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— Conwolder  —
Name BBMhenggay
Born (2000-10-25) October 25, 2000 (age 22)
Philippines Valencia City, Bukidnon
Name in real life Greg
Pronouns He/Him
Nationality Filipino
Country  Philippines
Current location Valencia City, Bukidnon
Languages English
Current time Current time for UTC+8 is 13:44
Ethnicity Tagalog-Visayan
Handedness Right
Sexuality Homosexual
Personality type INFJ
Family and friends
Marital status Single
Siblings 1 (excluding myself)
Education and employment
Occupation Student
College Valencia Colleges (Bukidnon), Inc.
Hobbies, favourites and beliefs
Hobbies Writing, eating
Religion Roman Catholic
Shows Thai dramas
Music 80s music, 90s music, Original Pilipino Music
Contact info
Discord Greg Seegan#9509
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Account statistics
Edit count 1,919
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hilAng ini nga manug-gamit tumandok nga humalambal sang Hiligaynon.
cebAng Binisaya/Sinugboanon nianing tawhana susama sa usa ka lumad.
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Graduation hat.svgThis user has a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology.
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Altverse II subprojects São Leopoldo
Central America
Project Genesis subprojects TBA
Solo projects Alentilla (on hiatus)

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Hello, I am BBMhenggay but you can call me Greg. I started conworlding when I was in junior high school through Wikia (now Fandom). Alentilla is my biggest project that I edited on the website. I moved on Miraheze last 2020 and I joined Altverse II on the same year. São Leopoldo is my very first project followed by Central America and Patagonia. As of now, I'm still active here in Miraheze. If you want to help me for my projects, please don't hesitate to talk me on Discord and Miraheze. Maraming salamat po!