Torpedo 45

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Torpedo 45
TBU Torpedo45.jpg
Type Anti-submarine torpedo
Place of origin Skandinavia
Service history
In service 1997 to present
Used by Skandinavia, Pakistan, Ireland, Baltic Federation
Production history
Designer Saab Dynamics
Designed 1993
Manufacturer Saab Dynamics
Produced 1996
Variants Mk.II
Weight 320 kg.
Length 2850 mm.
Diameter 450 mm.
Crew 2

Engine Electric DC motor with gearbox
NAtech fuel cell 4.2 kwh
Hydro-acoustic homing combined with wire guidance and on-board computer

Torpedo 45 is a 400 mm torpedo intended for ASW and surface targets, providing multiple-target active/passive homing combined with wire guidance. It is designed and manufactured by Saab Dynamics in Skandinavia.

Versatile and flexible[edit | edit source]

Torpedo 45 can be launched from a variety of platforms including stationary, surface vessels, submarines and helicopters.

A proud legacy[edit | edit source]

The Torpedo 45 is based on the experience gathered from the well proven 43-series of torpedoes.

Features[edit | edit source]

The Torpedo 45 is an ASW lightweight torpedo that can be used against shallow-water targets and surface vessels. It is controlled using wire guidance and has a hydro-acoustic homing system for the final phase. The torpedo has features that are unique for lightweight torpedoes.

Standard features[edit | edit source]

  • Torpedo 45 combines wire guidance and homing control
  • It can be launched from submarines, surface vessels and helicopters
  • It can be wire-guided from a flying or hovering helicopter (no parachute necessary)
  • Its warhead has a main charge large enough to take out any conventional submarine or seriously damage light surface vessels

Exercise launchings[edit | edit source]

In exercise torpedo launches, the warhead is replaced by an exercise head carrying identical homing equipment. Instead of explosives, the exercise head has a tape recorder for logging a number of torpedo functions, communication with fire-control and hit indications. After each run, the recordings are analysed and torpedo and fire-control functions are checked.

Technical specifications[edit | edit source]

Dimensions and weights[edit | edit source]

Diameter 400 mm
Length 2,850 mm
Weight, incl. battery and communication wire 320 kg

Propulsion system[edit | edit source]

  • NAtech fuel cell 4.2 kwh
  • 3 speed thyristor battery switching unit
  • Electric DC motor with gearbox

Control[edit | edit source]

  • Preset and continuously updated targeting.
  • Extensive data communication during the mn.
  • Hydro-acoustic homing combined with wire guidance and on-board computer