by Asian Pacific ancient civilizations. Chinese culture is still a majority here, but there's no long a "China" nation. Core cultures and traditions are including, but not limited to, those along Pacifo-India rims. APAC empires are highly superious in technologies. Worlds in their space usually pack with trillions sentients, ecumenopolises are very popular and normal, while cosmological constructions are everywhere. Dyson's spheres, massive ringworlds, which feature their own wildlife and weather... you name it. Great empires from APAC are also believed to be responsible to anomalous planetary formations and species placements across known space. Currently the GACS is the unchallenged hyperpower, although their influences were severely hurt due to recent catastrophes, and the rises of other organizations.

APAC only counterpart, with civilizations and species are either evolved from or inspired by European cultures. Slavic cultures is significant, although like China, there's no longer any "Russian" nation. Unlike APAC, no single European influential sphere has ever existed, although de facto, Slavic, Franco, Iberian, Nordic and Mediterranean cultural spheres are major. EUROPA stellar polities are well-known being mastery of magics of all kind. Despite being a major faction, worlds within EUROPA sovereign usually give off the feeling and image of fantasy-liked world, featuring in various games, novels or even anime, with Gothic-liked cities, towns or castles. Cosmological objects are also normal, although they're built by magic, mostly, than technologies. Much like APAC, EUROPA star powers are also holding significant influences over cosmological society, with PEE remains undisputed reign.
Both APAC and EUROPA are usually collectively referred as EURAPAC, due to various reasons, such as them interchangeable in many ways, or had been intertwining through time. Over millennia, cultures, traditions, societies,... among them had continuously fused and became more & more un-distinctive. The idea of fusing technologies and magics, as well as many movements such as Pan-Eurasianism... further fuel many calls for one single real EURAPAC division; which if ever formed, would be the one and only true dominating division in all known multiverse.
Universal division composing star polities and species traced or inspired by Africa continent on ancient Earth. Much like their ancestors in old times, however, most star powers in AFRICA, saved for a handful that are too big to fail, had spent their times throughout eons being either APAC or EUROPA great powers' backgrounds. It wasn't until 6th era, that the political entities in this division started breaking up their ties and fully joined pan-universe politics. AFRICA great empires are considerably young, comparing to those of other blocs. That doesn't make them weak, though, as most had actively formed partnerships with EURAPAC superpowers, as well as forming their own alliances, pushing more exchange programs of any kinds with other star powers. Civilizations in AFRICA strike to balance between magic and technology usages, although they're more close to APAC than EUROPA