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The Pirates of Atlas
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Genre High fantasy conworld
Established April 2023
Creator Monke_M0de (by proxy through Centrist16)
Progress 3 sessions completed
No. of articles List (14 articles)
Status Active

The Pirates of Atlas is a private constructed world project based on the campaign setting established in an ongoing Dungeons & Dragons pirate-themed campaign by Centrist16's real life friends. This project seeks to document and enrich the lore established by the game's Dungeon Master (Monke_M0de) and its players. 8-hour long sessions will be held biweekly on Sundays, with the venue rotating between Riverside and Irvine. The first session was held on May 7, 2023. The next session is scheduled to be held on June 11, 2023.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Akula's Friends[edit | edit source]

Player crewmates[edit | edit source]

Non-player crewmates[edit | edit source]

Significant non-player characters[edit | edit source]

Non-player characters associated with player characters[edit | edit source]

Anradeem Pravuil[edit | edit source]

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  • The Cultist
  • Crow
  • Vex
  • Mazan
  • Meldra

Jué Zosteif[edit | edit source]

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  • Jué Zosteif's stepbrother (parents' murderer)
  • Jué Zosteif's adopted family

Premise[edit | edit source]

Atlas is a city founded by high-class nobles for the purpose of promoting state-of-the-art technology and sciences. Its chief founder, Dr. Adonis Langston, envisioned a city built on progress and innovation. It attracted the greatest minds and coin alike, becoming a world power within a year of its establishment. The city's citizens elected King Matias, a legendary knight, to lead the city. As the city's wealth, fame, and power grew, interest in control over the independent city grew throughout the world. The Frenzy was a global, four-year conflict waged between the kingdoms which sought control over Atlas. During the conflict, the city of Atlas itself remained neutral and became a place of sanctuary and refuge for commoners and nobles who wished no part in the conflict. With no signs of abetting, King Matias ordered the city's court wizard Veldrix Highborne to lift the city up into the skies to remove it from the warring world below.

During the skybound period of Atlas, the city came a utopian symbol of hope and travel to and from the city was highly restricted by the government. Teleportation circles were the primary mode of transportation between the earth and sky city. Only select mages and scientists on the ground were allowed to maintain any form of contact with Atlas. During the skybound period, the city became more and more exclusive, forgetting the world below it, paradoxically insular and groundbreaking in its worldview. One day, distress calls alerted the watchful mages of Atlas of calamity and chaos occurring on the earth. Something was killing everything below and the final warning which was delivered to Atlas was the following: Don't come down. Silence followed for four years in what became known as The Harrowing as the leaders of Atlas wondered what horrible tragedy and mystery occurred below. This disturbing revelation was kept a secret from the rest of the people of Atlas. During the fourth year however, Veldrix Highborne removed the spell that kept the city afloat and sent it back down to the earth, and then vanished without a trace or explanation.

Following initial shock and confusion, the people of Atlas began to emerge outside its city walls. They soon discovered that all of the maps they had previously kept were useless as the world had terraformed into a completely changed, unrecognizable landscape. Atlas lost its grip over the people as many ventured out to form their own settlements. The initial exodus of explorers were never seen again as only one ship ever returned from this wave, and they arrived as a ghost ship filled with corpses and fungi. Rumors also spread of there being a large whirlpool in the center of the world that came to be known as the Dreamwell. The Dreamwell was rumored to be a place where any wish or dream could be granted. In order to maintain control in the seas, Atlas established the Navy under the decree of King Matias. However, King Matias quickly turned the Navy into an institution of oppression against his own subjects. Grand Admiral Akore, with the aid and support of legendary warrior Melora, decided to revolt and led a rebellion against the King. The rebellion was known as the Great Revolution and saw the installment of Queen Kali as the new monarch of Atlas.

During the fifteen years following the ascension of Queen Kali, a new era emerged known as the Pirate Age. Under the relaxed reign of the gentle Queen Kali, thousands of explorers embarked for the uncharted world, designing their own ships and building up their own cities along the way. As these new settlements grew into seafaring empires, conflicts between said empires emerged. In the current age, the Great Pirate War is waging. Atlas, which remains the preeminent political, cultural, and economic center of the world, maintains only loose control over the settlements beyond its walls. The Navy, which sought to rein in piracy and trouble in the high seas, has turned its attention to a new, emerging threat to the east, against an entity known simply as the Blight. It is widely believed that the Blight may have been responsible or involved in the events of the Harrowing. However, many doubt the veracity of claims about the Blight, believing it to be a scare tactic instilled by the Navy to enforce order and obedience. While Queen Kali remains highly popular among the commoners, the Navy and the Parliament are highly scorned as corrupt and malicious. However, many would agree that despite Atlas' own issues, it remains by far the safest city in the world as the high seas are filled with maundering pirates and distant lands inhabited by ferocious, uncivilized beasts and legendary creatures. Those who are brave enough to prove themselves by sea seek glory and fame to become known as the greatest pirates ever to exist.

Locations[edit | edit source]

The current known World of Atlas

Factions[edit | edit source]

Campaign[edit | edit source]

Session One[edit | edit source]

Arrivals to Atlas[edit | edit source]

The gates of Atlas welcomes all

Akula, Durgl, and Serena Lockwood arrive to Atlas first and decide to go to a bar in search of refreshments. Willem and Maren arrive shortly after and go to a museum to observe its artifacts. Anradeem Pravuil, Jué Zosteif, and Ryul Vidro arrive last and split up, with the former two ending up at the bar where Akula, Durgl, and Serena Lockwood are, while Ryul enters and wins an artificer competition. Willem and Maren arrive to Atlas and visit a local museum to take a look and admire its many artifacts.

Discovery Day events[edit | edit source]

The stairway leading to the Atlas Colosseum
The blight antidote used to heal Pravuil's severed arm

At the tavern, the first two groups meet each other after Pravuil senses a spiritual bond with Akula and the two others. Akula mistakes Pravuil's enthusiasm for the latter's belief that the former is a god. They all quickly befriend each other after learning that all have similarly aligned goals towards reaching the Dreamwell. After departing the tavern, they decide to view an exhibit where Captain Chad, leader of the Smiling Grin Pirates, describes the distant, mysterious threat of The Blight to the east and the Navy's efforts towards producing an antidote to combat The Blight's effects. Pravuil offers himself as a demonstration to the antidote's power and has his arm briefly amputated by a sword infused with The Blight's substance before his arm is completely restored by the antidote. Afterwards, the group leaves the exhibit and they learn of a competition that will be held at the Atlas Colosseum where the victors will win a ship personally gifted by the esteemed Dr. Adonis Langston.

Meanwhile, Vidro practices his weaponsmithing and makes small chat with fellow artificers who appreciate the craft. Willem and Maren do not find any object of particular interest to them but learn a great deal of knowledge by the museum curator, who informs them of the alleged existence of dinosaurs and dragons to the south of Atlas. Maren tells the curator, much to the latter's incredulity, that her people are from the Dreamwell although she does not remember much about her time there.

Colosseum Mock Naval Battle[edit | edit source]

The mock naval battle commences

As the day continues, there is an announcement that the competition at the Colosseum is about to begin. The main group finds Vidro along the way and bump into Willem and Maren. Seeing that all of them are interested in reaching to the Dreamwell and determined to do anything to achieve such a goal, they form an impromptu team and enroll in the competition. They soon learn that it will be a mock naval battle in the flooded arena of the Colosseum. The format of the game is that of a capture-the-flag game involving seven ships and three flags. There are no rules of the game other than the game will not cease until one team has acquired all three flags and that once in the game, no one may attempt to escape. In addition, if the designated captain is killed in action, the entire team will be exterminated by sentries overseeing the game's conduct. Akula, due to his strong sense of camaraderie and disposition towards viewing nearly anyone he encounters as his "friend", proposes that their team be named "Akula's Friends". He also nominates Vidro to be their captain due to a misunderstanding earlier when he had overheard Zosteif describe Vidro as "great with weapons". Ultimately, Willem self-volunteers himself to become the captain. Akula's Friends then enter the battle at Dock 7 and quickly find themselves engaged in combat. When they have entered the waters, three ships had already capsized and three teams had been eliminated already. They take out the first ship with a flag they encounter with relative ease. Zosteif quickly captures the flag while the rest of her crewmates deal with the enemy crewmates of the ship they seize. After they take over the ship they board, they make their way towards the remaining two other ships. Akula and Maren, being seaborne creatures, assume underwater reconnaissance while Willem takes charge of the command. Vidro takes up the crow's nest as the designated sniper, while Lockwood assumes the ship's wheel. Pravuil provides a supportive role as the healer while Durgl provides morale support and temporarily functions as a powder monkey. A stray cannonball goes through the ship, severely wounding Durgl, but his life is saved when Pravuil heals him and allows Durgl to repair the damaged section of the ship. Akula and Maren successfully capture the respective flags of the remaining two ships and Akula's Friends are victorious, ending the battle.

They are then brought before Dr. Adonis Langston personally who congratulates them and tells them that they must go to Row & Roll Upgrades by the Bay of Atlas to retrieve their ship.

Session Two[edit | edit source]

(OOC: Ashley and Darnoc are unable to attend.)

Post-Colosseum Battle[edit | edit source]

A mysterious robotic entity freezes Akula and Maren in stasis, promising they will return unharmed

Akula and Maren go on a separate underwater scouting mission while the rest of the crew continues on.

After the victory, they were awarded a banquet, a ship, and a total sum of 18,000 gold. Jué is designated the bosun. Other roles are assigned with the assistance of a magical scroll. After agreeing that the name of the crew will be "Akula's Friends" and the name of the ship is the Friend Ship, they are confronted by a robotic figure which whisks away Maren and Akula to protect them from the Time Ravagers.

They then go to Row & Roll Upgrades to acquire their awarded ship. The ship is equipped with various furnishings and items. They learn that Dr. Adonis has five ships ready for the victorious teams and that their ship is unique compared to the other four. They learn that every two year there is a Grand Tournament similar to the competition they had just been a part of. Lockwood says that she is looking for a famous explorer in the Dreamwell. Zosteif says she wishes to get her revenge at the Dreamwell. Vidro wishes to just travel around for freedom. Pravuil and Willem muse that they both are looking to meet God at the Dreamwell. Durgl wants to find the Golden Ribbit.

Vidro starts drinking while Zosteif pickpockets him and keeps his gold.

Willem retells the story of how he met Maren. He was returning from a voyage when he was attacked by a pirate. After he sank, he was going to accept his fate to drown. As he was sinking, he was taken even further down by an unknown figure, whom he described as an angel. After he blanked out, he woke up on a remote island and found himself next to Maren. He believed that it was divine fate that led him to her.

As the crew continues towards Row & Roll Upgrades, Vidro drinks more. They see a U-shaped dock with various ships and out to the right of the dock, they notice a large ship, surrounded by other ships being worked on. They notice the sound of clanging metal as they approach it.

Once they reach the Row N' Roll Upgrades shop, they see a large forlorn man with pointed antlers. He welcomes them and Zosteif presents him the ticket voucher that grants them a ship. They witness the shipbuilding operations that occur in the shop and enter a room which is quieter for them to negotiate. Durgl plays music with maracas as they speak. Vidro tries to drunkenly leave the room and in his stupor, he rams the metal door. He is warned by the shopkeeper that he will be kicked out if he causes a ruckus. He is excused due to his drunkenness. Pravuil accompanies Vidro outside. One of Rafael's interns show up, a goblin, who is being kept in the shop to avoid being slain by the Goblin Slayer. Rafael tells the crew that Dr. Adonis gave Akula's Friends the best quality ship. He fitted the ship with better upgrades compared to the other ships. Vidro vomits violently outside the dock as Pravuil attempts to console him.

A two-feet feline approaches the crew from the construction room. The cat, in a gruff voice, who smokes a pipe, insists that he should not be petted, and shows them the ship. Pravuil claims that he knows Tubby but Tubby does not remember him. Pravuil uses Lesser Restoration to remove Vidro's drunkenness. Tubby tells them to meet a man named Flynn who makes a better shipwright than him. Tubby gives them a tour of the ship, including its upper deck. As he takes the crew to the gangplank, they see again Dr. Langstone who waits at the entrance and tips his hat at them. He casts a spell and shows them the name of their ship. He informs them that they were the only ones to put personal ambition above the safety of the crew. He says that he feels inclined to give them a head start on their voyage to the Dreamwell and takes over the tour. There is a teleportation circle in the center of the ship, although no one in the crew knows how to use teleportation spells yet. There is an infirmary, a crow's nest, harpoons, and two main cannons on either side of the ship. The ship is built of fine wood taken from the Wildlands, a mystical forest that exists outside of Atlas.

Layout of the main deck

As they go to the lower deck, they descend a spiral staircase. They see a cartography table where their map can be placed and the main workstation of the navigator. The captain's, first mate's, and the navigator's cabins are near this room. The bosun's cabin is near the staircase. There is also a bathhouse and crew's quarters. Vidro immediately claims one of them on first-come-first-serve basis. He writes the name "Ryul's Room" on it.

Layout of the berth deck

They head down to the next deck. There are more cabins on this deck, as well as the artisan's craft room, with tools for alchemy, enchanting, and other arts. There is an enchanted greenhouse with water from the Dreamwell. There are butterflies that ensure the trees within the greenhouse are pollinated. There is a storage room, a kitchen, and a large archway that has the name "Tavern" on it. The tavern is the mess hall which has mugs and silverware placed along its table.

Layout of the orlop

They go to the final deck. They see a vault door with a green light. If there is a red light, there is an experiment going underway behind the door and should not be entered. There is a cabin room here but Dr. Langstone notes that those who are scared of water should not lodge there as this deck is below the water. The shipwright's cabin is located on this deck. There is also an engine room that is perfect for the artificers and three brigs for insubordinate crewmates and prisoners. Dr. Langstone shows them the maximum-security vault which has arcane building materials. The spellcasters can feel their magical power dwindle as Dr. Langstone explains them that anti-magic stones have been installed in this room to prevent magical users from teleporting inside the room. There is a large crystal, which houses a Sentinel, that sits in the back of the room. Treasures are meant to be stored here in the vault.

Layout of the bilge

After this, Dr. Langstone shows them the rooms for the captain, the magician, and the doctor. He opens the door to the infirmary which features the doctor's own bed, a cot, and other furnishings. In the captain's cabin, the interior is lavish with a large desk and red carpeting. Dr. Langstone bids them farewell and gives Captain Willem the deed. He tells them that the market sale for the gem for the Sentinels are 15,000 gold apiece. He explains to them that the ship was under his personal care and warns them not to sink out in the open sea. He tells them that he is no longer obliged to know about what they with regards to legality.

Captain Willem tells the crew that they need to find a shipwright and that the Dreamwell is under a large blockade. He says they have procured a permit for the right of passage thanks to Maren. He also says they should establish ship rules. He proposes an exercise. Each person should write one rule for the ship anonymously and see if the crew can agree whether or not the rule should be accepted. They then debate the merits of each rule presented.

The approved rules for the ship's charter are as follows:

  • If the captain goes down, the next in line shall succeed the captain (First Mate). If the first mate is gone, then it goes to the next designee (Anradeem Pravuil).
  • Crew members shall not physically harm or damage one another.
    • Crew members who are possessed, turn evil, or betray the crew are exempt from this protection.
  • Do not kill senselessly or without purpose.
  • Private affairs should not be pressured to be shared.
  • If two have personal disagreements, it does not matter. If it is a disagreement that involves the ship's roles, there are 2 options: 1) first go to the captain or first mate, and 2) if it does not work, settle it between one another as a fight/sanctioned duel, but the fight must be condoned by the captain.
  • If we want to allow a new crew member, the majority of current crew members must approve.

After the rules have been approved, they split into three groups to go to three taverns to find recruits for their vacant ship roles. Two of the taverns are shady and criminal (Seashore Shanties Tavern and Black Ink Tavern) while one tavern (Jolly Good Tavern) is relatively safe. The three groups split are: Pravuil and Vidro; Willem and Durgl; and Zosteif and Lockwood. Pravuil and Vidro head to the Seashore Shanties. Lockwood and Zosteif decide to go to a university or library to scope out recruits.

Two people approach the crew's gangplank and attempt to board the ship. A bronze, armored male dragonborn and a female, pinkish, scarlet-haired human woman approaches them. The lady asks if they may have permission to enter the ship. She says that she and the dragonborn are both captains. She proposes an alliance and the dragonborn says that they agree to split loot together and support each other, no matter the fight. Vidro performs an insight check and concludes that the dragonborn is genuine. They learn that the two captains man two other crews that were victorious in combat. Captain Willem inquires how the loot should be split evenly. The dragonborn tells them that they are looking for an ascending signal and the lady expresses skepticism about entering the alliance. Lockwood expresses wariness while Willem is largely ambivalent to the deal, but proposes they confer again at the end of the day. The dragonborn leaves but the woman remains and she is allowed entry to the ship. She says that she does not know them and they do not know her, but she tells them that if they see each other, they agree to have a non-aggression pact. Captain Willem reassures them that the crew is not looking for a fight. She warns them that the Ruby Queen is hers. She says her name is Captain Elizabeth. Lockwood and Captain Elizabeth spar with each other. Willem defuses the situation. Captain Elizabeth warns the crew that the dragonborn is suspicious and may be working for the Stormborne so the crew should be weary of his intentions. As she leaves, Tubby tells them that they must move the ship out of the shipyard and to the main port.

Recruitment mission[edit | edit source]

Diana's bodyguard, Maddy

The crew then splits up to do their recruitment efforts. Pravuil and Vidro go to the Seashore Shanties to look for a shipwright. Vidro goes towards the barkeep in the tavern. They notice a red-haired woman and they inquire that they are looking for Flynn. She tells them that she cannot give any information regarding Flynn but suggests that they ask around. She tells them to bring drinks to an elf nearby and to tell him it is on the house. We notice an elderly man and Vidro notices that the elf is working on some schematics. He says that his name is Flynn. Tubby had said that Flynn was blacklisted and Vidro tells him that he is interested in Flynn's schematics. Flynn says it is his dream that he will build a ship that will reach the Dreamwell. He warns them that if he is taken into the crew, some doors may be closed. If the Explorer's Guild knew about Flynn's association with our crew, the crew may be denied. He said that in his graduating year, he designed something and they wanted to weaponized it. He could not in good conscience allow it and so he was slandered and blacklisted. Flynn says that he was more focused on pursuing his dreams over the Explorer's Guilds' motives. He says that all of the elite universities have taken their words over his. Pravuil and Vidro decide to recruit Flynn, taking no qualms with his reputation and says he has a map to offer to the ship's navigator. As Pravuil helps Flynn gather his belongings, Vidro scopes out the rest of the tavern. He notices two more people. One of the two notices them speaking of looking for crewmates and Vidro tries to rizz her, but fails spectacularly. She piques in interest but says she is simply looking for her aunt. He explains to her that they are looking for someone to go to the Dreamwell for various reasons. She says she too has a dream about the Dreamwell. She tells them that one can cast a spell at the Dreamwell. As they are talking, they hear a sword getting dragged along the floor, a blonde-haired woman with the symbol of the Coven on her suit approaches. She says in her bored, monotone voice, explains that her name is Maddy who is the bodyguard and warns them to leave the girl alone. Pravuil and Maddy banter, with Pravuil insulting her name, before Vidro and Pravuil take their leave. They then meet a man named Reyen who decides to wager a game with Vidro. He inquires what the two are doing here. He also tells them that the lady they had just spoken to was important and was known as a member of the House of Durathyon. Her name is Diana, she is the sister of Allie Durathyon, the legendary Ruby Queen. He asks if they would be willing to wager their ship. He is looking to get out of Atlas and is willing to offer Ryul dating advice. Vidro counter-offers with the opportunity to meet the crew. Reyen dares Vidro to try wooing the Durathyon girl again. Vidro buys the three, the Durathyon, and the Coven bodyguard drinks. Before Diana takes a drink, Maddy swipes the drink away due to her suspicion it is poisonous. Reyen joins Vidro, Pravuil, and Flynn.

Zosteif and Lockwood set off on their search to find a sailsmaster who is educated in sailing ships. As they enter the library, they notice flying books whirling about and meet the librarian clerk. In front of the clerk is a small woman with tentacles for hair who insists on staying inside the library. The clerk, annoyedly reminds that the woman has been banned from the premises. Lockwood decides to intervene and decides to help the woman. The woman, Lara, has a pet octopus on her shoulder, and she excitedly introduces herself to the two. She has been denied entry into the library four times but has now been allowed in. She says she applied to the Navy, the academy, the mercenaries, and various other institutions, but was denied. She says she has no experience and had applied to the university 11 times. Lockwood admires her dedication. Lara says that her mother, who has since died, say the most beautiful flowers have the most layers to them. She said she wanted to be a captain, then a navigator, then a master gunner, and is now open to any other role. She wants to "stick it" to her old man who wants him to take over the family shop but she wants to see the stars. Lockwood and Zosteif offer to take Lara to look around the library to learn. She says she is really good at being sneaky. She says there are another person to look for named Mara. Lockwood and Zosteif talk in private to discuss about whether they should recruit Lara into the crew. Lara continues trying to interject and talk to Lockwood, while Zosteif sneaks off in disguise and tries to tell the clerk that Lara does not have a library card. Zosteif grabs Lockwood's hand and pulls her away from Lara. She switches her appearance into her true form, which startles Lockwood. Zosteif reveals her identity as a changeling and explains that she did not want Lara due to her dimwittedness. Lockwood appreciates Lara's enthusiasm while Zosteif wants someone who is more capable. They scope the scene and see various people reading books. Lockwood notices some books and spots one book titled The Labyrinth of Magnus. She takes the book and they continue. They spend about an hour looking around and during that hour, they notice numerous scholars, including three figures. The third figure seems to be a heavily clad aquatic creature.

Willem and Durgl are looking for the magician. They travel to the Black Ink Tavern and before they enter, Willem tells Durgl that they should make a big scene and determine who is eligible for the crew based on their reactions. Willem says he will slam the door open and Durgl will play his loudest, most bombastic music. Willem wants to sus out the most capable of these criminally hardened patrons. His goal is to silence everyone and intimidate them. There is an active brawl and then there is total silence. Willem shouts that they are looking for crewmates and Durgl starts playing music, while one of the patron interjects and says he is interested but he wants to finish the fight they were having.

As everyone resumes fighting, a dark figure approaches them. A 7'8 towering figure, Cannoneer, makes his way towards Willem and Durgl. Someone bumps into him and he throws the man away from him. A small girl, Elsa, emerges from the man and takes nest on him. The dark figure says he is interested in joining and grabs someone and tells him to run. Durgl hops on Willem's shoulder and the little girl quips if Durgl is interested in a fighting. The dark figure says he is a capable fighter while the little girl is a little magician who can teleport. The figure says he does not understand her magic and offers to buy them a drink. He says if they can handle 25 drinks and runs over several other people. Someone tries to punch Willem amid the brawl and he breaks his fist due to Willem's heavy armor.

They notice another man who is heavily tattooed. He is clearly ex-Navy and gives them a drink. He introduces himself as Thorf and gives Cannoneer a large keg of ale. He asks if Willem and Durgl are willing to fight, says he knows they are looking for a crewmate, and says he can be their cannon man. He asks if they need a storm sorcerer and an enchanter. He tells them there is a storm sorcerer on the floor below and warns them that she has killed many people. Willem thanks Thorf for the information and agrees to recruit Cannoneer and Elsa. Cannoneer assures them that if there is a competition, he can fight them. He says that the storm sorcerer is very pretty.

Before they are about to go downstairs, they meet a bartender who tells them if they are willing to enter a fighting match for money. The ticketmaster nearly slips that what they are about to join are the Stormlords. He says if they can persuade the fighters to join the crew with their words, they do not need to fight them. The ticketmaster insists that they are not joining the Stormlords.

As Pravuil, Vidro, and Flynn head back to the ship, they learn that Flynn is a gravitational wizard. He clarifies that sorcerers are born with magical powers while wizards are learned magicians. Flynn decides to read as they wait for the rest of the other crewmates of Akula's Friends reconvene. Pravuil talks about his god to Flynn. Later on, Vidro and Flynn have a fruitful discussion about artificer topics. Flynn is curious about Vidro's weaponsmithing abilities.

Egor, an otter whom Lockwood and Zosteif talk to

Lockwood and Zosteif meet an otter who is studying at the library. He is reading a book "How to Sneak Into Libraries" and Lockwood says that she could give that book to Lara. The otter tells them that Lara is annoying and cuckoo, but that her father is a big man. He says that the father is a bugbear and is Lara's adoptive father. Lara's parents were killed and she is orphan who was a reject. He says that she was the biggest failure, talentless, and that they are better off not taking her. Lockwood remains hopeful about Lara. The otter also tells them about two potential candidates for their crew. One of them is very serious and the other is a warlock who is into voodoo magic ("freaky lady"). They decide to speak to both of them. When Lockwood tries to ask the otter's name, he takes offense and says that otters do not have names, but then admits it is "Egor". He says that is real fast and is learning how to be sneaky. Egor wants to know why they came to him and they fumble their words as he accuses them of stereotyping him due to his appearance.

The creepy warlock lady who Lockwood and Zosteif encounter

Back at the Black Ink Tavern, Willem and Durgl enter the Ring of Doom, a basement room below the tavern, and witness cheering crowds around a circular, dirt pit stage, surrounded with a metal dome. A blue spark of lightning bolts out of the dome which is met by louder cheers. They notice someone writing on a chalkboard to record bets. Willem asks him who the sorcerer is and he replies that her name is Azula. He tells Willem if he wants to talk to Azula, he must enter the fight within two minutes. The man warns him that it is dangerous but Willem decides to go into the match. Before Willem and Durgl enters the match, he tells them if they have written wills to offer, they should give it to him now. Willem and Durgl discuss how they should fight Azula and win the match. Willem gives high command to Durgl to help him in need. Durgl offers to help Willem by being near the edge of the circle with some supportive spell abilities and play some music through bardic inspiration. Willem confirms with Durgl that his spellcasting will not be immediately traceable or obvious. The guard then ushers them into the match.

They pay 400 gold to gain admission into the fight. Once the two enter the stage, Willem sneaks pass 200 gold to Durgl. The announcer introduces Captain Willem and no one cheers, and then introduces Azula, the crowd favorite. The gloomy thunderstorm emerges above the stage and they see a pearl, white-haired woman take front stage. She notices Willem is wearing metal armor. Willem says he wants to speak with her and tries to reason with her. He tells her that they are looking for a crew and is honest with her. He tells her if she is willing to surrender, they will split the pot winnings and she can join them to go to the Dreamwell. Azula rebuffs him and tells Willem if he knows about the Stormlord. She insults Willem as a captain who does not really plan anything. She zaps someone who shouts from the crowd who says they want to see a fight. Azula says she does not want to lose and does not want to join a crew led by a captain she can defeat. She says they are in a bind but offers a deal with him. She says if Willem can give her the Stormlord's head, she will join them on the Dreamwell. The storm subsides and she says that she quits. Everyone is shocked and the only person who betted on Willem wins large earning bets. The crowd is not happy while Willem and Durgl leave the stage. Willem quickly tells Azula to meet them at the SS Friend. Their names are inscribed in a plaque declaring them champions. They win 26,000 gold and head back to the ship.

Unnamed triton-wielding man who shows indifference to Lockwood's recruitment efforts

Zosteif and Lockwood make their way to talk to the warlock. They notice she is surrounded by totems and Lockwood inquires about them. She asks if they are interested in being tested on by her totems. Lockwood accepts while Zosteif is hesitant. The warlock holds up an item and asks Lockwood for her blood. Lockwood asks if she can give her a substitute and the warlock asks if she is scared. Lockwood is not sure if it is practical to cut herself but asks if there are any other rituals that do not involve body mortification. The warlock says there is not and says she does not ever go to school. Zosteif cuts to the chase and tells her that they are looking for a sailsmaster or magician. Lockwood tells the warlock that they are looking for the Dreamwell. She warns them that she is on the "spookier side" and that is scared away many of her exes. She says she is good at curses. Lockwood does not believe she is a good fit due to her "bad vibes" and the warlock does not take offense to it. The warlock is happy to hear that they seem scared of her and wants to follow them. Lockwood regrets her decision while Zosteif asks if the warlock knows anything about the triton-wielding man. The warlock says she does and Lockwood offers to pay her to leave them alone. The warlock says that she does not care about money and that she will remember their faces. They back away slowly and leave her presence. They approach the man with the triton spear who is reading. Lockwood asks if the man is involved with any curses and the man does not seem to enjoy talking much. Lockwood explain that they are looking for someone who can sail a ship. The man says that he is good at sailing a ship and asks who told them about him. He asks what they have to offer and Lockwood says they can offer "friendship". Uninterested, he says he has six offers from other crews and asks if he can be paid at least 300 gold a week. Zosteif stabs his book and demands to lower the offer to 200 gold or more accomodating. He rebuffs it as an indication that the crew does not have the funds to offer him. He does not care that they are going to the Dreamwell as others are also going. He says that the highest offer is 250 gold and he says he must become the champion of his god. He says he is sworn to secrecy regarding his god. Zosteif tells him that the captain and doctor also are faithful servants of their god. Lockwood expresses skepticism. The man asks if there are anyone who follows a god and questions what if the captain's god is different from his own god. Lockwood pulls Zosteif aside and expresses doubt about the man. They decide to settle for Lara ultimately.

Willem and Durgl returns to the ship to meet Flynn and Reyen. Flynn offers his credentials to Willem and tells him that he is academically blacklisted. Captain Willem informs him that he too has been blacklisted by the Navy. Reyen introduces himself and says although he is an old man, he is a great magician and says he is looking to explore the Labyrinth of Magnus. If he is led there, he is forever indebted and he knows his way with the seas. He did find the key to the labyrinth and his old crew took it from him. He is not looking for revenge but if it happens twice, he says he would be a fool. He asks if he finds the key, he asks if he can keep it for himself. Willem introduces Cannoneer and Elsa, and also tells them about Azula. Cannoneer says that Elsa stays with him as the master gunner. He warns them that her magic is unstable and cast random fireballs but assures them that he can take care of that. Reyen says that Elsa is a wild mage and that wild mages are generally risky for ships due to their instability. Willem does not seem to mind.

Markello, the father of Lara

Lockwood and Zosteif try to find Lara again and see Lara thrown out of the library again. Lara starts walking away and Lockwood flags her down. Lara is about to enter into a shop which is called Markello's Marvel Collection and turns around. Lockwood offers her a proposition to Lara. Lockwood says she wants to give Lara a chance and an apprenticeship on the ship. She says that they need to talk to her father and not to tell him that they are pirates. She tells them that her father is the shop owner. They go inside and Lara tells Markello that she has an "internship". Lockwood lies to Markello and says that the crew are "merchants". She tells them that they are not part of the navy and that they believe in friendship, alongside self-discovery. Lockwood tells Markello that Lara has never been given an opportunity. Markello tells Lara to do an errand. Once Lara is gone, Markello tells Lockwood that ever since Lara's mother passed away, she has never been the same. Markello says if they can offer Lara be safe, he will trust them. Lockwood reassures him that while she cannot guarantee her safety, she will ensure her to come home safely in all her power, including her own life. Lara comes back and tells Markello that she dropped the crate she was supposed to deliver. Markello gives his approval and Lara goes off to fetch her belongings. Markello says if Lara is happy, then he offers everything in his store half off. Lockwood promises that once they return after a few months, Lara will be a changed girl. Markello asks to have a moment to speak with Zosteif. Markello says that he is aware that Zosteif is a changeling and says that if she needs to find a reason about what is going on, he will be of assistance. Zosteif feigns that she does not know what he is talking about. Meanwhile, Lockwood warns Lara that there may be things that can be dangerous when joining the pirate crew. Lockwood warns her that not everyone on the crew will like Lara. Lockwood reassures that she will never get angry at Lara as long as she tries. They then return to the ship.

Once Zosteif, Lockwood, and Lara arrive to the ship, Lara salutes the captain. She clarifies that she is not an octopus but a semic-hybrid. Lockwood introduces Lara to the crew and admits that she is not ready to fulfill any role yet but is a willing apprentice. The rest of the crew introduces themselves including Cannoneer and Elsa. Azula then makes her appearance and says she does not need permission to board the ship. She scans everyone, making quiet observational glances, and is fine with the crew. Before she is able to eye a room for her own, Reyen says that he already claimed the cabin. Reyen offers a compromise and wager with Azula regarding the cabins. Azula believes she deserves a fitting room and Willem says that the first mate's cabin is available. Lockwood and Flynn recognize each other from their time at the Center of Research and Academics, including Flynn's exile. The labyrinth is brought up and Reyen explains that many have been drawn to it and have become permanently insane. He says that there is a relic called the Apple of Eden at the end of labyrinth that there were two gods who fell in love. One of the god left the other and the abandoned goddess created a relic to reverse a regretful action that she had done. He is certain that the Apple of Eden exists and he is looking to obtain it. Lockwood explains that she is looking for explorers who have not been seen for a time but are possibly in the Dreamwell or the Labyrinth. Zosteif explains that she wishes a wish to be granted revenge. Vidro says that he does not really have a grand plan. Cannoneer asks the captain if he has honor and his goal. Willem says he is looking for God. Durgl says he is looking for the Golden Ribbit, a special saxophone that is special to the Grungs. Reyen says he can find it. He asks about the truth of the Dreamwell and what lies eastward, and Pravuil tells him about his god and knowledge.

Post-recruitment[edit | edit source]

Now that it is sunset, everyone recesses and has free time on their hands. Willem talks to Azula about the Stormlord and their winnings. Azula reassures that Willem that she will never leave as long as the Stormlord's bounty head is never out of sight. Pravuil takes Vidro for a drink at the bar. Flynn tells Captain Willem that he is interested in the vault and that he can upgrade the crystals which are fitted in the room. Willem suggests to move the sentinels out of the vault and to have them located elsewhere on the ship.

At 9 PM, Lockwood goes to Lara's cabin and notices all of the pictures Lara is putting up, which includes her father. Lockwood talks to Lara what she had heard from Lara's father regarding her mother. She says that her mother passed away a long time ago and had gotten sick. She says she had always wanted her to go out and explore. Lara and her mother were very close. She admits she does not know how to move on from that loss. Lockwood confesses that she have had not such a loss in her life but that she is willing to be the motherly figure to Lara and help cultivate Lara's skills. She will train Lara to steer the wheel.

Vidro, Pravuil, Zosteif, Durgl, and Flynn go down to one of the port taverns to drink. They have a couple of drinks there and talk about Vidro's relationship issues, especially his blunder with Diana. They listen to Reyen tell his tall tales.

Commander Saber offers Willem to recruit Akula's Friends on a contractual basis

Cannoneer, Elsa, Willem, and Azula remain on the ship. An armored, older man approaches the ship and wishes to speak the captain. Willem invites the man to the captain's quarters. He introduces himself Commander Saber and offers a contract with Captain Willem based on a campaign. He says that they have two fronts they are dealing with, including the other pirate crews. He says they are looking to hire pirate crews to assist them, including illegal activities Commander Saber's men cannot undertake. Alternately, Commander Saber offers to hire them to go eastward. The commander says that the Reapers' price is too high and that all of this should be strictly confidential. Willem expresses skepticism about if his crew would be willing to fight but he says he may want to start off at an entry-level contract. Saber is willing to give them missions on a per mission contractual basis and to award the crew handsomely in funds. They agree to the terms. Commander Saber then walks off the ship. The captain then takes the time to pray.

While Vidro is drinking, he feels talons on his shoulder and sees that a message has been dropped for him. He whisks away to an alley. He later returns to the tavern.

The portside is much livelier at night. Durgl says he would like to see Diana at the Seashore Shanties. Reyen tells Durgl and Vidro that Diana's father is named Dmitry Darathyon. Reyen points out Diana and Maddy to Durgl. When he sees Vidro returns, Reyen and Durgl tries to hype up Vidro in front of the girls. Vidro attempts again to rizz up Diana.

While most of the crew is drinking at the tavern, the captain continues to pray as he faces the outward ocean. He feels the sea breeze and keeps the prayer simplistic.

Lockwood goes to do errands and tries to find books for Lara to read in the night markets. She specifically wants to find books on how to sail. She talks with a merchant and says that she could come back tomorrow first thing in the morning to one of the nearby bookstores. He offers her to take a look at his collection of pendants and gemstones. Lockwood decides to purchase a sapphire and send it back to her parents in Port Royal to let them know that she is alive and well.

Zosteif, Pravuil, and Durgl tries to coax Vidro to drink more. Vidro drinks and he begins to saunter towards Diana and Maddy. Vidro apologizes about Pravuil's earlier conduct with Maddy and wishes to speak with Diana. Maddy asks if Diana is comfortable with this and she says she is. Maddy warns that if she makes Diana uncomfortable or gets too close, she will cut off Vidro's hands. Meanwhile, Durgl approaches the trio and introduces himself to Maddy. They converse and take interest with one another. Durgl asks about her swordplay and she tells him if he is looking for a Coven member to hire to fight. Diana says that she finds grungs very cute and is interested in his race. Meanwhile, Vidro tries to talk to Diana. He asks if she is looking for something different. He asks if she is interested in finding adventure much like her sister, Allie. Diana says she does and Vidro offers her a chance to join the crew. Zosteif tries to pickpocket Vidro but Maddy notices and catches Zosteif in the act, passively alerting Vidro. Lockwood notices Vidro and Diana are talking and pretends she is a bartendress. Maddy sees through Lockwood's ruse and calls her out. She then hears a voice in her head and says that is a wizard who cast a spell on her. The voice tells her that they must leave. Vidro tells Diana before she leaves that the chance to see the Dreamwell is always open. Vidro goes back to Zosteif and asks why she tried to rob him. Everyone agrees that Vidro's meeting with Diana was a success. Durgl suggests that they have one last drink before they part from the tavern.

A patron loudly proclaims that he has had an excellent drink on a ship called the Slorp Gorp. Durgl is intrigued and the rest of the crew present decide to find this ship. Everyone goes to their rooms after returning from the tavern. As everyone drifts off to sleep, Willem sees visions in his mind. As the last thing he remembers is the feeling of the comfort of the blankets and pillows that called him to the dream, he feels himself almost floating. A cold liquid that is chilled to the touch envelopes him and he finds himself underwater. A dark greenish tint with the sunlight peaking through, below him is a dark void. He feels a presence below calling to him. He can feel himself to move around and does not have trouble breathing. He swims downward before he sees an orb floating in the water, with the colors of red and black, with shadow flame whirling around it. He then hears a voice from the trenches below. "Consume", it says. He has heard this voice before. He tries to grab the orb. "I have seen you. I will continue to look. North. Head...north." Before he is able to grab the orb, it whisks away. "Not yet. Soon." Willem asks if the voice can hear him. He starts to swim back up and knows that he must head north. As he ascends, he notices three figures sinking. He sees that one of the three that sinks is the commander who looks pale and dead. The second is a recruit who was jealous of Willem. The third, he notices the hair and see the female figure, who turns out to be Maren, who is sinking below. He tries to swim and grab Maren, but Maren is motionless and lifeless. He tries to swim up with Maren, the skyline continues to expand infinitely above him. "Sacrifice." He wakes up from this dream and water shoots out, flooding parts of the cabin. He gets up and tries to catch his breath and finds that he is not wounded. He talks aloud to see if he is back in reality. He decides to get up and get changed. He sees the morning sun peaks through and goes outside to see who is awake. He finds Vidro meditating. Vidro notices that Willem seems groggy and slightly distressed. The captain gives him a thumbs up.

Before Willem woke up, Vidro was meditating when he sees Lockwood getting ready to purchase books for Lara at around 5 AM. It is raining. After Lockwood left, Vidro continued meditating before Willem came out. Reyen also wakes up. The captain tells his awoken crewmates to be back by midday. Vidro tells the captain that the crew should upgrade the ship and make use of the map. Vidro decides to go talk to Flynn. Zosteif is training in her room while Durgl continues to sleep in the greenhouse. Vidro notices that Flynn is up. Flynn mentions he is up early because of his elfhood, much like Vidro. Vidro tells him that the captain believes that there should be ship upgrades. Vidro asks if Flynn needs anymore material.

Lockwood makes it to the bookstore. She steps into the shop and notices customers buying scrolls. 6-foot creatures with tusks walking around take notice of Lockwood. One of the creatures offer Lockwood scrolls that offer different properties such as damage and spells. One of the scrolls offered is only 30 gold pieces. He offers one that prevents drowning but Lockwood is not much convinced. The creature decides to offer two scrolls for the price of 40 gold pieces. Lockwood relents and also inquires about some of the other books lying around. She decides to take all of the books being presented to her for 5 gold each. She then leaves the shop and goes to the blacksmith.

Captain Willem decides that they should have a meeting once more before midday. After midday, the crew will depart as their last day in the Bay of Atlas draws near to an end. Durgl wakes up and starts to play music. Captain Willem brings up the agenda which includes inquiry about Shark Fin Isle. He also reports that the Navy seeks to recruit the crew on a contractual basis. He also brings up the Labyrinth of Madness. During their meeting, Lara comes in and asks where Lockwood is. The crew insists that Lara stays put instead of trying to find Willem. Reyen comes back mid-meeting. The captain asks if Reyen could do anything about the teleportation circle. Reyen explains the mechanics behind the circle and says he must be present and has a scroll to use the teleportation magic. Captain Willem says he is interested in using it in case to bring Lockwood back should any important developments occur before midday.

Lockwood heads to Brogar's Armory. She notices a dragonborn working at the armory. Lockwood asks if there are any versatile weapons such as machetes. She decides to buy one of the machetes for 5 gold. She also asks about the armor but decides not to buy anymore. She decides to head back but before she reaches the ship, she notices a stable of horses. She is interested and decides to visit the stable and takes note of the beautiful horses there. The horse breeder offers to sell the horses to Lockwood. Lockwood says she does not know how to horse ride but the horse breeder offers to give her riding lessons. Lockwood decides to buy books about horse riding instead, but the horse breeder gives her the books for free, hoping to see Lockwood again in about a month.

Reyen reports to the captain that there is contract work to be found at all the tavern. The captain decides that Lockwood should do some research into the island. Zosteif, as the bosun, is taken to take a look at the inventory. Reyen returns with three possible missions to do for the crew. The three missions are as follows:

  1. There is a downed ship called the "Run Runners Isle". If the crew heads south for X amount of nautical miles and then west, there is a downed ship that the crew can recover the lost belongings to Atlas. (Takes about a month-long journey, reward is 4000 gold and more per chest uncovered)
Part of the world of Atlas now revealed after Lockwood and Zosteif retrieve maps to complete Reyen's own mapping
  1. There has been a large shark with a bounty on its head to be killed as it has been attacking ships.
  2. There is a delivery run to Apolis which includes the transportation of fine wine and silks.

Vidro suggests that the crew does the delivery run to Apolis. Reyen says that Lockwood should look for more maps to improve the crew's navigation skills. Captain Willem reports that the current balance for the pirate is approximately 300 gold. Captain Willem instructs Lockwood and Zosteif to go into the vault, take the gold, and to buy maps. They later make their way into the town and enter a cartography shop. Upon stepping in, they notice customers purchasing maps. As they browse the shop, they notice a young-looking elven woman who is talking to one of the shop workers. She is accompanied by naval soldiers who are standing on guard. The woman is carrying a large scroll and tells Lockwood and Zosteif not to mind the soldiers. The woman says that she is a navigator and one of the soldiers boldly proclaims that the woman is the prime navigator of the Navy. Lockwood declines to sell her maps to the woman. The woman leaves and then Lockwood inquires the shopkeeper if they have any maps they are willing to offer. The shopkeeper unravels a bundle of maps that could be bought for 300 gold. They accept the offer and the pair bring the maps back to the ship. They come back with new information, which includes Flynn's map and reveals a new section of the world map known to the crew.

Session Three[edit | edit source]

(OOC: During the events of Session Two, the following event happened to Marem and Akula.)

Akula and Marem appear in a room that is luxurious with fine food laid out. There are random assortments of clocks. They see the mechanical figure which whisked away approach them. The figure apologizes to them and tells them that they must remain here for the time being. It admits that it has kidnaped them but is willing to give them a gift. Akula accepts the gift and notices two pocket watches which has stopped. The figure says it is willing to offer one truth to them for one minute if one of the pocket watch is touched.

Akula asks for the figure's name. The figure says that its name is unknown and Akula bestows it the name: "Akula's Friend". Marem decides to recline on the couch while Akula decides to eat everything on the banquet table. After time has passed, they eventually hear the shifting of the clocks. "Your time has come." The fireplace in the room goes dark and the figure reappears and tells them that it is their time to finally return to the world. It reassures them before they leave that in the future, it may kidnap the other crewmates for their safety. They give the figure a fistbump and the two are teleported back to the deck of the Friend ship. They immediately notice everyone including new faces.

Captain Willem notices them and welcomes them back. Cannoneer approaches Akula and tells him that he likes him because they are both large. Akula notices Elsa and greets her. She teleports to him and grapples on to his fins. Lara approaches Maren and introduces herself but Maren runs away. Reyen introduces himself to Akula but Akula mispronounces his name as "Ran". Reyen messes Akula and calls him "Ak". He calls himself the "prime magician" and performs a trick for Akula on the shark's insistence. He gives him a card and tells him to keep it but Akula eats it.

Flynn introduces himself to Akula and Maren. He says that he is the shipwright and asks if Akula has artificer tools on him. Akula finally realizes that there are now three artificers as Ryul is also an artificer. Flynn assures the two that he can help them with anything related to the ship. Lara asks what her position is again and says she is the "intern" for the sails. Akula welcomes her. Lara says that she has figured out that the wheel can move either two directions and so she will only mess up about half the time. Cannoneer (or "Canon") says his name was originally Ralphgar but it is his people's custom to change names. Willem says that Azula is not very sociable so they should not expect to see her. The captain asks for Zosteif to give him the map to present to the crew.

Flynn tells Akula that Shark Fin Isle obtained its name due to its geographic feature of mountains which look like the fin of a shark. He says that there are allegedly dinosaurs who roam there. Lockwood recalls that there is a tribe of people who lived there. Captain Willem asks for Durgl to fetch Azula. Ryul asks how long it will take to reach the isle. Lockwood says that it takes about three weeks to take to get there and then another three weeks to get back. There are two weeks of prepared rations and a week of unprepared rations. Flynn shows Akula the kitchen.

Azula arrives on deck and Maren clutches onto Captain Willem. Azula notices Akula and introduces herself as the storm sorcerer or the "real magician on the ship". Willem introduces Maren to Azula and stutters, appearing fluttered. Willem insists that nothing happened between him and Azula, while Durgl retells the story of what happened. Reyen approaches Zosteif and asks about the ship inventory. He tells her what the role of the bosun is and she does an inventory check. Akula offers to teach Zosteif how to make pancakes while Zosteif tells him to worry less about her and more about himself. Everyone then gets into position and the captain tells Lockwood to pay special attention on Lara.

Reyen asks the captain if they should place an order for the banner. Akula offers a picture of his face on the flag. The only rule the captain insists is that the flag is "neutral" and can be a generic shark design. Pravuil decides to go with Akula. Soon, other crewmates decide to follow including the captain, Zosteif, Maren, and Durgl. Vidro and Lockwood is left behind with the other crewmates.

The tiefling worker

The crewmates find their way to a large, tailored fashion place: Logon's Fashion Shop. Durgl keeps bringing up what has happened between the captain and Azula. The crewmates step in the store and they sense that the establishment is high-end and its patrons are well-dressed with exact measurements and ties. Zosteif is reminded of her past. There are rows and columns of various fashion materials and mannequins. A tiefling approaches them and welcomes himself. She says that there are unkempt but nonetheless insists that she can make them all stylish. The tiefling shifts into a clone of Durgl. He says that he can take perfect measurements. Captain Willem tells him that they want a banner that bears Akula's likeness. The tiefling shifts into Akula. Akula gets mildly agitated at the sight of the tiefling's shark form but does not attack him. The tiefling shifts back and offers to sell them anything. Akula recommends that the banner looks friendly and welcoming. Zosteif decides to purchase costumes for a man and a woman from the tiefling.

Willem asks if the tiefling has any hat on sale. He also asks a hat for Maren. He asks for dark blue and black hats made of leather. The tiefling asks if the two are a couple and when they confirm, the tiefling offers to give them a couple discount. Akula asks if the captain can get another discount due to his "relationship" with Azula. They then purchase the hats. Since Willem is illiterate, Maren reads the sales contract and he signs.

Meanwhile on the ship, Vidro notices another ship with a sniper sitting on the crow's nest. The other sniper shoots in the air and says the job is the "most boring in the world". Vidro throws a bottle that inconceivably boomerangs around the ship. The other sniper throws another bottle back and it crashes onto the Friend. Cannoneer is taken aback and believes the ship is under attack but Vidro reassures them that it was a false alarm. Cannoneer calms down and eats the broken glass.

The captain and the rest of the crew returns and asks everyone to finally start their maiden voyage. Akula raises the anchor. Lara asks if she can take the wheel and Lockwood allows her but watches her. Everyone looks to Maren as she is the first mate. She does not know how to be a first mate so the captain decides to train her. Reyen reminds the captain that it is the law that all cannons on the ship must be pointed up until they leave the territorial waters of the city of Atlas. The sails unfurl by a quarter and Azula comes out to assist with the winds blowing the sail.

Lara surprisingly steers the ship smoothly out of the port. She drifts the ship and her pet octopus Moxy also assists with her steering. As the ship sails outward, they sail past two Navy ships. The navy asks for the name of the ship and the crew. They give the name the Friend and "Akula's Friends". The captain tells the Navy that they will heading south and the Navy grants them passage.

As they finally leave the Bay of Atlas, Durgl plays music. Lockwood congratulates Lara for her steering. Waves crash against the ship as they venture further into the open sea. Lockwood starts reading the horseback riding book. Durgl tries to make Vidro fall asleep and Reyen notices, and tells him that elves cannot be put to sleep. Zosteif climbs up the crow's nest and is prepared to pickpocket Vidro. Captain Willem notices Zosteif and asks her if she has seen any fishing poles, barrels, and nets to start fishing.

The crewmates settle into their roles as they wait out their voyage towards Shark Fin Isle. Willem teaches Maren how to sail, while Lockwood tutors Willem how to read. On the sixth night, as the sun set: Willem and Maren pray, Lockwood is watching over Lara, Vidro is working with Flynn and keeping watch, Akula is cleaning his kitchen, and Zosteif is working out. Cannoneer always goes to the mess hall and Elsa loves milkshakes. Akula makes a milkshake and gives it to Elsa. At around 1 AM, Vidro is on the watch at the crow's nest and notices the waters are very still. Vidro notices three ghostly lights, hears distant screams, and explosions. He notices the lights are being emitted from what appears to be lighthouses. Vidro alerts the captain and first mate by knocking the door. The captain and first mate awaken and the captain instructs that everyone be awoken and to come onto the top deck.

The ghostly figures

Vidro notices a bright ray of light streak across the distance and cuts through a distant ship. Vidro cries "Ship down! Light coming towards us!" Everyone on the crew can hear an eerie siren ring. The captain tells everyone to blow out the candles.

Zosteif instructs everyone to move into position while Vidro notices strange beings. They finally approach closer to the ship before a large, massive giants emerge from the water and makes contact with the ship. The creature appears to be phasing through the water and are able to teleport. All of the figures continue to phase through the ship and move past them. They wait for the creatures to move away. After the coast seems to be clear, the captain whispers to everyone that on the count of "five" to get away as fast as possible. As the ship opens the sails, they notice in the distance the creatures attack another ship.

Reyen and Flynn decide to go back to the mess hall and get a drink with Akula. Akula says he is from Mechagon and said he was brought in as a youngling at around the age of 2. The man who took him in wanted to do research on him. Akula says that he is an excellent artificer as a result of his upbringing. Akula says he cannot reveal much about the secrets of Mechagon. As Pravuil is on the deck at around 2 AM, he notices a purple-eyed raven. He recognizes it as the Vex. He watches the raven opening its beak and a woman's voice speaks. "You are going off course. You must go east." It then flies away.

Three weeks later, Vidro makes sight of land and says "Land ahead". Maren has barely remembered anything that the captain told her about her responsibilities and duties. Zosteif mentions to the captain that they must restock their inventory. Lara mentions that she is a strong swimmer because she can breathe underwater. She proposes the "ultimate diving team" consisting of her, Maren, and Akula. Cannoneer says that he hates water. There seems to be some sexual tension between Akula and Willem. Vidro notices other ships also approaching the island. Reyen suggests that they circle around the island to do some reconnaissance.

Vidro notices seagulls circling around a specific location on the island. It appears to be the bow of a ship jutting out of the ocean which has been shipwrecked. He notices two more ships converging nearby this ship. Vidro points it out to the captain and says that it is 45 degrees starboard. Captain Willem says they are not looking for a fight but plans to send the underwater swim team to approach the ship once they reach closer to it. Vidro notices that the two ships are now even closer to the wreckage. It takes about 10 minutes of more sailing before they are by the shipwreck. The ship is shifted boardside and parallel to the shipwreck. Durgl plays a

Durgl, Maren, and Akula dive down into the sea. One of the ship twists toward portside by the island. The other ship continues to move forward towards them. Lockwood notices that the other crew is on full alert and seems confrontational, but she is not sure if they are hostile or friendly. The captain asks if Cannoneer and Zosteif if they have a flare. Flynn decides to make green thermite as a makeshift flare to show the Friend's friendly intentions.

Downed ship DND.png

Vidro says he is unsure about the crew's intentions. The captain says to be on the ready. Durgl is atop Maren's shoulders and begin their swim. Akula follows them behind. Durgl is noticing the sea life and the three look below and see the downed ship. They notice swordfish chasing after other schools of fish.

The other ship's cannons point towards the Friends. Willem designates Lockwood as the fourth-in-command since the top three will not be on the ship. Cannoneer assures the captain that if the signal is sent, he will fire the cannons. They hear a voice and it announces that their captain is willing to meet them. Anradeem and Willem go on a rowboat to meet the others. Zosteif heads to the cannons, while Lockwood confers with Lara about the next plan.

Akula's nose twitches and notices a scent of blood within the water. His mind activates and senses an invisible trail of blood descending downward towards the boat. The rowboats converge. Captain Red introduces himself and Willem introduces himself as the captain of Akula's Friends. Captain Red says it appears that they both have gotten the same contract, but Willem tells them that Akula's Friends arrived first. Captain Willem inquires where Captain Red's crew originated from. Willem asks if Captain Red is familiar with the Grand Tournament and that Captain Willem and his crew were the victors. Captain Willem proposes that it will be a non-lethal duel between him and Willem. They agree to have the duel on the shore. Captain Red proposes that three of the strongest crewmates from each of their crew shall fight at the shore, while their ships are docked away. If Willem is not a man of his word, the other crewmates will be killed.

Lockwood makes sure everyone on the ship is ready to fire at a moment's notice and prepare for combat.

Akula takes notice of the ball of blood and asks Maren if they should follow it. She says yes and they decide to follow the trail. He senses the trail is moving away quickly. They encounter a trio of divers. Akula grapples one of them. Durgl tries to make the divers laugh so that they can drown. Two of the divers, with sword in hand, try to signal something downward. Akula demands that they disarm, they comply, and the diver who has been grappled is let go by Akula.

The divers try to communicate with Akula but are unable to speak audibly underwater. One of them seems to disagree with the others. Maren threatens that diver if they do not go up, she will drown them. The diver is intimidated and swims up. The underwater team decides to investigate the ship.

Willem and Pravuil return to the ship and tells them what the plan is to happen. Lara is ordered by the captain to inform the underwater swim team. Moxy takes over the steering wheel. Vidro continues to take a good look at the other ship's sniper.

The dive team notices claw marks and scratch marks outside the captain's quarters. They are trying to locate for the captain's logbook. They open the door into the captain's quarters and see that there is an assortment of items floating about including a collection of books. Akula finds the captain's ledger book and Maren notices a chest with boxes inside. One of the box has mechanical contraptions with a dragon statuette on it. She notices there is a spider web attached to the box and as she pulls it, it snaps. She signals to Akula. It appears to be of Mechagon origin. The dragon motif is not a common element however. Lara arrives and tells them that the captain is going to a duel on the shore. Maren congratulates Lara on her efforts and says that the diving team should loot the whole ship. Maren takes the box and the others continue to explore the ship. They encounter dead bodies which have dried, bloody gashes and webbing around them. Akula notices there is a husk that is making some noise and vibrating. Akula alerts the others about this and Maren says that they should ignore it and let it be the other crew's problem. As they collect and rummage the treasure, they notice that the husks have disappeared. They decide to leave quickly and notice a husk in the back of the ship floating in. The husk drifts closer and closer to the sunlight. They notice an emaciated body attached to a spider body and it says "Help me!"

Willem selects Pravuil, Zosteif, and Vidro to join him on the duel at the beach. When they meet the opposing crew, winner gets all of the loot. If anyone surrenders, they may withdraw from the duel with mercy. There is to be to no cheap blows to the genitalia or grappling of hair.

Willem sends a clone ahead of him and lands the first blow against Captain Red. He hits the other captain again from behind and tries to parry Willem. Captain Red suffers a gash from one of Willem's melee weapons. Pravuil notices one of them lifting their head, Zosteif readies to pick up their saber, and Vidro notices one of them ready their gun. Vidro warns the other gunner not to try whatever he is doing. Zosteif alerts Willem psychically about the rival crewmates' intentions. Captain Red suddenly changes his expression and maneuvers away from Willem. He is visibly enraged. "You killed one of our crewmates. You fucking dirty cheat! Get them!" Captain Red calls for his crewmates to join the fight.

Back underwater, Maren shapeshifts into a shark and slams against the spider figure. Durgl attempts to intimidate the spider figure by making a high-frequency squeal, and causing the spider to retreat, as it scurries away from the ship. As the spider is about to leave, a quick flash whisks away. They then notice three separate streams of blood emerge and they head out of the ship quickly. Suddenly, they are hit by something and take slashing pain damage as lines quickly dash around them. Akula notices a large pool of blood emerge and feels a leg stomp against his chest. He crashes against the wall of one of the ships and his eyes pulsate with red. He notices another sharkin with a hatchet. Akula is ready to fight against one of his own kind.

Lockwood and Vidro notices the commotion on the ship and ready to help their crewmates on shore. Vidro picks up two figures in his echoation powers. They begin moving their ship to the shore as Cannoneer readies the cannons. Everyone on deck readies to man the cannons and fire.

Captain Willem denies that his crew has done any wrong and smacks Captain Red down with bludgeoning damage. He does another opportunity attack with his echo power as the enemy captain is pushed back. Captain Red, greatly overwhelmed, is mortally wounded and drowns at the edge of the sea. Vidro shoots the opposing gunner while Pravuil uses a guiding bolt against one of the other crewmate. Zosteif dashes and uses her psychic blades against the other enemy crewmate.

One of the enemy crewmates attempt to retaliate and lands a blow on Vidro. An enemy crewmate attempts to attack Zosteif but misses and she slits his throat, killing him.

Maren notices the fight between Akula and the other sharkin fighting. She sees another armed sharkin who is ready to join the fight. A bubble envelopes between Akula and the enemy sharkin. He casts a thunder wave at the sharkin and electrocutes him, and is wollopped against the wall of the bubble. One of the crewmates surrenders and flees. Vidro finishes off the mortally wounded crewmate who was attacked by Pravuil.

The cannons begin to fire and barrages the enemy ship. The backside of the enemy ship explodes and begins to careen downwards into the sea.

Willem walks over to the unconscious Captain Red and mocks him, picking up his hat off the enemy captain. "It's never too late to surrender," he says intimidatingly to the other enemy crewmates. The others surrender and Willem and his crewmates loot the downed enemy ship.

Underwater, the enemy sharkin enters a state of rage, saying he was glad to have a real fight, and attempts to Akula. He is able to lands an axe blow against Akula. Durgl taunts the enemy sharkin, which enrages him. Akula takes advantage of the distraction and uses his javelin to jab the sharkin. The sharkin's muscle expands in rage against the javelin's blade and takes only half-damage. Akula casts a catapult spell on the javelin and is able to land another blow on the sharkin. Durgl gets slashing damage from the enemy sharkin. He casts a terrifying song to psychologically torment the enemy sharkin, causing the sharkin to retreat. Akula pursues the fleeing sharkin and lands a blow on the enemy sharkin. He grapples the enemy sharkin and bites him. The sharkin, nearing lethal damage, swims even faster away. Akula continues to give chase for about an hour. During this hour, Maren, Durgl, and Lara return back with their plunder and one of the grappled divers. The diver is ordered to be tied up by the mast until he regains consciousness.

The diving crew resurfaces and Maren reports that Akula has swam off, pursuing an enemy sharkin. Reyen communicates with Akula to tell him to return back to the crew but Akula assures him that he will return. Pravuil notices Durgl is greatly wounded and Cannoneer takes him to the infirmary to be seen by the doctor. Maren presents the crew the box the team recovered from the ship. Vidro and Flynn investigate the box.

During Akula's pursuit of the enemy sharkin, he attempts to throw two of his weapons and is able to land one of them. He is able to neutralize the sharkin, catch up to him, and says "There can only be one" as he takes one deep bite against the enemy's neck and decapitates him.

Once most of the crew has reassembled, they begin to take notice of Rum Runner's Isle. Lockwood explains the crew a few options of what to do for travel. Captain Willem begins the interrogation of Captain Red and the other diver. Pravuil is able to heal Durgl. Lara retells the story of what transpired below. She was also gravely wounded but has an initial adrenaline rush. Pravuil is able to heal Lara as well. Lara talks to Lockwood as Pravuil tends to Lara's wounds. Azula emerges and asks what has happened.

Durgl wakes up the prisoners by licking them. The captain wakes up and is baffled that he has lost. Willem explains that his crew did not kill anyone prior to the duel. Captain Red demands he return to his ship but Captain Willem informs him that the ship has already been sunk. He refuses to go down with the ship and is opposed to dying. Willem proposes that he be taken with Maren to go down the downed ship. If Captain Red is able to swim back up, he will be given the chance to be saved. Captain Willem does a prayer as they prepare to lower Captain Red, who is tied up, underwater. They plunge him down to 90 feet below the surface. He drowns after swimming for about 20 feet. As Maren watches Captain Red drown, she notices a red light shine out of Captain Red's chest. An intangible spirit floats out and spirals to another direction.

Back on deck, Azula asks if the crew will go to Rum Runner's or Shark Fin. Lockwood warns Azula about Captain Willem's intentions, although Azula is not sure what she means.

Akula returns to the ship and brings the captain the ledger book the underwater team recovered.

Flynn and Vidro talk as they tinker with the box. Flynn tells Vidro about someone he knows named Akira and how he must go save Flynn's people. Vidro is able to save the puzzle box and presents their discovery to the crew. A song emanates from the box and a voice says "This is Akira. We need you sooner than later. If you cannot find him, the beacon can guide you." Durgl recognizes the music piece comes from Swiftwind Village. As they continue tinkering with the box, a hologram shoots out and sees the crew's exact position on a map. The map navigates to a village on the crest of a mountaintop.

They decide to sail for Rum Runner's Isle. Reyen says that the isle is a neutral zone where there are various ships with allegiances to crews such as the Ruby Queen. All pirate disputes may not occur on the shores, even against enemy crews. Reyen warns Captain Willem that although pirates do not care about rules half of the time and that he is willing to go against the local rules in Rum Runner's Isles, it is still not recommended.

Akula's Friends dock on the port of Rum Runner's Isle. They are met by an influx of seagulls, some of which land on the ship. They encounter a ship which inquires their state of business being in the island and allow them through. They see six other boats with the Ruby Queen's flags, as well some belonging to the Stormlords, some with the Merchant Alliance, and some generic Jolly Roger flags. They notice buildings on the island and take notice of a large marketplace. They hear chatter to the left as they see some deckhand lift up a fresh catch of a monster fish. The men cut up the fish and offer it meat to those interested in buying.

Captain Willem orders that 300 gold be placed in the vault. Cannoneer suggests that they obtain healing potions. Most of the crew decide to go shopping for supplies. Akula inquires to Zosteif how much rations they need and she explains to him the current situation. Cannoneer tells Zosteif that the majority of the canons are intact.

Captain Willem goes fishing while Maren assists, hooking some fish onto his fishing line. He is able to catch some trout.

Vidro asks the guard where the merchants and tells his crewmates that he is going to check out a local tavern. Pravuil goes to an apothecary. Akula offers to stay with Zosteif but she dashes off. Durgl follows Akula. Zosteif goes into an alleyway and is about to shift but realizes she does not have men's clothing. She returns back to Akula and Durgl.

Pravuil enters an apothecary building and notices a bunch of potions. He notices an old goblin who welcomes him. Pravuil tries to haggle with the goblin but is unable to, ultimately purchasing 10 potions for 80 gold.

Akula, Durgl, and Zosteif go to the monster fish and tries to buy some meat. There is jerky, steak, ribs, and sausage. Akula decides to find a better deal after trying to haggle with the fishmonger. Zosteif is looking to sell some of the loot that the crew got.

Willem and Maren notice a large ship with two wheels on either side. They notice that the ship is metallic filled with cogs and bears the banner of Mechagon. They notice that the crew is full of robotic-looking individuals and a captain barking orders at them. Willem greets them and the Mechagon member asks if he could have Maren. Willem says no because she is a fellow crewmate but Maren takes offense that he did not declare that she was his wife.

Meanwhile, Durgl notices puddles of slime near one of the store they are approaching. They notice an armored grung who is shocked to see Durgl. Durgl says he is from the Red Tribe while the grung was mixed between the Yellow and Blue tribe. The grung presents a frothy bottle of Slorp Glorp. He gives it to Durgl but realizes that since he is part of the Red Tribe, they are very addictive to it.

Zosteif offers the jewelry, a musket, and a saber to sell to the grung. He offers a "friend and family discount" by giving them 700 gold for everything they have. He hands them seven pockets of gold. Zosteif says they still need to get additional general purpose rations, cannonballs, and books. They go to a bookstore and greeted by a bookkeeper. He offers them various books including some on cartography and his mother's recipe book. He gives the recipe book for free to Akula. Durgl negotiates with the bookkeeper and agrees to give them his books for 60 gold when they return if they become return customers.

Vidro heads to the tavern. He notices several people and sees a moose sitting. He notices he stands up and starts serving others. Vidro approaches him and the moose introduces himself as the tavern's owner. Vidro inquires about the island and asks about the cases of alcohol for sale. He asks if he has noticed anyone of interest recently. Vidro tries to draw the description of the Swiftwind man that Flynn had told him about. The innkeeper says the man was darker-skinned with a green kimono and was half-balding, and named Sasuke. Sasuke was from Swiftwind and was able to escape an enemy ship beacon, and sunk the ship singlehandedly. He describes the man as one who abides by the Ronin Code, had come to the tavern, and was reportedly safe. Vidro thanks him for the information.

As Akula, Pravuil, Zosteif, and Durgl return to the ship, Akula notices the crewmates are from Mechagon. Vidro also returns and once everyone is back on the ship, they report their supplies to the captain. They notice that Willem and Maren is in the midst of a marital dispute. Vidro tells the captain about his knowledge regarding Sasuke. Lara asks what is going on between the captain and the first mate. She tells him not to make a move on her and Willem assures her not because he hardly interacts with her, and interacts with Lockwood more. Marem misinterprets this and takes offense, believing Willem to be a player.

One week later, the crew approaches the island. One night, people on the deck observe light dust emerge in the night sky. It begins to fall, almost like snow, and it descends as twinkling starlets. It shines intensely before dissipating immediately. Reyen notices it and tells Vidro to wake up and to come down. He also wakes up Pravuil and Durgl. Reyen calls the weather phenomena as a starfall. He says whenever a star crashes down, some of the dust particles emitted can grant wishes. Durgl begins to play romantic music while Akula tries to serenade Captain Willem. He offers Maren a glass and thanks everyone for trying to make the night beautiful for the two of them. Flynn says he was nervous to join the crew but said everyone has been welcoming. Willem mentions that they should also bring Azula up as everyone on the crew needs to be here. Flynn asks for everyone's motivations. Cannoneer says he is going to the Dreamwell to find Elsa's parents. Her parents went missing about a year ago. Zosteif reveals that she also wants to have her wish granted. Reyen brings Azula up and says that he caught her looking out of the galley. She offers a toast: "To the Stormlord's head". Everyone on the crew is confused about what Azula means that and they look to the captain. Captain Willem tells how he made a pact with Azula. He seems to not really understand the importance of the Stormlord while Vidro and Reyen immediately understands. Reyen explains that the Stormlord leads a ruthless faction and is not to be trifled with. He takes "two eyes for one".

Azula reveals why she has a vendetta against the Stormlord. She says that her father worked for the Stormlord. When her father defied the Stormlord, he kidnapped her sister, enslaved her, and forced her to murder their father. Reyen reminds Azula that the crew is not strong enough to go against the Stormlord.

Reyen, hearing everyone's motivations, talks about the other factions about in Atlas. He says that the Navy is quite corrupt and has a political struggle against Parliament.

Pravuil experiments with his potions and is able to turn one into a legendary healing potion. Akula cooks a fine meal for everyone.

They finally get to the island and Lara successfully anchors the ship. Azula asks Captain Willem who will be exploring the island and who stays on the ship. He asks Reyen and Azula to move the ship to a more concealed location. He offers Vidro and Pravuil one charge and scroll of sending which allows one to communicate to someone they have seen or known for about 20 words.

The main crew begins their exploration of the island.

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