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posted 14 hours 22 minutes ago

Today I will be busy but I will let them know to idle on the wiki chat whenever you're available. If not, we can arrange a time sometime next week

posted one day 10 hours 36 minutes ago

Disregard that, I installed an in-wiki chat here which we can use

posted one day 10 hours 37 minutes ago

Actually, a temporary chatroom has been created here for the purposes of this discussion. It does not require any account creation

posted one day 10 hours 47 minutes ago

The users have replied and would like to know if it would be possible if you could temporarily re-join Discord (just for the group meeting) for the purposes of continuing to work out these disagreements. If not, I have suggested that we could continue this on a talk page here on the wiki

posted one day 12 hours 3 minutes ago

Correction, previous link was a deadlink: User:T0oxi22/Great War I

posted one day 12 hours 3 minutes ago

I will convey these responses back. Also, what are your thoughts on this proposal variant: User:T0oxi21/Great War I? It does occur a little later in the 1930s but it could be possible that the Great Depression still occurs before then

posted one day 15 hours 9 minutes ago

Based on further discussions, one of the users clarified their points regarding the Ottoman Empire and Russo-Japanese alliance, as well as Austria-Hungary, as follows:

Though China and Russia meanwhile could sign some kind of agreement before the war to not fight each other >The whole point of a Russia-Japanese alliance is to counter China in this scenario. Although I could understand if Russia was apathetic about following through, similar to Japan in OTL WW2 regarding the USSR
it should end with Japan losing and China not losing any territory but Manchuria and Taiwan Japan would win in the short term, but maybe in [GWII] or thereabouts they lose their gains in China I'd imagine
I don't see the Ottoman Empire siding with UK and France because those two countries are already carving up spheres of influence and territories in the Middle East and North Africa, while Germany doesn't have any claim on the Ottomans.
The UK and France began carving up the Ottomans at the end of WW1, prior to this they were content with, and even supported, a limit to balkanizing the Ottomans. The Ottoman government was split, with a majority being pro-British prior to WW1. They were definitely leaning toward the British/French in the event of no WW1 in the 1910s
I personally would like to see a more nuanced Austria-Hungary that doesn't collapse right away. There's really no impetus for them to collapse in the 1910s. Also it might be more balanced and interesting if they're actually not on the same side as Germany

They and Andy Irons also agreed that Superior should actually be occupied (in its entirety more or less) during the UC earlier on in the war following a successful invasion, but while the Superian government capitulated, the civilian population remained hostile to the takeover and fought a sustained guerilla campaign, similar to OTL Vichy France, and Superior was later liberated just before the war's end.

The users will also post a draft on the wiki, so there could be a better compare/contrast of different proposals/visions so we can arrive at a synthesis, but generally speaking, what we have previously agreed upon will frame the new canon

posted one day 16 hours 52 minutes ago

I'm glad you like it, and I will also upload individual maps for each region highlighted as well. That's fair enough, and yes, what we have discussed thus far will become the new canon, moving forward. As for the Austro-Hungarian Civil War, that could work well for the lead-up and I will ask him to work out the details on that matter.

posted one day 17 hours 11 minutes ago

Also, we entrust you to largely figure out the finer details of the war so feel free to offer your suggestions

posted one day 17 hours 12 minutes ago

We are still debating whether the war should be in the 20s or the 30s, but otherwise, we agree that Germany should win.

The map is here and I will also make a colored version, along with one with labels if everything looks alright. Rehe is colored differently to highlight its disputed status