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Topics[edit source]

History[edit source]

Oregon Treaty[edit source]

Commonwealth of Astoria[edit source]

Crimson Spring[edit source]

Astor-Canadian War[edit source]

Treaty of Vancouver[edit source]

Astorian Declaration of Independence[edit source]

Protectorate Act of Astoria[edit source]

Astorian Corrective Act[edit source]

Astorian Unilateral Declaration of Independence[edit source]

Constitution of Astoria[edit source]

People[edit source]

John Jacob Astor[edit source]

Brendan Shepard[edit source]

Katherine Lancaster[edit source]

Gerhardt Astor[edit source]

Kier Astor[edit source]

Places & Geography[edit source]

Administrative divisions of Astoria[edit source]

States of Astoria[edit source]

Tahoma[edit source]

Flag of Tahoma.svg

South Columbia[edit source]

Lüganuse valla lipp.svg

Clackamas[edit source]

Flag of Clackamas.svg

Olympia[edit source]

Flag of Olympia.svg

Pocatello[edit source]
Yakima[edit source]

Flag of Yakima.svg

Willamette[edit source]

Flag of Willamette.svg

District of Astor[edit source]

Astor City, Astoria[edit source]

Counties of Astoria[edit source]

Townships of Astoria[edit source]

Municipalities of Astoria[edit source]

Geography of Astoria[edit source]

List of national parks of Astoria[edit source]

Climate change in Astoria[edit source]

Organizations/Entities[edit source]

Pacific Fur Company[edit source]

National Democratic Party[edit source]

National Democratic Party
Leader Brendan Shepard
Chairperson Ryan Remsu
Ideology Conservatism
Right-wing populism
Green conservatism
Senate of Astoria
14 / 25
House of Representatives
44 / 95
7 / 12

Progressive–Labor Party of Astoria[edit source]

Progressive–Labor Party
Leader Trent Tuomela
Chairperson Katherine Lancaster
Ideology Progressivism
Social democracy
Social conservatism
Social liberalism
Democratic socialism
Left-wing populism
Party Song
Roll On, Columbia, Roll On
Senate of Astoria
11 / 25
House of Represeantives
51 / 95
5 / 12

United Grand Lodge of Astoria[edit source]

United Grand Lodge of Astoria.svg

National Congress of Astoria[edit source]

House of Represeantives (Astoria)[edit source]

Federal government of Astoria[edit source]

Supreme Court of Astoria[edit source]

Astorian Electoral College[edit source]

Executive departments of Astoria[edit source]

Department of the Interior and Tribal Affairs (Astoria)[edit source]

Department of Justice (Astoria)[edit source]

Department of Agriculture (Astoria)[edit source]

Positions[edit source]

Vice-President of Astoria[edit source]

Secretary of Defense and Mobilization (Astoria)[edit source]

Concepts[edit source]

Tribal band sovereignty in Astoria[edit source]

Elections[edit source]

Politics of Astoria[edit source]

1909 Astorian constitutional referendum[edit source]

Foreign relations of Astoria[edit source]

Economy[edit source]

Astorian dollar[edit source]

Astorco[edit source]

Astorco Incorporated.svg

Astor Power.svg

Seattle Stock Exchange[edit source]

Agriculture in Astoria[edit source]

Energy in Astoria[edit source]

Transportation in Astoria[edit source]

Military[edit source]

Astorian Armed Forces[edit source]

Astorian Navy[edit source]

Astorian Army[edit source]

Astorian Air Force[edit source]

Department of Defense and Mobilizations (Astoria)[edit source]

Joint Chiefs of Staff (Astoria)[edit source]

Kier II Astor[edit source]

Law enforcement[edit source]

Law enforcement in Astoria[edit source]

Crime in Astoria[edit source]

Astorian Legal Code[edit source]

Astorian Republican Guard[edit source]

Directorate of Internal Affairs (Astoria)[edit source]

Directorate of Liquor, Incendiaries, Firearms and Stimulants (Astoria)[edit source]

Federal Narcotics Administration (Astoria)[edit source]

Directorate of Federal Prisons (Astoria)[edit source]

Demographics[edit source]

Astorians[edit source]

Demographics in Astoria[edit source]

Race and ethnicity in Astoria[edit source]

Family structure in Astoria[edit source]

List of Astorian states by population[edit source]

Languages in Astoria[edit source]

Religion in Astoria[edit source]

Irreligion in Astoria[edit source]

Urbanization in Astoria[edit source]

List of Astorian cities by population[edit source]

Education in Astoria[edit source]

Higher education in Astoria[edit source]

Healthcare in Astoria[edit source]

National Health Insurance in Astoria[edit source]

Culture[edit source]

Culture of Astoria[edit source]

Society of Astoria[edit source]

Astorian nationalism[edit source]

Astorian environmentalist radicalism[edit source]

Astorian literature[edit source]

Astorian philosophy[edit source]

Architecture of Astoria[edit source]

Art in Astoria[edit source]

Cinema of Astoria[edit source]

Theater in Astoria[edit source]

Music of Astoria[edit source]

Mass media in Astoria[edit source]

Internet in Astoria[edit source]

Newspapers in Astoria[edit source]

Television in Astoria[edit source]

Internet in Astoria[edit source]

Radio in Astoria[edit source]

Cuisine of Astoria[edit source]

Sports in Astoria[edit source]

Soccer in Astoria[edit source]

Football in Astoria[edit source]

Baseball in Astoria[edit source]

Astorian Collegiate Athletic Conference[edit source]

Media of Astoria[edit source]

Pacific Communications Group[edit source]

Pacific Communications Group, Inc. (PCG, Inc) is an Astorian media company whose assets include film studio Pacific Pictures and television network Pacific Television. Pacific Communications Group was spun off Seattle Electric Manufacturing Corporation (SEMCO) in 1979. Pacific Pictures and Pacific Television were initially founded separately from each other, but both came under the control of SEMCO by 1950s.

Pacific Television[edit source]

Pacific Pictures[edit source]

United Broadcasting Corporation of Astoria[edit source]

Astoria One[edit source]

Astoria Two[edit source]

Astorian Public Broadcasting[edit source]

Cascadia Broadcasting Company[edit source]

New World Media Enterprises[edit source]

New World Network[edit source]

National News Network[edit source]

Arlington Pictures[edit source]

Daricol Studios[edit source]

Daricol Studios
Creative Concepts, Inc. (1972-1974)
Daricol Animation (1974-1993)
Daricol Productions (1993-2005)
Industry Animation industry
Founded January 31, 1972; 51 years ago (1972-01-31)
Founder Pierre-Alain Gaspard
Henry Fulbright
Headquarters Astoria
Area served

Daricol Studios (previously Creative Concepts, Inc., Daricol Animation and Daricol Productions) is an Astorian animation studio and entertainment company. It was founded by Pierre-Alain Gaspard and Henry Fulbright in 1972 with the intent of creating franchise concepts and pitching them to toy companies. In 1974, Pierre-Alain Gaspard renamed the company to Daricol (named so after his wife Daria and his son Nicolas) and shifted focus to animation production. In the 1970s, Daricol produced a variety of made-for-TV animated films, later producing theatrical films and television series. In 1990s-early 2000s, Daricol dabbled in live-action productions.

Daricol is one of the most well-known Astorian animation studios in the world. It has developed a special relationship with Sierran television network Animation Station, for whom Daricol has produced a variety of series.

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