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Tim Allen
Tim Allen cropped.jpg
Member of the K.S. House of Commons for San Francisco's 3rd district
In office
October 18, 2010 – November 12, 2018
Monarch Elizabeth II
Preceded by Martha Towers
Succeeded by Lewis Eisenburg
Personal details
Timothy Allen Dick

(1953-06-13) June 13, 1953 (age 69)
Flag of Plumas.svg New Rotterdam, Plumas, Kingdom of Sierra
Political party Royalist Party of Sierra (2015).svg Royalist
Spouse(s) Jane Hajduk (since 2006)
Children 2
Residence Porciúncula
Alma mater University of San Francisco
Occupation Politician
Religion Protestantism

Timothy Alen Dick (born June 13, 1953), known professionally as Tim Allen, is a Sierran politician who served as a member of the House of Commons representing the 3rd parliamentary district from San Francisco from 2010 until 2018.

A member of the Royalist Party, Allen was notable for being the only member of the San Francisco Royalists to hold a seat in San Francisco's House of Commons delegation prior to his retirement and ran as a moderate Royalist. Ideologically speaking, Allen held conservative liberal and laissez-faire positions. He was known for his vocal support for Jackson Albert Lee as leader of the San Francisco Royalists and was critical of Benjamin Grant when he was elected party leader in 2014. In the 2017 gubernatorial election, Allen supported George Carrol of the Libertarian Party as a protest vote. News of this caused major controversy which lead to him losing support and ultimately losing his seat to Eisenberg.

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