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Not to be confused with the political entity United Trowo

The conworld is also referred to as Iluvian in several other articles to prevent confusion with the political entity. 

The conworld of United Trowo is a sci-fi world set roughtly 250-300 years in the future (technology-wise) from Earth, on the planet Trowo and in its associated galaxy, Fýreshyalós. It also includes other political entities seperate from United Trowo. While making this conworld, I intended it to be as believable as possible, but had to stray a bit from that philosophy to add in some other concepts to hold the world together.

The conworld is set in the year 201, 201 years after a war that wiped out close to 25% of the planet's population came to an end. A new republic was created, The Federation of Systems of United Trowo, that sought to unify the citizens of the planet in order to prevent any large-scale conflict that could threaten to end human existence.

It also includes Aelio, a separate universe in existence with Iluvian. Aelio is in most parts similar to Iluvian, with the major exception of the inclusion of magic. Travel between between both universes are possible, but extremely difficult and has only happened once in both universes' history. 

In the articles in this conworld, I also write short "stories" that would allow you to put yourself in the shoes of a average/poor/rich/powerful/famous person, and see for yourself how different life is compared to the one you and I are living in right now.

Some random details about this conworld[edit | edit source]

  • Trowo is a planet very similar to Earth, only slightly larger
  • Most living on Trowo are well-off, though the same cannot be said for the other worlds
  • A large proportion of diseases have been cured by this point, and anti-aging medications are plentiful
  • With careful life-choices and a whole lot of money, one can live almost indefinitely (if you get hit by a car hard enough you still die, of course)
  • Smoking is not allowed on most worlds; drinking is, however
  • Most people on Trowo are bilingual, speaking Unitican and their "heritage language"
  • Due to their long lives, many take breaks in their career for a few years, and resume later on
  • Rudimentary AI is present, but research is heavily scrutinized and regulated (other than in Simeno)
  • Most modern homes come with an in built software that acts as a "smart" home
  • Almost all vehicles are self-driving

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