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February 23, 2020

Ulylan Saunders[edit]

Ulylan Aeneas Saunders (born Quentin Aeneas Saunders May 5, 1955 - ) is a Continental statesmen and union organizer who currently serves as the 12th Secretariat of the United Commonwealth, having previous served as the 11th Secretariat (2008-2016) and the 8th Secretariat (1984-1992). Saunders has served as a member of the National Committee since 1980, first appointed during its 17th secession. He was selected as Secretariat, Chairman and Commissioner in 1984, serving on the 11th and 12th Central Committees. In 2008, he was selected to serve as the first non-consecutive Secretariat, obtaining leadership of the the 15th Central Committee as selected by the 24th and 25th National Committees. During his terms on the Central Committee, Ulylan has served as the Secretary of the Central Committee of Military Affairs and the Labor Representative of the NAFCL-AIO. Saunders is a member of the Labor Front of the Continentalist Party of the United Commonwealth.

Saunders was born in 1955 in Richmond, and was raised on a small tobacco farm outside the city. Undergoing a naming ceremony in 1960, Saunders took up the alias of Ulylan a combination of the names of Ulysses Perry and Isaiah Landon. In 1965 he joined the Continentalist Youth of America and was educated at a Continentalist youth military school at the Virginia Military Institute. In 1973 he was conscripted into the Continental Armed Forces, where he joined the Continental Navy, serving as a seamen for a year.