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United States (Terra Fidelis)

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The United States of America is a constitutional representative democracy consisting of 26 states, each with its own constitution. The border with Canada includes Lake Ontario, Lake Eire, Lake Huron and Lake Superior as well as a line along forty-seven degrees six minutes north from Lake Superior to the Mississippi River at about ninety-three degrees west twenty-four minutes west and the Mississippi river upstream from there to Lake Itasca (Elk Lake). From forty-seven degrees ten minutes fifty-six seconds north the border (now with Francia Nouveau) goes south along ninety-five degrees twelve minutes fifty-six seconds west to the Shell River, then the Crow Wing River then the Mississippi downstream to thirty-two degrees thirty minutes north, near Vicksburg, then along the ninety-first meridian west to thirty degrees twenty-nine minutes five seconds north, then the Comite River & the Amite River to Lake Maurepas & on into Lake Pontchartrain. Then the American border goes up the West Pearl River and then along the thirty-first parallel to the Atlantic. American islands in the Great Lakes include Sugar Island, Neebish Island, St. Joseph Island and Cockburn Island. Canadian islands include Isle Royale, Michipicoten Island, and Manitoulin Island.


The first european settlement in the United States was Jamestown, Virginia. Having lost both his son George & son William in the battle of Bunker Hill, Governor George James Bruere was succeeded by his son-in-law Henry Tucker, who had been helping the rebels. Quebec fought against the British also, but didn't join the Union.


Atocheena: Admitted to the Union: June 1, 1800; Capital: Huntsville;
Bermuda: Signed the Constitution: January 3, 1789. Population: 62666
Connecticut: Signed the Constitution: January 9, 1788; Capital: Hartford;
Delaware: Signed the Constitution: December 7, 1787; Capital: Dover;
Georgia: Signed the Constitution: January 2, 1788; Capital: Savannah
Huron: Admitted to the Union: June 27, 1839; Capital: Lansing;
Illinois: Admitted to the Union: November 12, 1818; Capital: Naperville
Indiana: Admitted to the Union: February 29, 1816; Capital: Indianapolis
Kentucky: Admitted to the Union: June 1, 1792; Capital: Frankfurt
Maryland: Signed the Constitution: April 28, 1788; Capital: Annapolis
Massachusetts: Signed the Constitution: February 6, 1788: Capital: Springfield
Michigan: Admitted to the Union: September 9, 1850; Capital: Escanaba
Minnesota: Admitted to the Union: April 12, 1861; Capital: St. Paul
Mississippi: Admitted to the Union: February 16, 1820; Capital: Birmingham
New Hampshire: Signed the Constitution: June 21, 1788; Capital: Lancaster
New Jersey: Signed the Constitution: December 18, 1787; Capital: Trenton
New York: Signed the Constitution: July 24, 1788; Capital: Albany
North Carolina: Signed the Constitution: December 3, 1789; Capital: Raleigh
Ohio: Admitted to the Union: March 8, 1803; Capital: Cleveland
Pennsylvania: Signed the Constitution: December 12, 1787; Capital: Harrisburg
Rhode Island: Signed the Constitution: June 19, 1790; Capital: Providence
South Carolina: Signed the Constitution: May 23, 1788; Capital: Columbia
Tennessee: Admitted to the Union: June 1, 1796; Capital: Nashville
Vermont: Admitted to the Union: February 17, 1791; Capital: Montpelier
Virginia: Signed the Constitution: July 3, 1788; Capital: Richmond
Wisconsin: Admitted to the Union: December 28, 1846; Capital: Madison