Tourneser People’s Party

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Tourneser People’s Party
Chairperson Jean-Loup Michaux-Lajoie
Founded May 1, 1861 (1861-05-01)
Headquarters TBD
Youth wing Jeune Tournesol
Membership 20,000 (2019)

Center to Right-Wing


International affiliation International Democratic Union

The Tourneser People’s Party (French: Parti Populaire Tournesol, PPT) is a political party in Tournesol. It is the oldest political party in Tournesol and currently is one of the main factions in the Tourneser Freedom Front, an militant group which aims to overthrow the Continentalist government of Tournesol. It has survived for a century through Tourneser exiles in countries such as Brazoria, Sierra and Superior.

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