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Trevor XI

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 This article is a C-class article. It is written satisfactorily but needs improvement. This article was formerly part of Altverse or Altverse II and is no longer considered canon.
Trevor XI
Remove Kebab.png
Chairman of the Remove Kebab Party
Assumed office
September 30, 2008
Pretender to the Sierran Crown
Assumed office
November 25, 2014
Pretender to the Welsh Crown
Assumed office
November 25, 2014
Personal details
Born (1990-10-02) October 2, 1990 (age 32)
Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svg Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Political party Remove Kebab Party
Residence Flag of Inland Empire.svg Pawnee, IE, Sierra
Profession Political commentator
Party organizer
Religion Orthodox Christianity

Trevor XI, (born Aleksander "Aca" Marković, Serbian: Александар Aца марковић; October 2, 1990), better known by his moniker, Kingtrevor11 (also self-stylized as "king Trevor 1 of wales"), is a Bosnian Serbian-Sierran entertainer, writer, political activist, conservative political commentator and satirist. A highly controversial figure for his views, life, and personality, Trevor XI has attracted both heavy criticism and support alike through his eccentric personality, statements, and interviews. He has been a leader in the Sierran alt-right movement. Trevor XI is well-known for his intentional use of poor English when speaking and writing under his fictional persona as "Kingtrevor11", a caricature of an uneducated immigrant, as a nod to his childhood difficulties in learning the language.

Born and raised in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Trevor XI's family immigrated to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United Commonwealth when Trevor was only 2. Initially aspiring to play for the Pittsburgh Steelers, he later came to the conclusion that he had to transcend beyond his personal interests and impact the world meaningful. Through this revelation, Trevor XI developed interest in politics and began pursuing a career in politics. Weak in his English and self-diagnosed with ADHD, Trevor XI performed poorly in school and eventually dropped out of high school. Following this, Trevor XI and his family immigrated to the Kingdom of Sierra. Trevor XI continued his education at Butterfield Valley City College but dropped out before even obtaining an associate's degree in political science. He complained that it was "very hrad [sic]" and that the staff was "men n rud cus dey suk[sic]".

While being educated, Trevor XI formed the Remove Kebab Party in 2009, a conservative political party which emphasized strongly on its Islamphobic, homophobic, and anti-communist rhetoric. Sparking widespread controversy and condemnation, Trevor XI nevertheless amassed a sizable party base and began staging street protests and demonstrations. At the same time, Trevor XI began asserting that he was the rightful heir to the Crown of Sierra. Starting an online talk show called "The King Trevor XI Show", Trevor XI heavily criticized Hong's ministry and Charles II.

After making repeated death threats to various Sierran officials including the king, the RBI began investigating Trevor XI's activities in 2013. During these investigations, Trevor XI's show was placed on hiatus. Unable to find any meaningful fault, charges against Trevor XI were dropped. In response to the investigations, he filed a civil lawsuit against the agency, claiming it had caused him financial loss and emotional distress. The case was ultimately dropped, and was settled in private between the parties with the agency rewarding Trevor XI with $15 million in damages. In 2014, a string of abusive edits and attacks on several wiki sites were traced back to Trevor XI wherein he received a permanent ban from the staff. Enraged, Trevor XI and his party launched a massive ad hominem campaign against the sites' users. Investigations were briefly re-initiated on Trevor XI following a denial-of-service attack. This investigation was once again dismissed following Trevor XI's claim that his brother, Bob "Troy" Saggat was the attacker. This blame manifested into a full-blown investigation that revealed Saggat's affiliation with an underground terrorist organization that led to his arrest. After a final thorough investigation, Trevor XI was cleared of any suspicion although he later openly "admitted" that he did it. In August 2016, Trevor XI was once again investigated by the RBI on a possible connection with Dylan Coulter and the assassination of Steven Hong. However, Trevor XI maintained his innocence and was dismissed.

Following a rising string of terrorist attacks and incidents throughout Anglo-America, Trevor XI gained more support albeit receiving numerous death threats against himself by Islamists. Lobbying for his own safety, the RBI granted limited security protection for Trevor XI, provoking outcry by many of his critics and opponents. Up until late December 2014 Trevor XI continued his work from his residence in North Woods, Inland Empire and has taken up the additional profession as a writer.

The Porciúncula Times describes Trevor XI as the "leading prolific controversial figure in contemporary Sierra", and the Sierran Civil Liberties Association described him as the "most open bigoted racist in Sierra". Despite vehement opposition from the general public, Trevor XI continues to attract the support of some members of Sierra's conservative movement (particularly those adhering to far-right ideologies). Others still purport that Trevor XI's eccentric views and public image is a matter of being an example of Poe's law. At one point, the The Bunker Hill Journal heralded Trevor XI as the "world's finest satirist" and further claiming that "he cannot be legitimately serious".

Early life

Trevor XI was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina to Goran and Draga Marković with the name "Aleksander "Aca" Marković". His parents made a living as local store clerks as members of the working class. He and his brother, Petar (who would later be known as Bob Saggat), lived in Sarajevo before emigrating from the city due to economic hardship, which prompted the Markovićs to immigrate first to Montenegro before moving to United Commonwealth to family living in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia with the help of a Continental diplomat, Trevor Camp. Trevor's family moved in with his paternal uncle and aunt, Nikola and Natalia Marković.

At the time, Trevor XI's father and mother took up the legal names as "Trevor XY" and "Trevor XX" respectively, in honor of their sponsor, Trevor Camp. Likewise, Trevor XI was given his name, and the name change was recognized by United Commonwealth officials. Little is known about Trevor XI for the majority of his adolescent life other than his enthused obsession with the Pittsburgh Steelers, a local AAFL team. Aiming to play for the Steelers one day, Trevor XI began hosting Sunday game nights at his home with his neighbors and friends. It was at this time when Trevor XI became exposed to alcohol and subsequently became an avid drinker.

Wrecked by his increasing dependence on alcohol, Trevor XI sought ways to become the football star he aspired to be but his vision failed to crystallize. Embittered, he decided to become a farmer before agreeing that he could be both a farmer and a "boss". At this same time, Trevor XI entered high school where he performed poorly academically. His poor English (particularly his awkward grammar and spelling problems) combined with his self-diagnosed "ADHD", Trevor XI struggled to graduate out of high school.

Here, an online advertisement depicts Trevor XI and the claim that he "removed 4,975 kebabs" from Serbia. "Kebab" was understood to refer to the Muslims although Trevor XI in fact, did not "remove" any kebabs although he did advocate for it at the start of his political career.

Trying out for his school freshman football team, he was belittled and teased by his peers. Discouraged, Trevor XI was rejected by the coaches and kicked out for his poor sportsmanship and refusal to cooperate. Trevor XI cites this incident in one of his radio shows later in life as the catalyst to his homophobia. Believing his successful football peers and coaches to be "fags", Trevor XI abandoned his hope in becoming a football player but remained a devout follower of the Pittsburgh Steelers. At the lowest point of his life, Trevor XI looked for ways to change the world to the way he envisioned it. He decided to pursue politics and began reading up on his Serbian heritage. While reading, he developed a particular interest in the Crusades and the history of Christian-Muslim relations in the Balkans. Radicalized, Trevor XI became a Islamophobe and an ardent Serbian nationalist.

Falling behind in his academics, once Trevor turned 18, he dropped out of high school, and but took his GED and passed. Following this, Trevor left home with a $200,000 loan from his father, and moved to Sierra. Settling in the city of Pawnee, he applied for permanent residency, and studied at the Butterfield Valley City College in Butterfield campus there as a part-time student, while he found a job as a janitor at the local Golden World.


Trevor XI founded the Remove Kebab Party in Sierra, a political party notorious for its strong opposition towards immigration, especially those of Middle Eastern descent. Note the racial caricature incorporated in the party's crude logo which Trevor XI himself construed.

Trevor XI first began appearing on online podcasts in 2008, expressing unsavory and controversial opinions, using a persona that grossly exaggerated his own accent and views. Gaining traction among viewers who enjoyed Trevor's sense of humor and approach towards politics, the young satirist developed his own show on his own VidStream channel, titled, The King Trevor Show. He attracted controversy in 2009 when he compared Prime Minister Steven Hong to a "literal dog-eating dog", and made other derisive comments on Hong's race and beliefs. Trevor XI also produced content that was viewed as xenophobic and Islamophobic, with a dedicated series documenting on the history of Islam and the actions of its believers in a negative light. When YouTube shut down his channels and took down all of his videos, Trevor XI called upon his fans to "boycott VidStream" for the "War on Free Speech". While he remained banned from YouTube, he developed a new video sharing website, Freeverse, which gained 400,000 visitors within its first month of launch.


Reception and impact


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Trevor XI on Steven Hong

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Trevor XI winning in an argument with his critics

i agree on some of it like commuims its good on paper but when its play out it fails and look up the frank zappa qutoe

Trevor XI on communism

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