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Timeline of events of the world of Kimrea

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The following is an elaboration on the timeline of events of the known world of Kimrea, starting from the first year of the Old Era (OE) when humanity first appeared in the world. Dates in this article will be expressed using the Saelic Calendar, an in-world calendar. Dates are written, with the month always written in alphabetic characters, and the year followed by the OE or NE designations, so for example, the first day of the first month of the two-thousandth year of the Old Era would be written as 1 Itutra 2000 oe . There are ten months, each alternating between 30 and 31 days, making a year three hundred five days. Several ages may be defined in this timeline, but will be non-precise.

Old Era

First century

New Era

Saelic Calendar

All dates in the world of Kimrea are expressed using the Saelic Calendar to keep track of time across cultures. Each culture may have its own calendar and date-keeping system, but for the sake of simplicity, the Saelic Calendar has been adopted for both the ease of the reader and the creator.

There are 10 months, each alternating between 30 and 31 days, thus comprising 305 days per year. Each the months are named as follows:

  • Itutra (30 days)
  • Inarma (31 days)
  • Idana (30 days)
  • Acacha (31 days)
  • Richa (30 days)
  • Kieta (31 days)
  • Aquata (30 days)
  • Molasa (31 days)
  • Rava (30 days)
  • Dalta (31 days)

Kimrea has one moon which completes a cycle once every 28.2 days.