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United Provinces/Presidential elections

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2018 Election
Political party strength in the United Provinces
Patriotica Party of the United Provinces

"Jags" Patriotic Front
"Alpacs" Nacionalista Party

Patriotic Front
Leader Adonis Renaud (ED)
Chairperson David Rudasz-Kahnwald (NP)
Founded January 12, 1825 (1825-01-12)
Headquarters Aubusson, Edessa
Student wing College Patriots of Cisplatina
Youth wing Young Patriots of Cisplatina
Women's wing Front for Patriotic Women
LGBT wing Patriotic Front for LBGT
Overseas wing Patriots Abroad
Membership 26,729,019 million (2017)
Ideology Conservatism
Political position Blue flag waving.svg Center-right
International affiliation International Democrat Union
Official colors      Green
8 / 17
House of Deputies
218 / 400
7 / 17

Conservatism in the United Provinces
Political parties in the United Provinces
Elections in the United Provinces
National Congress of the United Provinces
TBth National Congress of the United Provinces
Coat of arms or logo
United Provinces Senate.svg
United Provinces House of Deputies.svg
Meeting place
Monumental Plaza de España de Sevilla.jpg