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Within the past couple of years I have self described as a socialist, I have come to realize that such a system simply can not work. I want to make it clear to our community that the ideology that I have publicly defended within the past two years is simply illogical. I want to apologize to everyone on this site and to those in the Discord for the intensive arguments I have gotten myself into regarding this issue. I have come to realize that the economic system utilized in the United Commonwealth is impossible and will be looking for suggestions on how to bring realism to the project. Please leave suggestions on the UCCS's main page.

I have recanted socialism as prescribed by Marx. I have written a personal statement describing my disagreements with the Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in the link below. Within the video I go over the fallacies and assumptions of Marx. These critiques cover surplus labor, the inability of Marxism to consider differences in human ability and compensation for human achievement. Video can be found here; Why I Renounced Marx, Socialism and Communism.

Bernheim Elections, 2012, 2016, 2020[edit source]

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