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Tucker Carlson

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Tucker Carlson
Tucker Carlson & Charlie Kirk (31551274887) (cropped).jpg
Tucker Carlson in 2018
Born May 16, 1969 (age 50)
Nationality Sierran
Education St. George's School
Alma mater Trinity College
Occupation Political commentator, Talk show host, Journalist
Political party Royalist Party of Sierra (2015).svg Royalist
Movement Paleoconservatism
Spouse(s) Susan Andrews
Children 4

Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson (born May 16, 1969) is a Sierran-born Anglo-American journalist, political commentary and a well known conservative activist and figure and has citizenship in the Kingdom of Sierra, the United Commonwealth, and the Northeast Union. He's the host of Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News and is a recurring guest on the Northeast Daily Wire as well as a columnist for the Federalist Paper and has written for many conservative newspapers across Anglo-America. Since 2016, Carlson has been traveling around Anglo-America and has been advocating for and supporting many right-wing nationalist and populist candidates from Nemesis Heartwell of Sierra to Nicole Faulkner of Rainier and Victoria Napolitano from the United Commonwealth.

Tucker Carlson has also written books in his career such as Of Fools and Men: Jesters and Parasites in the King's Court (2012), Disaster of 1903 (2017), and Ship of Fools (2018).

Early life and career

Tucker Carlson was born in the province of San Francisco, Sierra on May 16, 1969. He later moved to Porciúncula and lived in Lawrence Taylor Drive, Studio City until the first grade in elementary school. He's the son of Dick Carlson, a former LA news anchor and Sierran ambassador to Hainan and Taiwan and also served as the president of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the director of Voice of Sierra. Tucker's father was born Richard Boynton and was adopted by the Carlson family at age three. His mother, Lisa McNear, left the family when Tucker was just six years old to live a more bohemian lifestyle. She eventually moved to France and had little contact with the rest of the Carlson family after that. Tucker has a younger brother named Buckley Swanson Peck Carlson. When Tucker was 10 years old in 1979, his father married Patricia Caroline Swanson, an heiress to the Swanson frozen-food fortune, and his upbringing was done in a wealthy affluent lifestyle. Throughout his high school career, Tucker developed an interest in journalism and spent his time studying the art to eventually become one.

Bunker Hill Journal

Tucker began his journalist career in 1991 when he became a writer for the Bunker Hill Journal, a Sierran-based politically neutral news organization. Tucker joined the journal as the "conservative and republican voice" of the paper writing various columns commentating on various political issues. He was known for holding conservative and libertarian views on various social and political issues, but his support for republicanism made him stand out among other writers of the journal, especially the journal's conservative columnists.

Television career

RBS (2000-2006)

Commonwealth Daily (2006-2008)

Fox News (2008-Present)


Political positions

Tucker's views are described as conservative and has been a well-known figure amongst paleoconservatives in general.



Anglo-American politics

Tucker has been vocal in his commentary and criticism on contemporary Anglo-American politics. In 2007, he wrote in the Bunker Hill Journal a warning claiming that Anglo-America would become a "partisan hellhole" within the near future. In 2016, Tucker claimed that his prediction came true on Fox News when covering the 2016 Sierran general election. He's been vocal in his criticism towards the political establishment of various Anglo-American governments from the Continentalist-led government in the United Commonwealth to the leadership of the Conference of American States. Tucker has railed against the political establishment of various Anglo-American countries and claims that current Anglo-American leaders are leading the entire geographic and cultural region towards revolution.

Views on Royalists and Democratic-Republicans

Tucker has been very critical of both the Royalist Party and Democratic-Republican Party accusing both of having a monopoly on Sierran politics. While a registered member of the Royalist Party, Tucker has been vocal in his criticism of the party from its leaders to many respective politicians in the party such as Kenneth O'Conner for his neoconservative stance and much of the Royalist Party's leadership. In the 2016 election, Tucker endorsed Daniel McComb and increased his support after he began to rescind protections for immigrants and called for both tougher immigration restrictions and for a referendum on leaving the CAS after assuming the office as prime minister. Once the sexual abuse allegations were made public, Tucker had defended McComb up until the court found him guilty. Tucker would later voice support for Nemesis Heartwell and praised her election as prime minister as a "wake up call to elites that the Sierran public is tired of being screwed over by a broken system". He continues to voice support towards Heartwell, but has criticized her cabinet picks most notable keeping Kenneth O'Conner as Minister of Defense and choosing Isabelle Huynh as Surgeon General calling her "unusually left-wing for a conservative party". Carlson has also been a vocal critic of the Red Tory Association claiming that they were too liberal for the Royalist Party and in 2017 accused the organization of being a "Democratic-Republican front". In response, Isabelle came on his show for an interview and she defended the organization and other positions held by Red Tories. Since the interview in 2018, Tucker has been more supportive of the Red Tories.

Tucker has been very critical of the Democratic-Republican Party accusing it of being a front for "radical left-wing revolutionary extremist thought" and has accused Democratic-Republican politicians of being the main source of division in Sierran society. He's accused the party of also riling up much of its base in the Styxie and has accused Styxie branches of the Democratic-Republican Party of promoting far-left rhetoric and has blamed the party for causing the rise of dissident republicanism. In 2016, Tucker said that he would support then-incumbent prime minister Steven Hong against his primary opponent, Terry Scott accusing Scott of being a far-left extremist. In 2019, he claimed that Scott was the "ideas man" of the party citing the success and popularity of his 2020 campaign saying "to his credit, Terry Scott is the ideas man of the DPRS. He's got the policies, rhetoric and charisma that the base has wanted and the base is leftwing so of course he resonates with the party". Tucker remains critical of Scott and said that he's open to having on any potential primary challenger to Scott. Carlson has also been critical of the DPRS' common allies in parliament, the Social Democrats of Sierra and the Green Party of Sierra. He's accused both of promoting far-left rhetoric and called the Social Democrats "the more honest version of the Dem-Reps" in a news segment given in April 2018. When responding to reports of the Social Democrats becoming the second-largest party in Sierra in the near future and possibly overtaking the Democratic-Republicans, Tucker said that it was true and that the Social Democrats were a force not to be underestimated.

Tucker has also commented on many minor political parties that hold seats mainly on the provincial level such as the Christian Democratic Party of which he describes as "a party worth holding seats in parliament". He believes that the Christian Democrats and Royalists should work in a coalition just like how the Democratic-Republicans and Social Democrats collaborate in various provincial assemblies and in parliament itself. In a 2019 interview, Tucker said that he would join the Christian Democrats if they weren't "held down" by the political system. In the same interview he said that the Royalists and Democratic-Republicans have maintained a system to keep potential opposition down and force them to the provincial level citing the Christian Democrats as being victims of Royalist suppression of conservative opposition and the Progressive Socialists by the Dem-Reps.

Views on the United Commonwealth

Tucker has been a vocal critic and opponent of the current government of the United Commonwealth and the historic ruling party, the Continentalist Party of the United Commonwealth. Tucker has called the Continentalist Party a "corrupt, authoritarian and un-American party" and has denounced the party's adherence to Landonism, the political and philosophical views and interpretation of Marxism by the late Sierran republicans revolutionary, Isaiah Landon. Carlson has accused Landon of being "a historic scourge who continues to leave a lasting legacy and impacts all nations across Anglo-America". He's called the Continental Revolutionary War that brought the Continentalist Party into power the "first successful communist takeover in Anglo-American victory" and denounces the dominate-party system of the United Commonwealth as unjust and immoral. He's voiced support towards the leading opposition party, the Federalists and has done multiple segments supporting the Federalist Chair Victoria Napolitano calling her "the Commonwealth's best hope for a true free nation". Tucker has been called "Victoria's biggest cheerleader by the Chicago Times due to his glory coverage of her and offering media support for her cause and has covered her very well. Tucker has accused the National Assembly of the country of being a "toxic institution of tyranny" due to it being historically dominated by the Continentalist Party and has been pushing for a Federalist takeover of the assembly and government. In 2019, Tucker appeared at a rally for Victoria in Florida.

Tucker has mixed views when it comes to other political parties in the United Commonwealth such as the Moderate Party of which he's accused of being lead by "partisan cowards" and has called for them to commit to a united opposition with the Federalists. He's also supported right-leaning members of the Moderate Party and has called on viewers in the United Commonwealth to support them. Tucker has been critical of the Liberal Party accusing them of being "puppets" of the Continentalist Party. In a 2018 interview with Jack Chambers, Liberal Assembly Member from Iowa and critic of the Continentalist Party, Tucker called him a "unique exception" and said that he wasn't "blinded by the idea of obeying Continentalist overlords just for short-term political gains". Tucker had him on his show to raise awareness of the Independent Liberal Caucus, a faction of the Liberal Party spousing classical liberalism and called for being more competitive with the Continentalist Party.

Conference of American States

Tucker is a vocal critic of the Conference of American States and has been called the "godfather of Ameroskepticism" by various Anglo-American media outlets. Tucker identifies as a hard ameroskeptic and has been a vocal support of Sierrexit, the proposed withdraw of Sierra from the CAS. Tucker has accused the intergovernmental organization of "selling out" the people of Anglo-America citing controversial trade deals with foreign countries such as China, Manchuria, and South Vietnam which has lead to outsourcing and a loss of manufacturing jobs in large parts of Anglo-America and with negative consequences. Tucker has also been critical of the immigration policies of the CAS accusing the organization of "sacrificing the people's Anglo-America on the alter of egoism and cheap affordable votes" during a 2017 segment when covering the 2017 Conference of American States Membership Referendum Act.

Personal life

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