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The Most Holy City and County of Trebben is the de facto capital city of the Templedom of Cinden. Trebben has the longest history of any extant city in Cinden, dating back to the construction of the First Oathbound Temple on the shores of Lake Trebben between 954 to 959. It is the only such city in Cinden to predate the Emmetrian Invasion, and for this reason is commonly referred to as the Ancient One and the City-before-the-Realm. Trebben is also the third largest city in Cinden as of 3019 after Sorensted and Laitpool respectively.

Trebben is situated in the elongated valley of Saint Taetha's Pass, which serves as the geographic divide between the Westerfangs and the Esterfangs mountain ranges. To the southwest, Saint Taetha's pass opens up to the rocky foothills of northern Riveraine, while to the northeast, the Pass opens to Mount Mothersblood Basin. The Ashwall lines the northeastern edge of the city; this megalithic construction has served as the barrier between the Aschenlands and the rest of Cinden since the early 11th century when it was first constructed. Lake Trebben sits at the southwestern end of the city, with nearly half of its northern shoreline encompassed by the outer walls of the city. The Aschen River flows through the middle of the city and into Lake Trebben, with the confluence of the river into the lake located very near to the site of the First Trebben Temple. The core of Trebben follows the length of the Aschen River from the Ashwall to the northern end of Lake Trebben, where, on Flaven Isle, is located the current Second Trebben Temple and its holy grounds, considered the most sacred place in Cinden and the seat of the High Seer, the de facto highest authority in the realm.