Tourneser Freedom Front insurgency

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Tourneser Freedom Front insurgency
Part of Second Cold War
DateAugust 31, 2019 - present
(3 years, 5 months and 1 week)
Result Ongoing

Flag of Tournesol.svg Continental Republic of Tournesol

People's Continental Defense Forces
CPL logo.svg Continental Party of Labor Revolutionary Militia
Flag of the United Commonwealth.svg Commonwealth Revolutionary Foreign Volunteer Unit
Styxie Battle Flag.svg Provisional Sierran Republican Army
Other foreign volunteers
Flag of the United Commonwealth.svg United Commonwealth

Supported by


Flag of Tournesol Democratic.png Tourneser Freedom Front

Logo of the Tourneser People's Party.svg Légion de la Liberté Tournesolaire
Organization of Amerindian Tournesers
Mouvement Dirigiste National logo.png Mouvement Dirigiste National
Foreign volunteers


Supported by

 Northeast Union
Commanders and leaders
People's Secretariat of the Continental Republic of Tournesol:
Flag of Tournesol.svg Jeanne-Lucille Desmarais (2013–present)
Deputy Secretariat:
Flag of Tournesol.svg Christophe Armand (2014–present)
Military leaders:
Flag of Tournesol.svg Dylan Boutin
CPL logo.svg Jules Balzac
Flag of the United Commonwealth.svg Zachary L. Olson
Styxie Battle Flag.svg Ulysses C. Henderson
and others
President of the Republic of Tournesol:
Flag of Tournesol Democratic.png Michel Moreau (2019–present)
Flag of Tournesol Democratic.png Octavien Thibaut (2019–present)
Military leaders:
Flag of Tournesol Democratic.png Pierre-Antoine Delafose
Logo of the Tourneser People's Party.svg Jean-Loup Michaux-Lajoie
Guillaume Mehojah
Mouvement Dirigiste National logo.png Emanuelle Dubuisson
and others

The Tourneser Fredom Front insurgency (French: Insurrection du front tournesolaire de la liberté), is an ongoing civil war between the Continental Republic of Tournesol led by Jeanne-Lucille Desmarais, along with foreign allies, and several domestic groups and foreign volunteers united under the banner of the Tourneser Freedom Front (French: Front tournesolaire de la liberté) led by Michel Moreau. It is currently the most active conflict on the North American continent.

The unrest in Tournesol grew out of discontent with the mismanagement of the Tourneser economy by the Continentalist Party of Labor (French: Parti continentaliste de labeur), the ruling party of Tournesol, leading to massive debt and an economy only held together by aid fro the United Commonwealth. This unrest escalated during the August 31st, 2019 protests against Desmarais and the CPL broke out in Topèque, Ouichite and Tours. After government troops attack the protesters in all three cities and manage to overpower them in all cities but Tours, the leader of the protests in Tours Octavien Thibaut and well-known Tourneser exile Michel Moreau give a speech declaring war on the Continentalist regime, founding the Tourneser Freedom Front, consisting of several groups, including the Organization of Amerindian Tournesers (French: Organisation des Amerindiens tournesolaires), the National Dirigist Movement (French: Mouvement dirigiste national) and the large Tourneser People’s Party (French: Parti populaire tournesolaire), which was the leader of Tournesers in exile.

The United Commonwealth, the Mesoamerican Security Organization and the Provisional Sierran Republican Army support the Continental Republic of Tournesol and the People's Continental Armed Forces militarily, with the UC planning to do military airstrikes against anti-Continental targets.

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