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Timeline of the realstrange Universe

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This is an overview timeline of the realstrange AU

Pre-19th century

  • 1434: Earliest known accounts date the birth of the Kingdom of Mestra to around 1434 with the crowning of King Naarvon I.
  • 1507: The Union of Three Uavinian Kingdoms was invaded by their southern neighbor, the Empire of Laruzalia, during the time of the Harvests and thus sparking the 10-year War. The main reason why such a war sparked was due to disagreements between them on unfair trade deals, to which the Laruzalian Emperor saw this as an insult.
  • 1510: It was during this time when the Laruzalian Empire and the Union of Three Uavinian Kingdoms clashed together in a naval combat with cannons. Despite being outnumbered (35 ships Vs. 50 ships) the Union of Three Uavinian Kingdoms managed to cripple a more powerful foe, and thus modern naval Warfare was born. As quoted by a Fleet Admiral of the Three Kingdom's navy, "Those who controls the sea, controls the land"

18th century




19th century


  • 1801: Coalition Invasion of the Kryvol-Noragonese Union.
  • 1806: After a thousand years of living as a union of three seperate kingdoms, the United Uavideinian Kingdom was born. The new country invested in modernising itself to catch up with other nations by importing industrial machineries to catch up with the industrialised world.










20th century


  • 1901
    • May 7: The Republic of Khraelyia is formed with the adoption of the 1901 constitution, after years of poor leadership from the monarchy.
  • 1906: The Empire of Uavidein finally launched the world's first big gunned battleships, the UNS Dreadnought, sparking a new arms race all around the world



  • 1922
    • August 19: Mestra launches the first pure build carrier, MNS Ørn.
  • 1925
    • September 18: Heranilye Stock Board crashes, nations across the world recess as economies begin to collapse under strain.
  • 1926
    • May 12: Broken Star Revolts; Oseli workers begin an armed revolt against the government.
    • May 14: Broken Star Revolts; Oseli Workers' Leader Nanchun Zhulon killed by assassin.
    • May 15: Broken Star Revolts; Revolts end with 305 dead.


  • 1931
    • January 3: Tserovska Reservoir Project initiated by Khraelyia, planned to create up to 100,000 jobs desperately needed by the populace.




  • 1951
    • October 13: The Heranilye Accord of Free Nations(HAFN) is founded by the Republic of Khraelyia, to promote the ideals of Democracy and Khraelyi Tridemism.
  • 1953
    • July 9: The Federal Rationalist Bloc(FRB) is founded by FRKR, to deter the HAFN


  • 1963
    • January 1: Surprise invasion by Bielefeld into Azuiren-owned Mozeno Valley.
    • January 4: Azuriec forces reorganize a defense effort on the Redliang River.
    • January 25: Azuriec ships organize a critical attack on Bielefeld's southern naval base, sinking 3 ships.
    • February 1: Azuiren's Air Force enters the "Mozeno High" with collaboration by the Naval Air Force, downing 30 aircraft during the rest of the conflict.
    • March 15: Azuriec forces organize the "Northern Offensive" to take back lands north of the Mozeno Valley.
    • August 12: Bielefeld forces officially withdraw from the Mozeno Valley due to constant Azuriec shelling.
    • September 3: Evidence of genocide by Bielefeld forces found in the town of Nothesaki, Azuiren.
    • October - May 1964: Occasional skirmishes by both sides whilst Azuiren reorganizes control over the Valley.
  • 1964
    • June 1: Kharniv Yar Ceasefire (KYC) organized by Khraelyia to end the conflict.
    • June 12: KYC ratified by Azuiren.
    • July 8: KYC ratified by Bielefeld, effectively ending the conflict.


  • 1971
    • April 3: Dyelarusian Civil War erupts as Aleksandr Morveluchko, dictator of Dyelarus is executed by Republican forces.


  • 1984
    • June 28: Republic of Chzeknye declared, after the Bloody Roses Revolution.
  • 1985
    • August 8: TKSV Dauntless stopped by Oseli Coast Guard, found to be illegally shipping weapons to the Republic of Goraliye.
  • 1989
    • February 8: Altinum joins the FRB.
    • April 18: ONS Virtue shot at by Gorali and Terkaethi ships.
    • April 21: the Republic of Goraliye begins a formal invasion of the Republic of Kirkassiye
    • April 25: HAFN security forces shot at by Gorali troops. Gorali President Velar Ondyanti officially apologizes.
    • May 19: Battle for Ashlevosk begins as Gorali troops attempt to cross the Korveloskev Canal.
    • May 21: Secrazchak Royal Family granted citizenship in the Republic of Khraelyia.
    • May 28: Ashlevosk falls, and Goraliye has a foothold on the northern half of the canal.
    • June 16 - July 16: Kirkassi troops initiate Operation Golshtorm, and cause the frontline to collapse.


  • 1990
    • March 5 - March 17: Gorali troops withdraw from Kirkassiye, ending the Gorali-Kirkassi War.
  • 1992
    • January 2: Khraelyi Freighter KNN Veloriv sinks due to hitting an un-removed Gorali mine.
    • August 13: The Republic of Kirkassiye officially joins the HAFN.
  • 1998
    • May 13: Joint HAFN invasion of Gorali triggers the Gorali-HAFN war.
    • May 15: FRKR, Alatinum, and Arstotzka declare war on HAFN and Sekravats; World War III begins.
    • May 20: Formation of the Agraria Accord consisting of Dyelorus, Kierkestan, and Mestra
    • May - October: Kardovija Invades Bosneayi, Chzeknye, and Feodoria.
    • May - July: Battle of Zvesdia.
    • August 1998 - January 1999: Battle of Sevyasto.
    • October - November: Battle of Buzulyovsk.
    • September - December: Battle of Dalwood.
  • 1999
    • January 13: The Battle of Sevyasto ends with over 1 million casualties.
    • January - May: Joint HAFN forces launch Operation Iskra on the Western Front, the biggest defeat in Kardovija military history ever since World War II
    • February 12: The HAFN's Turicum Campaign ends in failure; heavy losses of Oselian troops.
    • May 13: Kardovija Armed Forces launches Operation Rankovic, Countering the advance of the Joint HAFN forces.
    • June 24: 3rd Battle of Cheyrso begins.
    • September 24: Siege of Astonhama in Aizurien is the first major defeat for the Aizurien Land Forces.
    • October - December: 2nd Battle of Urstrado begins.

21th Century


  • 2000
    • January 1: HAFN bombing of Odryj
    • January - February: The Yhezpat-Urstrado offensive sends the war into a bogdown.
    • February 12 : The February Uprising in Gorali against HAFN rule.
    • February: The Armistice of 24 February 2000 ends the war in the west.
    • August 15: Arstotzka and Aizurien Declares Ceasefire, ending World War III.
  • 2004
    • September: The Popular revolt in Alatinum against the FRB aligned government.
    • 24 September: Alatinum Joins the Agraria Accord.
    • October 14: Alatinum nationalisation of the Verdantis Canal triggers the Verdantis crisis.
    • October 30: FRB launches Operation Galler against Mestra and Alatinum, starting the 100 days war.
  • 2005
    • April: Disolution of Agraria Accord
    • May: Mestra Joins the HAFN