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— Conwolder  —
Name Javants
Born 2001 (age 21)
Australia Melbourne, Victoria
Name in real life Josh
Pronouns He/Him
Nationality Australian
Country Australia
Current location Melbourne, Australia
Languages English, German, Russian (learning), Mandarin (learning)
Current time Current time for UTC+10 is 23:24
Ethnicity Dutch
Height 182cm
Weight 70kg
Hair Brown
Eyes Green
Handedness Right
Sexuality Homosexual
Personality type ENFJ-T
Family and friends
Marital status In a relationship
Siblings 4
Education and employment
Occupation Student
University University of Melbourne
Hobbies, favourites and beliefs
Hobbies Writing music, birdwatching, walking, learning languages
Religion Agnostic
Politics Australian Greens, Australian Labor Party
Movies Everything Everywhere All at Once
Shows Dark, 1899, The IT Crowd
Music Indie Rock, Contemporary Classical, Shoegaze, EDM, Techno, Trance, House
Contact info
Discord Javants#0083
Javants subpages
Account statistics
Joined January 15, 2016
First edit [1]
Edit count 3,294
enThis user is a native speaker of the English language.
de-3Dieser Benutzer kann mit fortgeschrittenen Deutschkenntnissen beitragen.
ru-2Этот пользователь может внести свой вклад со средним уровнем владения русским языком.
Gay flag.svgThis user is a member of the LGBT community.
Flag of Australia.svgThis user lives in Australia.
Altverse subprojects Poland-Lithuania
New Pomerelia
Project Genesis subprojects Western Assai
Project Exodus subprojects Mák'ai
Peoples of Urulia subprojects Principality of Vbarskoj

Hey, I'm Javants, one of the users here on the Conworld wiki and the proud creator of Poland-Lithuania, Western Assai, and Mák'ai, an exciting new project I've just started working on! My very first project was the Kingdom of Helvore back on the old fandom wiki as part of the Nearly Real World, which I started back in 2016. I'm always down to chat/collaborate, so feel free to give me a message on Discord anytime!

Projects[edit source]


Project Genesis (original):

Project Exodus:

Peoples of Urulia:

Kingdom of Helvore (Fandom):


Sandboxes[edit source]

These are a space for various ideas I have relating to different projects that are not yet fully developed enough to go into their own page.

Decorations[edit source]

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