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Seal of the Department of the Interior.

URA Reg. 198945-37 DOI, published as "Restrictions of geographical surveying of Alcenian territory", is an Alcenian federal regulation issued by the Alcenian Department of the Interior on January 17, 1989 that went into effect the following year. The regulation forbids surveying the geographical features of Alcenia with the intent to "...create a detailed and thorough illustration of the Union and Republic of Alcenia and its natural and anthropogenic features." The regulation imposes a $10,000 fine for first time violators with subsequent fines as high as $50,000. The regulation is controversial and has withstood numerous court challenges. The Supreme Court in Rand McNally v. Department of the Interior (1996) held that the regulation does not extend to maps made for "general public use" and only forbids maps that would "...be of use for the purposes of foreign militaries."

Even after this ruling, the Department of the Interior has continued to fine and prosecute companies and individuals attempting to survey natural and city landscapes of Alcenia. In 2001, a case entitled Department of the Interior v. Smith was brought before the U.R.A. District Court for the At-Large District of Sunalie when Richard Wilmore Smith was charged with violating the regulation when he attempted to make a detailed map of Sunalie. The DOI successfully argued that the map Smith attempted to create would be of use for a foreign military, Sunalie being the capital of Alcenia and therefore hosting sensitive areas. The Court ordered Smith to pay $11,030.23 to the Department of the Interior ($10,000 initial fine plus $1,030.23 for other costs). Smith filed an appeal with the U.R.A. Court of Appeals for the Federal District Circuit but once again the Court ruled in the DOI's favor.

There have been repeated attempts to repeal the regulation in Congress but all have failed and the Supreme Court has denied certiorari requests regarding the regulation.

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