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Kingdom of Itlamah

Itlamahi: Kerjan Itlamahi
Dutch: Koninkrijk Itlamah
Flag of Elibr/sandbox
Coat of arms of Elibr/sandbox
Coat of arms
Location of Elibr/sandbox
and largest city
Kota Timur
Official languages Itlamahi
• King
Wibowo Fisir
• Total
81,960 km2 (31,640 sq mi)
• 2019 census
• Density
329/km2 (852.1/sq mi)
Currency Itlamahi rupee (ITR)
Driving side right

Kingdom of Itlamah (Itlamahi: Kerjan Itlamahi) is a monarchic state on the Lesser Sunda Islands in Southeast Asia.

It has a territory size of 81,960 km2 (31,640 sq mi), population of 27 million people, and capital in the city of Kota Timur on the island of Timur.

It is ruled by a king, who is Kuwat at the time. He is a successor of his father, Hassan III, and he has became a new king in 2008, when Hassan died.

Local parliament, Patimon (literally translated as "assembly") and all the government will all of it's ministeries is controlled by a prime minister, who is Wibowo Fisir at the time. He was elected in 2013 after his opponent, Lukas Milir, was accused of cheating, what caused nationwide demonstrations.

The currency of Itlamah is a rupee. For some time after the independence from The Netherlands (from 1961 to 1964) it had a currency of guilder, which was replaced because country has tried to return the old culture and reverse the European, especially Dutch influence.

Main religions of Itlamah are Buddhism (64% of the population) and Islam (21% of the population). Christianity and Hinduism are third and fourth.

Etymology[edit source]

The etymology of the word Itlamah is currently known.

Professor Yohanes Iswanti of University of Kota Timur has suggested, that the name Itlamah derives from Itlamahi words it (tree) and lamah (land), so it will be "a land of trees". This version seemed logically fine, as the islands are covered with deep jungle.

Dutch colonizators usually used the "Land van Bomen" what is translated to "Land of Trees" - the same etymology, as the Itlamahi name. Usually, when talking about this particular part of the archipelago, which was culturally different from Indonesia, they used "Land van Bomen" collocation.

History[edit source]

Islands were unpopulated by people for a long period of time, with an estimated arrival of first people in somewhere circa 8th century. Before the arrival of people, the islands were massively populated with various animals, including lions and elephants.

First settlements are thought to be on somewhere south of Timur Island, or on the