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The timeline of the voidworld spans thousands of years and is divided into several eras. The year zero was set by the Golden Empire right after the construction of Fundamentum on Krag. As such, events that occured before it's founding are noted as "BF" (Before Fundamentum) and events that happened afterwards are noted as "AF" (After Fundamentum). Years with multiple events that occur at different times have said events listed independently and ordered from least to most recent.

Age of Ignorance[edit | edit source]

  • 1011 BF: Erebus, formerly a Human wizard from the Embers, ascends into a voidform, beating his rivals into ascending to a higher form of consciousness.
  • 992 BF: Erebus begins creating the Nyx and designing his descent to the material world, contrary to the wishes of his kin.

Age of Darkness[edit | edit source]

  • 940 BF: Beginning of the Age of Darkness. The Nyx ascendancy invades the material plane, conducting it's first operations on civilized worlds.
  • 946 BF: First Nyx settlements are built.
  • 943 BF: The Night Crusades begin.
    • Erebus constructs his material avatar and descends on the material world to lead the crusade.
    • Annexation of the Embers, Reed, Algor and Prodigiosen by the Nyx.
  • 942 BF: Battle of Lundox.
  • 939 BF: Annexation of Fretum, Oxcroft and Izzen by the Nyx.
  • 935 BF: The Nyx begin systematically killing members of several minor species on captured worlds.
  • 915 BF: First battle of Krag.
  • 902 BF: End of the Night crusades.
    • The Nyx destroy the Protectors of the rock.
    • Erebus ends his conquests after capturing almost all relevant worlds.
  • 891 BF: The first prototypes for the Sabled are constructed and retired as a failure.
  • 871 BF: The "ascendancy" of the Nyx ends as Erebus finalizes his designs for his dark armies.
    • The Sabled are created as the superiors and as the future replacement of the Nyx.
    • Darkstar becomes the primary leader of the Nyx, replacing Luminous, Thunder and Everliving.
    • Racial purges conducted by the Nyx die out.
  • 855 BF: Luminous formally declares independence from the rest of the Nyx, opposing Erebus plans. Several commanders defect to join him.
  • 850 BF: First conflicts between Nyx commanders and dissenters.
  • 814 BF: Thunder declares independence from the Nyx and allies with Luminous against the Sabled.
  • 725 BF: Death of Luminous at the hands of Darkstar. Thunder takes over Luminous operations and reforms them into a more vigilantist outfit.
  • 713 BF: The Vengeance campaigns begin. The Golden Empire liberates several worlds from Nyx occupation.
  • 702 BF: Operation Thunder.
    • Darkstar is killed by Thunder after a suicidal operation on his headquarters. Thunder survives and retreats to the Embers-controlled Musaf.
    • Everliving becomes second-in-command. Upon agreeing with Erebus, the Sabled become unable to gain a high status in the hierarchy.
  • 657 BF: End of the Vengeance campaigns. The Golden Empire succeeds at it's goals and draws it's new boundaries closer to many major Nyx worlds.
  • 613 BF: The vampiric nation of the Red Hand liberates it's homeworld Kraster from the Nyx and begins expanding it's cult outwards.
  • 592 BF: Undeath crisis. The Golden Empire officially announces a joint human effort to expel Vampires and disband any related organizations within the empire.
  • 521 BF: End of the undeath crisis. All vampires within human realms are either expelled or killed.
  • 520 BF: Upon meeting with Erebus, the Red Hand aristocracy reluctantly agrees to ally with the Nyx.
  • 513 BF:
  • 488 BF: The Second Vengeance campaigns begin as the Fiery revenge and Operation Life conducted by the Nations of Fire and the Golden Empir respectively.
  • 452 BF:

Age of Discovery[edit | edit source]

  • 86 BF: Beginning of the Age of Discovery.
    • Erebus dies after being attacked by other Voidforms. Most nations consider the Nyx Ascendancy to either be defeated or destroyed in it's entirety, even though some remnants persist.
    • Erebus fragmented pieces take form in the void, creating The Eye, the The Hand and The Nail.
  • 85 BF: By using Nyx technology, Human wizards and artificers invent the technology needed for easy and fast travel between worlds without the use of portals or teleporting arrays.
  • 83 BF: The Golden Empire announces it's unification and expansion plans, laying the groundwork for the discoveries that defined the Age of Discovery.
  • 79 BF: The first functioning warp vessel is constructed and successfully tested on Reed.
  • 1 AF: The city of Fundamentum is founded at Krag. The emperor of the Golden Empire names it the capital of the multiverse and sets this day as the basis of the world's timeline. Most nations within and outside the Golden Empire adopt this timeline.

Imperial Era[edit | edit source]

  • 893 AF: Beginning of the Imperial Era.
  • 899 AF: The Giknissi dynasty declares independence from the Golden Empire and becomes it's own nation.

Apocalypse Era[edit | edit source]

  • 949 AF: Beginning of the Apocalypse Era.
  • 1023 AF: Dissolution and reorganization of the Golden Empire into the Sentinels of Humanity, Krag's Alliance and other minor factions or independent nations.
  • 1084 AF: Morsus Mihi collectively ascend to voidforms by using the powers within Infinita Nox, causing the creation of 14 new rifts.
  • 1100 AF: Inspired by the legacy of the Golden Empire, many powerful organizations come to recognize and support independent factions of Knights and defenders under the name of Magnus Eques.