Torpedo 617

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Torpedo 617
TBU Torpedo617.jpg
Type Anti-submarine torpedo
Place of origin Skandinavia
Service history
In service 1993 to present
Used by Skandinavia, Australia, Baltic Federation, Germany
Production history
Designer Saab Dynamics
Designed 1989
Manufacturer Saab Dynamics
Produced 1993
Variants Mk.II
Weight 1850 kg.
Length 7000 mm.
Diameter 533.4 mm.
Crew 2

Effective firing range 20km
Filling High explosive
Filling weight 320 kg.
proximity fuze

Engine piston engine
Wire guided and controlled homing

Torpedo 617 is a 21” torpedo intended for surface targets, providing passive homing combined with wire guidance. It is designed and manufactured by Saab Dynamics in Skandinavia. Torpedo 617 is based on the well-proven Torpedo 61, and retains the reliable and efficient thermal propulsion system using hydrogen peroxide/alcohol/water as propellants. The total number of performed firings using the thermal propulsion system has reached approximately 17,000 rounds. Torpedo 617 is a homing, wire-guided, long-range torpedo for launching from submarines and surface ships against surface targets.

Homing system[edit | edit source]

The homing system is designed for use against surface targets, and has demonstrated excellent acquisition capabilities against a broad range of targets. The combination of homing and wire guidance results in very high hit probability even at long firing ranges.

Proximity fuzes[edit | edit source]

The war torpedo is equipped with both an impact and a computerised proximity fuze. Both fuzes can be controlled from the launching fire control. The proximity fuze is tested on every practice run.

Communication[edit | edit source]

The guidance wire communication link permits the ship to transmit orders to the torpedo, controlling speed, depth, course, target data etc. The torpedo reports its position, speed, course and depth, homing-system parameters and target noise.

Technical specifications[edit | edit source]

  • Diameter: 533.4 mm (21”)
  • Length: 7,000 mm
  • Launch weight: 1,850 kg